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  1. Attempted to build an autogyro. failed many times. At last, I slapped coaxial rotors and it manage to fly. But still require constant attention due to shifting COL.
  2. I think you misunderstand. What I mean is the stub left behind on the discarded side boosters, not on the center booster. hardpoints also leave stub on the discarded parts as well. I experience this when I attempted to build a plane with drop tanks. The discarded tanks going up instead of down and wacked my horizontal stabilizer.
  3. Is there a way to make the radial decoupler not to leave a stub? I've been baffled before by the side boosters often hitting my rocket upon separation, which require the installment of sepratron rocket. For sometimes I couldn't figure out why. I thought maybe it's some kind of bug, until one day I decided to build a gravity bomb. Upon release, I switch view to the bomb and notice the decoupler's stub is messing up the airflow. Is there any way to address this issue?
  4. I build a plane with "wheesley" turbofan engines. As I take off and climb, I noticed at some point, the smoke that came out of the engine suddenly disappear. By the time I'm cruising at 10,000 meters, there's no smoke except ofr a few occasional puff. I've been wondering if this smoke indicate something like an incomplete combustion, or is it just a decoration?
  5. Most other autopilot function work pretty well. The only thing wrong is the altitude hold. I zeroed the problem to vertical speed hold setting. It simply lack proportional control. It lead to a series of overcompensation that cause the plane to lose control.
  6. There's a scheduled Falcon 9 SES12 launch on 31st of May. It'll use a previously flown booster stage. I wonder if it's the recent Block 5.
  7. This. Only have ONE reaction wheel, or none at all. this include build in reaction wheel in a probe and capsule.
  8. Use autostruts. Pick the topmost fuel tank on your rocket and set it to "heaviest parts", which is usually your bottom most fuel tank. This help stiffen the whole rocket. For space station, make sure you only have ONE reaction wheel working. This include parts with reaction wheel as well (Drone, command module, etc). or you can disable SAS. Use warping to kill rotation. It also help if you can reduce the sensitivity of your control. Jerking from oversensitive control can lead to spaghetti effect.
  9. Can anyone here help me with how to squeeze every bit of science from Kerbin and it's moons. I seems to get stuck in 3rd level research and I don't know what else can I do to get more science point. What activity can I do to generate science? Do every different biome generate fresh set of science?
  10. I sit for like 5 hours yesterday trying and retrying for direct ascent to Duna. I don't even realized the time. This game is like a puzzle of rocket parts and orbital mechanics. If your idea of space game is EVE online or something like it, than this game is not for you. My brother hated it. He don't quite understand why we need to burn toward that way to get this way.
  11. Sandbox actually. I'm just wondering, that's all. My career research haven't yet pass the third stage research. Unlike most people here who tend to overengineered their rocket, I prefer to get as bare bone as possible. I consider it a peak of accomplishment if I spend all my fuels at mission completion with not a drop of fuel left in the tank.
  12. I'm building a spacecraft/lander using Mk1-2 command pod. Things like batteries, monoprop tank and reaction wheel I kept inside the service bay. but some protruding equipment like folded landing legs, folded solar panels and radiators are expose outside. I wonder if this equipment is a significant drag to my rocket during ascent? What if I cover it with a fairing? Will the extra weight from the worth it?
  13. I think the X wings design is too draggy. My SSTO design philopsopy is as little wing as possible. Just enough for taking it up to speed and a controllable glide back to landing. I also found that a medium size winglets and upward slanted canard will improve performance during reentry. Of course, there's this saying "Given enough engine power, even a brick can fly".
  14. When using mechjeb's ascent guidance, the rocket will burn until they reach the desired apoapsis. Then they coast until they reach a point where they burn again to circularized. But in all the video of the real launch that i saw, the rocket seems to burn all the way to circular orbit, only stopping for short time for stage separationn. Can anyone explain?
  15. I want to send a probe to Duna. To save weight, I will only equip it with 3 communotron 16 antenna. I also plan on deploying 3 long range relay satellites on geosync orbit above Kerbin. will the relay satellite powerful enough to receive signal from communotron 16 antenna on Duna?