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  1. Is the SVE_Clouds.cfg file and its contents case-sensitive? I recently had to redownload and rebuild my mods (issue with something else), and when I set it all back up, I had no clouds on Kerbin. The part of the file that defines the clouds: _MainTex { value = StockVisualEnhancements/Textures/kerbin1 } _DetailTex { value = StockVisualEnhancements/Textures/DetailLow } _UVNoiseTex { value = StockVisualEnhancements/Textures/uvnoise1 } the file referred for Kerbin is in lower case. The actual texture file is Kerbin1.dds I was tweaking a variety of things at the time, but I think capitalizing it was necessary to get clouds... I changed it and it worked.
  2. Same issue here, and just narrowed it down to this. You guys beat me to it. Maps not able to load, rotating right-drag around the active craft instead rotated the craft (and the distant planets, oddly, from the Distant Object Enhancement mod). Also a waypoint flag in white centered on the craft. Going back to 1.6.3 for now, thanks for hard work and efforts to improve. I had let CKAN do the updates.
  3. Usually making a save, going back to the KSP, exiting the program (which should save the persistent file again, yes?)
  4. When I make a manual save, and also when I quit, the next time I load I am set back to the save before THAT. So I lose hours of progress between those saves. 1.7.3 with BG and a few mods on Mac 10.13.6
  5. What if the two craft originated from separate launches? They had different roots.
  6. I did that. The nodes were in the other module afterwards. seems alike a bug, given that the scheme changed and you can reassign which side of the port undocks. It doesn’t account for that change in assigning the maneuvers.
  7. Only one port has the undock item in the menu tho.
  8. I like to reuse various vessels, so I may dock them together and later split parts off to go on another mission. I recently parked a Mun lander on a asteroid capture ship, but didn't want the extra mass along on another asteroid mission. So as I was carefully plotting a 3-maneuver orbit to catch the asteroid, I was all set until I undocked the lander to leave behind. All my carefully-planned maneuvers were in the lander, not the bigger vessel. I am guessing this is intended, as I originally docked the lander onto the larger ship. I tried changing the control-from and also undocking the ports from each other in the opposite direction. Nothing preserved the maneuvers in the bigger ship. Is there a procedure that would prevent this? Could I pick? Could it just leave the maneuvers in both ships, so I can just cancel the one that doesn't need it? (Workaround I used was to screen shot the maneuvers and recreate them...This was on 1.7.3 with various mods.) https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1780323981
  9. My problem was I tracked everything. Only a handful were ‘interesting’ (a Kerbin encounter). Filtering turns off all. Don’t know if that works to speed up the loading either. I learned the trick of selecting one, hitting backspace, and checking for an encounter. Renamed those, and went into the persistent save file and deleted 90% of the rest. More than one encounter was actually an impact on Kerbin. No contract to prevent these appeared, but I took it on as a challenge.
  10. Manually deleting the excess asteroids I had tracked was the solution. I manually edited the save file to get rid of most. Deleted the VESSEL entry for all the asteroids I hadn't renamed. Load times vastly improved. A mod to filter the asteroids would be useful: both for size (not known once you are tracking them) and even more important, that they have any encounters with Kerbin.
  11. I took a break for a while, came back, updated everything for 1.6.1, and now my career mode game lags for whole minutes switching between the tracking station and each vessel. I do have a ton of asteroids tracked (>200) and have been trying to weed these down. A second test save with only one ship loads fast. The lag is mostly switching from the tracking station to the first ship, switching back to map view isn't bad. From map view, switching to another ship also slow. I am on a Mac Pro 12 core with 32G RAM and Nvidia GTX-980 4G, in 10.13.6. Running off a Samsung 850 pro SSD on a PCI-e card. About 40 mods (see below), but basically the same set as I had in 1.5.1 without the big lag. Anything I should try first? Any of these mods a known issue with 1.6.1? Some worked fine in 1.5.1 even tho they were only certified thru 1.4.9999. No major log spam.
  12. NASA has more audio from Apollo 11: https://www.sciencealert.com/nasa-just-released-19-000-hours-of-audio-from-the-apollo-11-mission?utm_campaign=AppleNews&utm_medium=AppleNews&utm_source=AppleNews anyone feel like Kerbalizing some?
  13. ...and now I see that the 1.4.5 version update is out. Now everything loads and works fine, a warning about SVT and EVE but everything works. (I forgot to mention that I had a workaround to get solar panel to default back to stock even tho Kopernicus broke them during the gap.) This fix was mentioned back somewhere in the thread, in case anyone wants to stick in 1.4.4... I created a file called Kopernicus.cfg, and put it in the Configs folder inside Kopernicus folder. This fixed the solar panel not charging issue while I continued using my save in 1.4.4: Here's an interesting bonus. Reinstating Kopernicus actually had two strange effects on all extendible solar panels. All panels on all ships were retracted when I reopened the save. Retractable panels that were broken before (due to hard landings/flipped rovers) were all miraculously repaired! Fixed panels unaffected.
  14. I only used Kopernicus to use SVE, EVE and SVT, not any additional planets, etc. My saves worked fine in 1.4.4 and now in 1.4.5, despite the warning... I just don't get all of the visual bonuses of those mods. I still get clouds and city lights. I suspect all will sort itself out once this is updated.
  15. Somehow the clouds.cfg was missing the aurora mention. Redownloaded, gots aurorae!