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  1. Hummingbird Aerospace

    Whay would real-life war spacecraft look like?

    Turrets and big ships are not good ideas. Ever notice how in Star Wars, the big, bad ship can’t ever hit the fighters, and how the Death Star probably takes 3 hours to rotate and change it’s target? Well big space warships, if it ever comes to warfare in space, big capital ships are just... bad. First they would have a very low maneuverability. Also, space battleships would be very large, making them an easier target. Third, mainly because of the low maneuverability, and massive surface space, the ship’s surface would block the dorsal turrets from firing at ships below, therefore needing more weapons, more engines, more fuel, and more money to make and launch. While with a small fighter, they’re fast, cheap(er), maneuverable, and it can easily turn itself to fire it’s weapon, instead of relying on stupid little turrets.
  2. That looks like an awful big rocket... did you drain those Mk3 tanks?
  3. Hummingbird Aerospace

    Boeing's CST-100 capsule to receive a proper name

    Maybe it should be named the Boeing CST-100 lol
  4. Hummingbird Aerospace

    2mm hole in ISS

    Duct tape... man’s best friend
  5. Hummingbird Aerospace

    How to design a fully reusable multi-stage launch vehicle

    Maybe for the first stage booster you could remove most of the fins and control systems, but leave on the RCS for precise corrections, and have some drouge chutes at the top to balance the booster onto the retrograde course, and then use a quick burst of the engine(s) to kill of any excess velocity. That way, wou wouldn’t need grid fins and reaction wheels and all that other stuff.
  6. Hummingbird Aerospace

    Titan I HLV

    Titan I HLV The Titan I is the first rocket in the line of Titan-class HLV rockets. It can lift as much as 40t (more than a full orange tank!) into LKO. This craft has a cluster of 7 KS-25 "Vector" engines on it's first stage, and aerodynamic winglets to improve it's stability, often whimsically called "slimlets" by engineers. It has a record-breaking orbit speed, but for those who would like to be more realistic, just lower the thrust limiter. Fun for the whole family! *Orange tank not included. Not to be used by or against small families. KerbalX Link Brought to you by Hummingbird Aerospace Industries
  7. How do you make those flags? Photoshop wizardry?
  8. Hummingbird Aerospace

    Naming Policy, The Art of Naming your Rockets.

    Just name your rockets after birds. It sounds cool and... yeah they sound cool, and that is it. If you had a sea-launched rocket or a seaplane, call it a Waterfowl-class seaplane/sea launch rocket. If you had a heavy lifter, google really big birds and name it that. Make the prefix I, II, III, IV, and so on. Add a "heavy" or "super" after that for an iteration of that craft with more boosters. Like lets say you had an Eagle-class HLV. You make another one based of the Eagle (it doesn't have to be bigger, it just has to be better, but it usually is bigger), name it the Eagle II. You add more boosters to the Eagle II, call it the Eagle II Heavy. *boom* now you have an easy way to make your rockets.
  9. Hummingbird Aerospace

    United Airlines discussion

    10/10 realism
  10. As you can see, there is free space inside it. Same with this. If you don’t believe me look inside these parts in KSP. I was also wondering about slight clipping with convert-o-trons into a fuel tank. If I’m not allowed, could I reduce the fuel level in the tank and clip the convert-o-torn in a bit.
  11. Hummingbird Aerospace

    The Drag Strip

    Im too lazy to post it now
  12. Hummingbird Aerospace

    The Drag Strip

    Are you allowed to crash?
  13. Hummingbird Aerospace

    The K Prize - 100% reusable spaceplane to orbit and back

    May one reach orbit with an SSTO and visit another planet with a payload?
  14. May one clip object such as fuel tanks into parts like the structural tube and the Kerbodyne-Rockomax adapter?