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  1. My problem was I tracked everything. Only a handful were ‘interesting’ (a Kerbin encounter). Filtering turns off all. Don’t know if that works to speed up the loading either. I learned the trick of selecting one, hitting backspace, and checking for an encounter. Renamed those, and went into the persistent save file and deleted 90% of the rest. More than one encounter was actually an impact on Kerbin. No contract to prevent these appeared, but I took it on as a challenge.
  2. Manually deleting the excess asteroids I had tracked was the solution. I manually edited the save file to get rid of most. Deleted the VESSEL entry for all the asteroids I hadn't renamed. Load times vastly improved. A mod to filter the asteroids would be useful: both for size (not known once you are tracking them) and even more important, that they have any encounters with Kerbin.
  3. I took a break for a while, came back, updated everything for 1.6.1, and now my career mode game lags for whole minutes switching between the tracking station and each vessel. I do have a ton of asteroids tracked (>200) and have been trying to weed these down. A second test save with only one ship loads fast. The lag is mostly switching from the tracking station to the first ship, switching back to map view isn't bad. From map view, switching to another ship also slow. I am on a Mac Pro 12 core with 32G RAM and Nvidia GTX-980 4G, in 10.13.6. Running off a Samsung 850 pro SSD on a PCI-e card. About 40 mods (see below), but basically the same set as I had in 1.5.1 without the big lag. Anything I should try first? Any of these mods a known issue with 1.6.1? Some worked fine in 1.5.1 even tho they were only certified thru 1.4.9999. No major log spam.
  4. NASA has more audio from Apollo 11: https://www.sciencealert.com/nasa-just-released-19-000-hours-of-audio-from-the-apollo-11-mission?utm_campaign=AppleNews&utm_medium=AppleNews&utm_source=AppleNews anyone feel like Kerbalizing some?
  5. Hangdog

    [1.7.0-1 + Backports] Kopernicus & KittopiaTech

    ...and now I see that the 1.4.5 version update is out. Now everything loads and works fine, a warning about SVT and EVE but everything works. (I forgot to mention that I had a workaround to get solar panel to default back to stock even tho Kopernicus broke them during the gap.) This fix was mentioned back somewhere in the thread, in case anyone wants to stick in 1.4.4... I created a file called Kopernicus.cfg, and put it in the Configs folder inside Kopernicus folder. This fixed the solar panel not charging issue while I continued using my save in 1.4.4: Here's an interesting bonus. Reinstating Kopernicus actually had two strange effects on all extendible solar panels. All panels on all ships were retracted when I reopened the save. Retractable panels that were broken before (due to hard landings/flipped rovers) were all miraculously repaired! Fixed panels unaffected.
  6. Hangdog

    [1.7.0-1 + Backports] Kopernicus & KittopiaTech

    I only used Kopernicus to use SVE, EVE and SVT, not any additional planets, etc. My saves worked fine in 1.4.4 and now in 1.4.5, despite the warning... I just don't get all of the visual bonuses of those mods. I still get clouds and city lights. I suspect all will sort itself out once this is updated.
  7. Somehow the clouds.cfg was missing the aurora mention. Redownloaded, gots aurorae!
  8. fluffy clouds gone and no auroras, what is missing? I have EVE, SVE, SVT, Kopernicus. No BoulderCo. 1.4.3 and current versions of mods.
  9. Getting a lot of texture flash around KSC and on the skins of aircraft.
  10. anyone else have 1.4.3 auto update, and now craft left on the mun are suddenly 50m underground, and falling...?
  11. a lander I left on the Mun is now under the surface, and falling. If I fire the engine to get it back to the surface, it crashes into it from underneath and explodes. Tried the terrain detail fix mentioned above, setting it lower left it still underground, higher worked.
  12. Hangdog

    [1.4.1 PlanetShine, Mar 28, 2018

    If I adjust the vacuum ambient lighting setting, I somewhat get what I am thinking of. But my desire is the same, more light in the dark and less light in the sun. Perhaps there is another mod that might do this?
  13. Do sounds have to be .ogg to work? or do mp3s work too?
  14. If anyone wants to add more sounds from Star Trek, here's a source: http://www.trekcore.com/audio/
  15. Hangdog

    [1.4.1 PlanetShine, Mar 28, 2018

    Two thots. I would like more shine at night, but without more during the day. Is there a way to make the Mun shine more on the night side of Kerbin? Are these possible by tweaking the config? Also, is there a key shortcut to bring it up to adjust while in KSC or tracker? ...and I like it a lot. Immersion, and all that.