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  1. Err... There is absolutely nothing wrong with using a vtol: I used one too
  2. Err... That isn't exactly what I meant: my aircraft carrier is so heavy it physically doesn't have the TWR to move under its own power. Also, @FleshJeb, provided your carrier has the same deck area and shape as mine, I see no problem with people using yours, although the carrier shouldn't be moving when you land an aircraft on it.
  3. Universal Aerospace Challenge Flyer Attention! Carrier Landing Challenge Issued! Good evening (maybe) ladies and gentlemen. I am here to formally announce the following challenge: Land on the KSS Kerman (found here: with an aircraft of your choosing, provided it has at least one kerbal aboard. Further Stipulations: The carrier must be located 75km from the KSC The carrier must be unmodified You are not required to get the carrier there under its own power (it doesn't move anyway) The aircraft used must survive the landing (no, stopping it with the superstructure doesn't count) Go nuts. You'll need to have unbreakable joints turned on when launching the KSS Kerman, you'll also need to use some vessel moving mod to get it where it needs to be, I personally recommend Vesselmover. Anyone interested in those fighters can find them here: Good luck!
  4. Kerbin Tour Challenge Medal Here it is, folks! Enjoy!
  5. Sorry the medal for last challenge took so long! (Frankly most of it was down to my own laziness) Still, here it is in all its glory: One each, if you please.
  6. Universal Aerospace Assistance Flyer Attention! Airlift Challenge Issued! The Kerbin Rotunda for Aircraft and Persons, henceforth known as KRAP, have issued a formal challenge for aircraft companies to prove our abilities to airlift heavy cargo across kerbin. Spearheading this effort we, General Universal, are requesting the support of other companies in this endeavor. The challenge, codenamed Operation: HERCULES, is to airlift thirty tons (About two 2.5m large grey tanks, or two 2.5m full ore tanks) of cargo from the KSC to the island Runway. Sound easy? It won't be. The further stipulations are as follows: The cargo must be loaded outside of the Hangar, the cargo bays should be empty on launch and emptied after landing. Any resources aboard the cargo cannot be used in flight. The cargo must be removed from the aircraft at the destination, as in the image above. The cargo must be intact at the destination, the transport not necessarily: but it is recommended. I look forward to your submissions. Good luck, and Godspeed my fellow kerbals. ~Lucas Kerman, C.E.O.
  7. Universal Exploratory Public Mission Report Operation: ONE FINAL DANCE The Mission was a technical success: barely. The Primary base arrived intact, but lost one of its pairs of redundant landing gear along with both SAS units (neither necessary for mission completion, but nice to have) The Cross-Duna Vtol Aircraft (CDVA) (not pictured above) had most of its fuel tanks drained in attempt to land closer to the primary base, but is otherwise intact. Recommended additions: proper rover and support infrastructure for it, additional habitation buildings, mining equipment, security force. Notes for next time: MOAR DELTA-V, aerobraking helped, but both craft were basically out of fuel on arrival: recommend at least 8k dV for Kerbin-Duna travel: twice that if a return w/o refuel is expected. Full mission image logs (not much unfortunately, was more focused on getting the darn thing done)
  8. General Universal Internal Memo: Feasibility Test: Mission Without Real-Time Craft Simulation System, AKA The Omniscient Chase Cam Status: Partial Success Mission Images: The test was a near-complete success, a few notable issues: During reentry the craft went into a flat spin; it probably prevented damage from overheating (reentry was a bit on the fast side), but losing control of the aircraft is not a recommended future tactic for slowing down during reentry. There are still a multitude of tasks that the RTCSS is necessary for: tweaking control surfaces in-flight is one of them. Without the RTCSS the pilot seemed a bit more heavy-handed on the stick, obviously this didn't affect the mission, but the Missions Evaluation Department would still like to put it to the Kerbonauts Health & Readiness Department to either give the pilot additional flight training or investigate the affects of reduced situational awareness on existing pilots.
  9. Heh! I Bet! Question: How do you people get such accurate orbits? All of my satellites were at approximate Mün orbit altitude, but they still drifted like crazy (especially the farthest one from the Mün).
  10. General Universal Internal Memo: Operation: WATCHMAKER Status: Success Mission Images: Operation success achieved, future considerations: Orbits of satellites need tending: Comsat 1 needs to have speed reduced, Comsats 2-3 need to increase distance from Mün. Relays in Münar orbit required completely to remove blindspot Chrysaor still needs a replacement- and one has been needed for several missions now. Seriously, what are we paying you people in the design department for? Eating all the snacks in the break room and constantly starting paperball fights? Get to it!
  11. General Universal Internal Memo: Operation: CENTAUR Status: Success Mission Images: Operation success achieved, future considerations: Chrysaor OV-235 in need of replacement: no longer sufficient for orbital delivery needs Recommend replacing Sleipnir OV-180 with functionally superior Abraxas OV-192 Recommend addition of A.I.R.B.R.A.K.E.S. to all future SSTOs to reduce speed in upper atmosphere
  12. !General Universal Public Announcement! Operation DELIVERANCE Entry Cutoff Due to budget constraints, any further entries for operation DELIVERANCE will need to be finalized and submitted before medal presentation which is due to occur later this evening. (pardon my shirking character for a moment, but @hoioh, you haven't yet given a proper submission for this challenge, we can't give you a medal if you don't make a submission)
  13. @doggonemess Ignore this, I think I misread your post Just to clarify: You had to rescue both the original crew member and the crew member from the poorly-planned-rescue vehicle. Have I got that right?
  14. Err... Depends, what is the function of your station within the story? If the station is the object that the kerbals are being rescued from, then I don't mind, although remember the station has to be in another body's orbit. If the station is the delivery location for the kerbals, I'd say no, you'd have to build the station first (doesn't have to be anything big, a single-launch station is fine, it just has to be a station: space built structure designed to permanently stay in orbit and provide a capability for kerbal habitation, regardless of additional functions).