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  1. Not dead but on life support. I don't want to give away thing but all I'll say is this: KSP 2
  2. Ok so I think, unfortunately, I'll have to ditch the realistic Starman model. I think I can improve the original model. I'll keep you guys posted.
  3. I pretty sure the whole model has screwed itself over which might mean I have to restart from a backup of the 1.0.5 version. Not exactly something I wanted or expected to deal with, but here we are I guess. If I can have something out by February 6th as like an anniversary release, I will. That's the goal right now. Unfortunately, the winter break proved to be much more jam-packed than I expected and school starts again this week on the 10th. I got only about 3 days to really evaluate the situation, figure out the plan from here on out, and start working. If there was more I could say, I would
  4. Haven't gotten to work on the mod. Going to try to over Thanksgiving break.
  5. I want to focus on fixing existing issues first. I think it's important to have a good foundation before I continue to add things. Feel free to make suggestions though and I'll see what I can do. I've read about normals being messed but honestly, I'm not sure if that's it. I know when I lowered the face count on the steering wheel, the center part was no longer invisible. Only thing is with a model as complex as Starman, its impossible to do that without making it look terrible. I suppose I could try to cut him up into different pieces, but Idek how to do that. I'm sure its possible. F
  6. I'll try and get them to you tomorrow, if not then, definitely on Thursday. One thing I have noticed is since I updated the shaders on the model, no textures are produces when I compile it. May be because its all materials and not textures. But like I said, I'll get them to you asap.
  7. I can have them for you on Thursday. I can PM you a link once I have access to the computer all the stuff is on. Just let me know what all you need and want to take a look at, and I'll get it over to you.
  8. I have no clue. No clue how to fix it either.
  9. Reinstalled, no luck. Also tried on another PC I could try to do that. Installed correctly. Was unable to find it at all in VAB.
  10. No, I haven't. And if I needed to, I wouldn't know unless someone said I did.
  11. No. It hasn't been touched in months and was working fine, and continues to do so with the latest public release being v2.1.1
  12. So after testing in 1.4.5, I can confirm it still does not appear in the VAB though I do not get the same error when first loading to the menu screen. Essentially the issue is the same, the way it presents itself is not. Obviously, I would like it to be compatible with 1.5.0 (v2.1.1 works fine but just has a few graphical issues) and I also would love to get the updated Starman model I've had for months working too, but I guess the first step is actually getting it to work again. Hopefully I can find someone who actually know wth they're doing and help me sort this mess out.
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