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  1. crafting file : https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1g3K0xy0FOiXV5v1Yu46EF4vqtlgVCE3n?usp=sharing 1.press button 1 2.lock Cylinder x2 3.launch
  2. The fairing moves but not the fairing effect area. I'm sorry I can't speak much because I'm not good at English.
  3. Developed 2 months ago and collected 236 of Laythe's 246 sciences in single mission. part count: 132 size: 11.82 x 5.94 x 13.41 mass: 64.74t craft file: https://kerbalx.com/HoDeok/Kerberos-Stock-Tilt-wing-SSTO performance note: it can mining +tilt wing+ ssto + science 1.main engine1 toggle 2.main engine2 toggle 3.nuclear engine toggle 4.main engine2 mode toggle 5.cargo bay toggle 6.science 1 7.science 2 8.start convert & mining 9.ready to mining & toggle front randing gear 10. detach all docking port r: collect science Precautions! When you change the wing, you should not lose communication with Kerbin! (I can not speak English well because I am South Korean. Sorry. ) thanks for viewing!
  4. Oh hello! I'm south korea ksp user HoDeok. Few days ago i build fairing rocket and i found that rocket has non-resistance! even Compression column too! https://youtu.be/e9dyv3dVEsw Test in Eve, Jool, kerbol.... result is same. I apologize to can't write english well. thanks for reading!
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