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  1. Woah absolutely stunning. Quick question, How did you change the soot level on the first stage, and how did you get the decals of the worm and lettering on all the stages?
  2. Hello. I seem to have a reoccurring issue that every time I install this mod it makes it to where I cant enter the VAB or SPH but i can enter every other building. I have both the mod and RO configs.
  3. I keep having an issue where the Dragon (all versions) will disappear when i try to move them at all. When they disappear they aren't interactable at all and still show up as an object so i can put any more "original" parts. What can I do to fix this?
  4. Oh sorry I think I worded this incorrectly. Basically what I'm asking is will it be possible to add the new features of V4.0 to a version that is compatible with 1.8.1 so that it can be used with my RO playthrough (that isnt 1.11.x but 1.8.1). I wasn't asking if RO compatibility would be added to the new versions (sorry if that didn't come through).
  5. Is it possible to add these updates to the mod to a 1.8.1 config to use with RO? If not will it be compatible (somewhat) with 1.8.1? Also as a little side note - Thank you very much for making these mods for the community. They are absolutely beautiful and are greatly appreciated
  6. Yes I am running the latest version. My computer wont let me download that patch for some reason. Here are my logs. I know I have lots of errors with my mods: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/d23qsqtkvqlcbvf/AABLJvba6HTTJq4XesnwSaNCa?dl=0
  7. Yes I do. I've tried rovers, planes, rockets, and just a single probe core from both the VAB and SPH. I'm trying a fresh install at the time I'm writing this.
  8. Hello, I know this is probably posted before, but im too lazy to check through all 72 other pages for a specific answer pertaining to my issue. I hit ctrl+K and nothing happens. No lag, no list, nothing. I've tried to redownload the mod via CKAN and through space dock but nothing is working. I have a massive mod list including RO, RSS, RSSVE, and more (all on 1.8.1). Any help is appreciated. Thanks! I'll be able to show logs maybe in a few days.
  9. @Kartoffelkuchen can we get any teaser images for the next update? Excited!
  10. I'd love to help work out kinks in the parts however I have no modding experience whatsoever. Do have nearly 1000 hours on RO alone though
  11. @sciencepanda Any update on the Old Dragon 1 mockup you showed a little while ago?
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