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  1. thank you for advice it really help i would post some pics of my new station but my net cant handle it
  2. are there any good ways of just making things in orbit like space station i have been having trouble creating anything up there but i thought why not go to my friend of kerbin and ask you guys if there are any tricks to getting it done like docking aligning e.s.c i have tried to make use of the tutorials bat i cant seem to make sense of it and i dont want to use any mods for this thanks for helping out
  3. any thing like cool bugs that are easy to do in ksp 1.3.1
  4. cool thanks for the advice iv just started to put a space station around every planet and moon no cheat eve the mun and kerbin are done
  5. just anything cool to do in game without mods including little tricks like the "alt f12" cheat