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  1. I am having this issue too. The more parts the craft has, the worse it is. Game becomes unplayably slow for me. Kind Regards,
  2. Hi @snakeru thanks for the info, I will look into it further this weekend. Kind Regards, Josh
  3. Hello MOARdV I am loving MAS! I am starting to get into IVA work, and was able to make this. I noticed the Mk1-3 IVA replacement is missing a clear maneuver node switch, something I use a lot. So I made one to match the style. Would be nice if you could add the switch to the "official" github. I was thinking to make a pull request, but not sure if you want. Anyways, here it is, it is based off the CLEAR TGT (MAS_RB_TargetClear.cfg) button: It goes into GameData\MOARdV\MAS_ASET\RetroButton The light, and translate animations are working, and so is the click, so it is fully working. I put it here, but you may put it somewhere else better fit. Kind Regards, Josh