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  1. General Universal Internal Memo: Feasibility Test: Mission Without Real-Time Craft Simulation System, AKA The Omniscient Chase Cam Status: Partial Success Mission Images: The test was a near-complete success, a few notable issues: During reentry the craft went into a flat spin; it probably prevented damage from overheating (reentry was a bit on the fast side), but losing control of the aircraft is not a recommended future tactic for slowing down during reentry. There are still a multitude of tasks that the RTCSS is necessary for: tweaking control surfaces in-flight is one of them. Without the RTCSS the pilot seemed a bit more heavy-handed on the stick, obviously this didn't affect the mission, but the Missions Evaluation Department would still like to put it to the Kerbonauts Health & Readiness Department to either give the pilot additional flight training or investigate the affects of reduced situational awareness on existing pilots.
  2. Heh! I Bet! Question: How do you people get such accurate orbits? All of my satellites were at approximate Mün orbit altitude, but they still drifted like crazy (especially the farthest one from the Mün).
  3. General Universal Internal Memo: Operation: WATCHMAKER Status: Success Mission Images: Operation success achieved, future considerations: Orbits of satellites need tending: Comsat 1 needs to have speed reduced, Comsats 2-3 need to increase distance from Mün. Relays in Münar orbit required completely to remove blindspot Chrysaor still needs a replacement- and one has been needed for several missions now. Seriously, what are we paying you people in the design department for? Eating all the snacks in the break room and constantly starting paperball fights? Get to it!
  4. General Universal Internal Memo: Operation: CENTAUR Status: Success Mission Images: Operation success achieved, future considerations: Chrysaor OV-235 in need of replacement: no longer sufficient for orbital delivery needs Recommend replacing Sleipnir OV-180 with functionally superior Abraxas OV-192 Recommend addition of A.I.R.B.R.A.K.E.S. to all future SSTOs to reduce speed in upper atmosphere
  5. !General Universal Public Announcement! Operation DELIVERANCE Entry Cutoff Due to budget constraints, any further entries for operation DELIVERANCE will need to be finalized and submitted before medal presentation which is due to occur later this evening. (pardon my shirking character for a moment, but @hoioh, you haven't yet given a proper submission for this challenge, we can't give you a medal if you don't make a submission)
  6. @doggonemess Ignore this, I think I misread your post Just to clarify: You had to rescue both the original crew member and the crew member from the poorly-planned-rescue vehicle. Have I got that right?
  7. Err... Depends, what is the function of your station within the story? If the station is the object that the kerbals are being rescued from, then I don't mind, although remember the station has to be in another body's orbit. If the station is the delivery location for the kerbals, I'd say no, you'd have to build the station first (doesn't have to be anything big, a single-launch station is fine, it just has to be a station: space built structure designed to permanently stay in orbit and provide a capability for kerbal habitation, regardless of additional functions).
  8. !General Universal Public Announcement! New Operation Established, Designate: Operation DELIVERANCE It has come to our attention at General Universal that a mentality of expendability has been assigned to the Kerbals hired for use in our space programs, leading to many stranded Kerbals across the Kerbin system. Obviously, this cannot continue, therefore, to regain public confidence in our space programs and return many of our kerbonauts to their families we have decided to launch Operation DELIVERANCE. Your objectives are simple: Return kerbals currently residing in a partially destroyed or stranded vessel on another body to kerbin or anywhere with long-term habitation capabilities (Any station with a hitchhiker module). If the vessel is stranded on the surface of another body (as above), and is refueled to enable rescue, only one kerbal must be returned If the vessel is partially destroyed and rescue is completed via secondary craft, at least two kerbals must be rescued The rescued vessel must be in an orbit or on the surface of a body other than Kerbin How you complete these objectives is up to you, should you succeed in your efforts you will be compensated with a medal properly ranked to your previous accomplishments in this thread. If you do not have any currently stranded kerbals, consider this a training exercise to prepare for the future. Good luck, and godspeed mission directors. Image log for GU's Operation DELIVERANCE for the orbital reconnaissance fighter Lupuspiritus-1 found here:
  9. I'm not that slow... It'll be around 30 min. before the next challenge is up.
  10. Universal Aeronautics Product Catalogue: Bombino RG-10 Who needs engines? Or cockpits? Or tails? If you agree with any of this, then Universal Aeronautics's civilian aircraft division has you covered! Presenting the Bombino micro-scale flying wing handy for even the most novice of pilots! Rocket powered launch cart sold separately. Aircraft Weight: 2.908t Known Maximum Glide Range: 15.2km Total weight: 10.7t Thrust: 205kn Take Off Configuration: Flight Album: Universal Aeronautics and by extension General Universal are not responsible for any injuries sustained using Bombino RG-10. Rocket-powered launch cart may or may not be an old oil barrel full of rocket fuel and some large stones found in Jebediah Kerman's Junkyard. Warranty void if launch cart fails to separate after takeoff. Warranty void if aircraft flips at high speeds. Warranty void if any part of the aircraft arrives damaged. Warranty void if batteries explode while charging. Warranty void if autonomous R/C unit somehow gains sentience and attempts to murder you. Warranty void if you attempt to use glider as replica stealth bomber, (we build those too, if you want one just buy one.) Warranty void if you attempt to jury-rig jet engines to glider. Warranty void if it is not already void by whatever the heck you did with this thing.
  11. Quicky Clarification, if the aircraft is on top of a launch cart, (basically a barrel with a big engine and a set of wheels) Does the maximum thrust of the attached engine equal 200kn per 10 tons of aircraft, or 200kn per 10t of aircraft + launch cart together? Provided the wheels don't leave the runway, is the launch cart clear to go the entire length of the runway under acceleration?
  12. General Universal Internal Memo: Operation: ANCHOR ONE Status: Success Mission Images: Operation success achieved, future considerations: Station structure rather flimsy, recommend larger assembly components Unmanned craft lose signal when behind the Mun, recommend construction of relay array Port solar arm currently placed incorrectly, recommend deployment of orbital maneuvering & assembly vehicle Mun delivery rocket currently overkill for delivery of craft smaller than Universal Orbital Silo to Munar orbit, recommend removing superfluous transfer stage.
  13. *cracks knuckles* Operation ANCHOR ONE is go! The station or the challenge?
  14. The SSTO I used to deliver the Not-An-Ispirit-Ripoff to orbit uses the same action groups for different purposes, and since I wanted to use the SSTO, I had to get rid of the action groups on the Not-An-Ispirit-Ripoff. For example, I didn't want the VTOL thrusters on the orbital vehicle firing when I switched the RAPIERs on the SSTO from airbreathing to closed cycle.