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  1. Rofl. I\'m in a similar if not identical situation. I just have two instead of one (servers)..... But mine don\'t pay their bills :-(
  2. All good on my machine now: (Filename: /Applications/buildAgent/work/b0bcff80449a48aa/Runtime/ExportGenerated/MacStandalonePlayer/UnityEngineDebug.cpp Line: 43) [crxTelemetryLib.Transmitter]: Activate(): Invalid arguments [telemetryModuleMk2]: Activated (forced) It errored, (assuming it hit the reference like before, flipped over to the next one and I have data in my mono UDPReciever.exe Hurrah! default options and on localhost lookup
  3. Forgot to post this about the Soyuz panels: First screenshot shows after revisited the craft from tracking station Second screenshot is before deployment and/or in construction area
  4. The struts wern\'t explicity connected to the power sat. I added Power Sat into the structure after the structs was in place But that does make sense. I hadn\'t consider the struts I\'ll adjust my designed an have another go.
  5. Bug/Question? I hit Deploy in the right click menu and this happened. Solar panels started to deploy and stayed attached to my craft. (and so popped my engines off) I didn\'t stage deploy as after I got the craft up in the air and in orbit, I released my staging was wrong It didn\'t decouple when I hit the Right Click button, (I did try to nudge my craft out of the way with RCS/Engines) Mission Update: Got the Kerbals hope safe! Update: I\'m going to retest/expriment further. As I just used the right click menu on another craft. Seems that it deploys the Solar Panels, then at turn/rotate to fa
  6. Hurrah for 0.15 compat. Should update original post. Was just posting to say woo and spot v0.2.4 Update: Love the idea of putting Thrusters on it, I assume it has no RCS fuel itself tho?
  7. Good point. Then you can receive telemetry, for the current ship and the one you are rendezvousing with. Hadn\'t considered that one *makes note for thing he\'s building*
  8. According to the source no. Its hardcoded to 54345. Short solution, another machine. Long solution download MonoDevelop edit and compile your own. Though without running two KSP\'s you can\'t run two instances of Telemetry on different configs anyway
  9. Does anyone else have problems getting the forks and the shovel on the front in the right orientation. I can\'t get it to stick at the right point (the flat panel flat against the angled front)
  10. This on windows or mac? On mac I can\'t get KSP to read the thumbsticks, tho not tried on 0.15
  11. Wasn\'t running it inside the VM. The VM isn\'t running. It just generates extra Virtual Network Adapters. I\'m running KSP on OSX (the host machine), I just have VM software installed. Just mentioned it on a side point. Tho I doubt its the problem. Could even be a bug in Unity\'s host lookup code.
  12. I\'ll retest with explictly but I\'m sure it wasn\'t working when I tried explicit IP. Am at work currently so will try when home.
  13. Cunning. VM stuff means I have two additional virtual Network interfaces. But I don\'t think this should affect DNS resolution. Might be worth checking that the IP address resolved is not
  14. No problem. Will test when the new version out. I might help further and contribute back some code if I come up with anything clever to add. I wonder if my issue might also be related to having Parallels (VM) installed, buts it is odd that it returns as one of the reverse DNS lookups.
  15. I\'ve noticed this when using/turning on/off the floodlight part I\'ve been using
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