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  1. I havent played KSP for at least 1-2 years, but this afternoon i checked the steam page and a whole new level of hype rose up in me.
  2. I have tried building a stock artillery gun. The hardest part in my opinion is guiding the shell/payload through the barrel, since structural tubes and 0.625m shells don't exactly fit snugly together. I tried using fairings but that was just a lag-fest. You could use I-Beams/Structural Panels/Wing Panels to build the barrel. You will need to add another engine (or engines) to act as a recoil. P.S. check this out https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/V-3_cannon
  3. Wow! This ship is great! Very detailed. The only thing I have against it is that the photo says it is a super-battleship, although it is armed with 120mm guns, which would be more of a light cruiser. Apart from that, it seems great! Only other problem is my Mac can only run around 300 parts, and PRE for BD Armory makes it even slower. I cant even begin to imagine what beast computer you have. It looks very good. This is undoubtedly the best warship on the KSP forums.
  4. Ultimate Steve already suggested this, there isn't any way to create a breech with a fairing, it would have to be muzzle-loaded. The shell always hits the barrel upon firing, can anybody help me with this? Thanks P.S. I actually might try muzzle-loading it. P.P.S. It didn't work
  5. Not really, you might have done it like in the napoleonic wars era. I’m guessing muzzle loading would put the shells somewhat closer and more open to enemy fire, since you would need the shells near the front of the barrel. Also you would have to wait for the shell to slide down the barrel, which isn’t that bad unless you wants some rapid fire . I can post a link here once I’m finished, maybe.
  6. Finally some decent WWII models! I really like your cleveland, to be honest, it’s probably the best stock ship on the forums I’ve seen so far. Those fighters look brilliant. I especially like the open-cockpit design of your fighters. That final kerbpaint touch, although not neccisarily stock, makes everything look even better. I would install kerbpaint just to see your models. I have a suggestion, the Schwerer Gustav railgun the Germans used (a bit) in WWII. Maybe you could even incorporate a stock cannon into it! I don’t know what +rep means, I think it means good job, so ∞rep!
  7. a) Rocket artillery is, realistically, way more expensive than regular artillery, because that means that every single shell needs fuel, a rocket engine, and some sort of control system which raises the price dramatically b) Regular artillery is cooler (in my opinion) Oh, I thought the Gustav was only 40cms... oof on my part I was thinking about that a bit, if I used 2.5m or 1.875 Making History tubes I could use a 1.25m or1.875m fairing to shape the barrel so it would fit more smoothly. The only problem with using fairings for the barrel is that I can’t have
  8. I am building a stock siege gun in KSP, except every time I test it the gun always blows up. I have the basics figured out like the breech, the magazine, and the engine and I’m even working on a recoil system. My problem is that the projectile always smashes into the barrel and blows up. Would anybody have any sort of experience in this field and be able to tell me how I guide my shell through the barrel without it hitting the edge, because 1.25m tubes and 0.625m shells don’t really fit very snugly. I haven’t tried I-beams or wheels through the whole barrel yet. Also, i’m not sure how I would
  9. And an OS. Windows is very expensive. I should probably wait and save up or wait for some sale. I should probably wait until I have a good amount of money. Thank you for the help.
  10. Could somebody point me in the direction of a ~600 build including an OS, PSU, and a monitor? Thanks (in advance).
  11. Hello, I have recently been into computer-building, and I have recently amassed the money to build a computer. I am really worried it wont work out well, and I will just have spent $400+ on a gaming PC inferior to my Mac. I was wondering if: a) if this is a good setup (https://www.wepc.com/builds/best-gaming-pc-under-400/) b) if I should switch the Celeron with a slightly better processor (like a Pentium or an i3) and the GTX 1050 with a less expensive graphics card (I intend to play other games than KSP [boo, hiss, i know]) c) if this would be able to compete with a iMac R
  12. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tbD5JcByAbQ Its not exactly a tutorial, but you get the gist. Watch until about 1:30 for the hinge. Making History structural tubes are your friend here. You can use the structural fuselage for 1.25m hinges, but you´ll have to get crafty for other sizes, if you don´t have Making History.
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