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  1. Sorry for the extremely late response . Yes, I'm using a dev install which launches the Unity developmental build of the game, obtained with the method described in this thread. I had removed scatterer for the moment and forked EVE-Redux from your repo to fix those errors, and iirc I managed to fix most (maybe all) of them (I had added KSPAssemblyDependencies to all files, changed a logging method that wasn't working with dynamically loaded instances, fixed a MonoBehaviour that was initialized the new keyword through a static constructor method, and that is all I think), but I don't remember
  2. @blackrack I'm unfortunately unable to test it, since I no longer have access to my desktop pc. I'll try to reproduce it on my laptop, but I might not have enough free time for a while. Thanks a lot anyway!
  3. Alright, thanks a lot for the help! I'm available to do more testing if you need more data when you'll try fixing the bug, just write here if you need.
  4. @blackrack renaming EVEManager and Utils to +EVEManager and +Utils did fix the assembly load issues, but it didn't fix the rest of them. Still getting the NRE spam and broken visuals. New log: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1cLgbYlvgWRaYy9PpLZjPqGyL-ca8ZkPY/view?usp=sharing
  5. I did, multiple times; this install was copied from a fresh steam install too. Might it be related to the developmental build?
  6. I'm getting a loooot of errors with this build and scatterer 0.632. I'm using ksp 1.10.1, but I've tested this with KSP 1.8 too, and I had the same results. Both times tested with a light RSS+RSSVE install. The errors aren't asymptomatic either - here is the space center: Here is the log of me loading the game, opening a save and quitting after having waited in the space center scene for a few seconds: https://drive.google.com/file/d/19QQSjpgd6ZBn4MD_rRe3dlPSX_UnL-UK/view?usp=sharing The only anomalous thing I've noticed is that EVEManager and Utils fail to load, but after tha
  7. I am trying to replace the Text elements in the UI of the Persistent Thrust mod with TextMeshPro elements; I followed Dmagic's guide on how to use Unity's new prefab based UI (in fact, that's how the entire UI was built) and I basically copied his code, but for some reason there is one thing that isn't working: text alignment. Every text field is reset to upper left alignment when converted to TMP. I've checked with the debugger, and the code to convert and assign the alignment style works fine, so there must be something between TMP component creation and UI initialization that is resetting t
  8. @DMagic First of all, thanks a lot for the amazing tutorial. I was able to go from zero to an almost complete UI for the PersistentThrust mod with only this tutorial and your mods as references(alright, not only, but these were by far the biggest sources). But I have now encountered an issue with TextMeshPro: after including the code to replace the Text components, I can't find a way to make the text alignment option persist. Every text field is reset to upper left alignment when converted to TMP. There's also a different issue, which is that TMP font size doesn't correspond to Text font
  9. Can confirm the issue: as @FreeThinker said, we've encountered it while updating PersistentThrust to work in background. I've upvoted the bug report and looked a bit into why it happens. It looks like they are ignoring all parts with no resources - that is, they are only counting the mass of the parts that contain at least one resource. The reported mass is therefore actual mass - base mass of parts with no resources. @linuxgurugamer your code will work, but I think you forgot a + in the 7th line: it should be num += (double)protoPartSnapshot.mass; rather than num
  10. yeah, MultiModeEngine support is missing atm. I have a WIP version with it, but I don't have the time to finish it and release an update for the moment. Just know that it's eventually coming, a few weeks at most. Before anyone asks, I'm co-authoring this mod with FreeThinker. He's done most of the work up to this point though, since I'm the middle of an exam session.
  11. @nubeees I have a recompiled and updated version of the mod here on github, but I am now working on updating it to play with the new Persistent Thrust Continued mod by @FreeThinker (atm it requires my updated fork of the old PT mod, which has mostly the same code to the Continued version but lacks various features). The license allows everything, so you're free to work on your own fork, but it would be more productive if we joined forces. If you want to help in developing the new SSN (mainly fixing the preview to work with circular orbits and be less laggy in general), you can send a message
  12. There must be an issue with the Atmosphere resource definition: as you can see, its mass is 100% of the difference between the 2 values. Do you happen to have WBI installed? I remember that mod having conflicting definitions with kerbalism that should be the problem here.
  13. @tychochallenge I am responsible for that config and I fully take any support responsability. The "supported" part is in my readme, not in RN's mod, so it's me that you should ask to fix it. That said, I can't really help without more information. What is the capsule you're trying to use, and are you absolutely certain that you have installed everything properly? I never had such wild EC consumption, nor anyone ever reported similar numbers
  14. You seem to be very confused about the performance of the current game, and of games in general; what does the fact that it's SINGLEPLAYER have to do with its performance? And why are you implying that your gpu is what's bottlenecking the game? My current laptop has a Vega 8, and I run the stock game at 60 fps (1080p) with the gpu at around 70%. KSP is basically 3d chess for any gpu worth its name. You seem to be annoyed at both the fact that it's going to have good graphics AND that it's not going to have good graphics? What's the matter with that? Why has everyone gone crazy
  15. It's a open cycle gas core engine, its Isp and thrust is going to be enormous compared to a NERVA anyway. It's an open nuclear reactor at tens of thousands of Kelvin, so its drawback (other than the enormous weight, justified by its efficiency) is that the exhaust contains radioactive particles with enormous velocities. Despite all this, it's still very impractical for interstellar travel. You need a couple more 0s of Isp to get anywhere outside of the solar system in less than thousands of years.
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