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  1. Hello all, sorry for not replying lately, but unexpected things kept popping up lately. I have been working on the mod in my free time, and it is nearing release status. For the RSS/RO version, every contract has been re-written with more accurate orbital parameters, including historical inclinations and maximum apoapsis and periapsis values. For the early sounding rockets missions, a minimum downrange distance traveled, and minimum and maximum weight of the craft have been added as contract parameters. More contracts have also been added. The updates can be found on the Github page or download directly here.
  2. Hey Guys, Thank you so much for bringing this to my attention and I will be able to look into it soon. Cancer is a horrible beast and it has finally claimed my 2 loved ones. I will be back in early December after mourning and a vacation to fix those problems and have time to work on expanding the mod and adding a new version that includes just the highlights of all the missions launched to date. A sort of mini version of the mod for stock.
  3. Oh wow I see I completely forgot to change the deadlines for long duration missions. Thank you for bringing that to my attention. Unfortunately as my recovery went great my elderly mother fell ill and I have been taking care of her as my dad cannot. She will need a surgery in the next month and then it will be a few weeks of recovery until they can handle themselves. Luckily my brother is in town for the next 5 days and he is taking over the slack for me. I will make a patch this weekend to officially correct the bugs found, new content will be pushed back a few more months. *edit* Version 0.5.6 with the bugfixes above and more has been released on GitHub, Spacedock, and Curseforge.
  4. Thank you for spotting that. It is not present in the RSS version so that's why I missed it in my play-through last time. I am glad you enjoy the mod, and yes I intend to finish it up to the present day. I have adjusted Luna-1, Pioneer-P-3, Explorer-7X, and Explorer-7 to be in the proper places now and that should correct the issues you noted. Also keep in mind that Explorer-7X does still launch before Explorer-6 as per history. It is now updated on the GitHub so it can be downloaded and manually installed. Just click the green clone or download button and select Download Zip. I will hopefully release a new version within the next few days. I have a couple of changes I wanted to finish before pushing it out or I will forget entirely. Surgery and recovery went well and I should be back to steady modding within a few weeks or so. Just got blindsided with other family health issues and have had very little time to dedicate to this awesome game. I am having serious Kerbal withdraws as I have not played in over a month.
  5. Well I haven't started that. Just got the call that there is an operating room ready for me and will be going for a surgery. I will be afk for the next several weeks. I may take a peak at those contracts while recovering though. I'm going to try to get another version of this released before that but my time is extremely limited at the moment and until the surgery. I will try to pop in every few days if I can to help people if needed and answer any questions.
  6. Great. I was away for the weekend and just came back. Glad you got that sorted and thanks for the info on compatibility with other historic packs. I was about to try out historical progression to see what it would take to resurrect it. I'll make sure to remove my mod first then. Thanks and sorry about the late reply.
  7. I am using the mod Orbital Decay to handle that little problem with too many satellites or debris in orbit. I can't entirely recommend it at this time as its not officially updated or working perfectly right now, but it still does wonders for clearing your orbits of satellites. I have a mostly working version running in my 1.3.1 install and there is a way to run it in 1.4.2 as well if you read its forum thread. And yup this will be a long boring pack. I really expected only 20 people at most to download this mod since its focus is so heavily on history. This isn't a revival of Historical Contracts or Historical Progression. It's really for true history re-enactments and for learning and interacting with the entire history of spaceflight. If time and the license allows, one day I may revive the Historical Progression contract pack but its not my priority, although that pack seems more like what you are looking for and a better fit for the vast majority of stock players. I would much rather focus my attention to RP-0/RP-1 than work on another project. Things like adding part requirements for satellites will be added before V1.0. I have a few contracts that require solar panels but that was just as a test of contract configurator code. I might end up trimming some launch failures but I dunno. I doubt it. This isn't History of Spaceflight light and in the end may just end up trashing the stock version as it may never fit right. Stock is a totally different game than RSS/RP-0. In RP-0 I use historical rockets for each flight from the multitude of parts packs made for launching historical rockets to their historical orbits. I enjoy pushing the rockets to their limits in game the same way as was done in real life. And when engines don't exist in any of the packs I just build my own configs with the proper thrusts and fuels.. etc. I build historical satellites that look, weigh, and usually function the same(if science parts allow). That is why a lot of the contracts have rocket dimensions and all have satellite masses. The ones with dimensions don't exist in any pack and are for the player to recreate in RP-0. So this pack is geared towards the minority I assume of players who like the pure historical aspect of it like I do(or maybe I'm alone here). I also just realized that in stock there is no Range Safety buttons on your probe cores so those destroy probes during flight or just after launch may be difficult. Especially with stock aerodynamics. Can't just do a sharp pitch over and make your rocket disintegrate in the thick atmosphere without FAR installed. Will have to look into that. I like your solution though too with the stayputnik. Very nice. Technically you didn't have to destroy at the launch pad. If you crashed at any point it would have triggered the contract complete. Also the license allows re-mixing as long as you retain the same license in your pack. I am looking for someone to take over the stock side to be perfectly honest as I don't really play stock or really want to play stock and this kind of pack as is really isn't a stock pack and is best played on RP-0 with a heavy mod load. But I have some thinking on how I want the stock side of this mod to proceed. Feedback from others who are playing the stock version would be appreciated too. I don't want to destroy something that someone may be enjoying. It took next to no time to convert it to stock so its no real loss to me.
  8. History is well sometimes a bit boring. Try sitting through a Sedimentology lecture, or 50. Oh man, talk about boring. Sand, sand, and more sand. I recognize that this pack won't always be the most exciting thing in the world at times as it's strictly following history. And honestly those beginning sounding rocket contracts really do play better in RP-0. There was a whole progression to them there. I removed a whole bunch for the stock version and just kept ballistic missile progression because who wants 50 sounding rocket missions in stock? In RP-0 now you have to add payloads to your sounding rockets and reach certain altitudes. That doesn't exist in stock. Early RP-0 play can rely heavily on the extra biome science and fund grind. The whole pack play differently with RSS/RP-0 and especially with Kerbal Construction Time as well. Then it becomes a race against the clock to see if you can launch your rockets at the same pace as history. You will find you have to end up rushing builds and then that cuts into your profits. But I am definitely considering just dropping most of the early ballistic and go quickly to the orbitals. Maybe just leave 2 Germany launches, 1 SRBM, 1 MRBM, and 1 ICBM each for USA and Soviets. My original intent was to leave them out except for around 5 or so but someone requested that they stay in. He was fine with all 50 but I trimmed it to 18. Still too much I think. I skipped through them on my stock playthrough that I started. So I definitely know what you are saying. If I do chop them it will be in the next release in a day or two. They really just don't play well in stock. Thanks for the feedback. It definitely confirmed my suspicions about those missions on my first time through. I don't really play much stock these days anymore. This mod was intended to be for RSS/RP-0 only but someone asked for stock so I ported it over a few days. I am sure the stock version will need a lot of tweaking and balancing so any suggestions are appreciated and will be considered as long as they aren't history breaking. And i do usually work on both stock and RP-0 versions pretty much daily. edit: trimmed down version avail by downloading my main GitHub page
  9. @FrancoisH According to your log you have 2 copies of ContractPacks in your filepath. It is installed incorrectly. you have it in: GameData/ContractPacks/ContractPacks/HistoryofSpaceflight instead of GameData/ContractPacks/HistoryofSpaceflight Moving it into the correct folder will fix your problem. Easy mistake to make. Almost didn't notice it. Was about to post that everything looks fine.
  10. No sorry, 3 versions of this one will be enough for me(Stock/RP-0/RP-1). Too much work to do on this one. Still have around 5000 contracts to add! More if I add cubesats. This is only 10% or so complete. Ironing out balance and bugs before adding any more into the mix.
  11. No Problem! I can't give any guarantees on the safety of your save file or if my contracts will all work properly with that bug. As a general rule you should use caution with mods and backup your save files often.
  12. Not you sorry was referring to the other poster for the log. I can't help your problem with Kerbalism. This is to fix icons not showing up. Read my reply a few post up explaining your issue.
  13. @FrancoisH I'll need a copy of your KSP.log file from your KSP main install folder to see where its trying to load the icons from. Re-installing contract configurator probably won't help here. Alternately you can look in your log and see if yours looks like this. [LOG 12:44:23.610] Load(Texture): ContractConfigurator/ui/eva_space_female [LOG 12:44:23.612] Load(Texture): ContractConfigurator/ui/eva_space_male [LOG 12:44:23.613] Load(Texture): ContractConfigurator/ui/iva_female [LOG 12:44:23.615] Load(Texture): ContractConfigurator/ui/iva_male [LOG 12:44:23.617] Load(Texture): ContractConfigurator/ui/MissionControl [LOG 12:44:23.619] Load(Texture): ContractConfigurator/ui/TrackingStation [LOG 12:44:23.666] Load(Texture): ContractPacks/HistoryofSpaceflight/Logo/ASILogo [LOG 12:44:23.670] Load(Texture): ContractPacks/HistoryofSpaceflight/Logo/ASILogo_Scaled ...
  14. That's a problem between Kerbalism and Contract Configurator caused by a MM-Patch to make contracts work in Kerbalism. My understanding is Kerbalism doesn't play well with any contract pack that uses the contractType variable right now and will have to be fixed by someone else. Last I read a few days ago was that someone was looking into it. Until then do not use this contract pack with Kerbalism installed or you will get errors. Sorry that doesn't really fix your problem for now and hopefully they get that sorted soon.
  15. I also tried it late on Sunday in an RSS build with 150+ mods. Seems to be working fine and craft are decaying back to Earth on their own like they are supposed to do. And, no orbits are being messed up. I do sometimes see the orbits flicker for a millisecond and appear to move but then go right back to where they should be. Still testing but working fine after 30 or so launches. I didn't think anyone was going to get this mod fixed. @Starwaster you are brilliant. Can't thank you enough.