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  1. hello small suggestion a bunker door has 2 wing and open side for helicopter
  2. and YES succeeded increase of the power 5000 hp and rotor speed 2000 rpm with rescale factor 2 for 56 t but bad maneuvrability
  3. Hello the "tweakscale" does not bring the expected result, the increase of the speed allows to a small extent to overcome the problem, but the rotor loses its speed beyond a collective pitch of 7.5, rising beyond allows the takeoff even under 60 t of load but the rotor then loses speed and no longer offers lift. A version with 6/8 blades and collective pitch angle up to 20 or 25 would be appreciable This is a machine translation I am French mi inspiration source my craft a400m Antonov 225 sukkoi su27
  4. hello could you make a heavy version helicopter rotor "hippo" for a maximum mass of about 60 t for a helicopter heavy winch type MIL MI 26 thank you in advance