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  1. There must be an issue with the Atmosphere resource definition: as you can see, its mass is 100% of the difference between the 2 values. Do you happen to have WBI installed? I remember that mod having conflicting definitions with kerbalism that should be the problem here.
  2. @tychochallenge I am responsible for that config and I fully take any support responsability. The "supported" part is in my readme, not in RN's mod, so it's me that you should ask to fix it. That said, I can't really help without more information. What is the capsule you're trying to use, and are you absolutely certain that you have installed everything properly? I never had such wild EC consumption, nor anyone ever reported similar numbers
  3. You seem to be very confused about the performance of the current game, and of games in general; what does the fact that it's SINGLEPLAYER have to do with its performance? And why are you implying that your gpu is what's bottlenecking the game? My current laptop has a Vega 8, and I run the stock game at 60 fps (1080p) with the gpu at around 70%. KSP is basically 3d chess for any gpu worth its name. You seem to be annoyed at both the fact that it's going to have good graphics AND that it's not going to have good graphics? What's the matter with that? Why has everyone gone crazy thinking that ksp 2 is going to be a "heavy" game? KSP uses technology from 10 years ago and was developed by an indie team. Modern games have much better graphics, and they don't require a "rtx 2080 SLI". And, even in the case that your rtx570 is terribly compromised and in constant thermal throttling, as it seems to be, you can always turn down the game settings.
  4. It's a open cycle gas core engine, its Isp and thrust is going to be enormous compared to a NERVA anyway. It's an open nuclear reactor at tens of thousands of Kelvin, so its drawback (other than the enormous weight, justified by its efficiency) is that the exhaust contains radioactive particles with enormous velocities. Despite all this, it's still very impractical for interstellar travel. You need a couple more 0s of Isp to get anywhere outside of the solar system in less than thousands of years.
  5. The metallic form they obtained isn't the only one possible, as stated in the paper: In the last paragraph, they explain that the metallic form they had obtained wasn't monoatomic hydrogen, which is a different matter. All metals are actually monoatomic, since you can't find a molecule in there, so the hydrogen they obtained wasn't a proper metal. That said, I don't really believe in this mythical metastable metallic hydrogen, but this isn't definitive proof. The paper itself talks about its possible uses, so the authors aren't ruling it out either.
  6. I would definitely notice! Finding this thread today was a very welcomed coincidence, since I learned what a Bussard Ramjet is only a couple of days ago. It looks amazing, truly interstellar scale! How big are those RCS pods? Anyway don't abandon this, the list of awesome unfinished mods is already too big
  7. May I suggest trying to get 3d auroras? The only mod that I've seen doing this was E.T.O for RSS, but results were incredible:
  8. Nice, good thing about principia support! Just an issue though, the RealMoons zip seems to be empty.
  9. I love this! Especially RealAsteroids and RSS patches, which I'm definitely going to try. But a few questions have come to my mind: will this ever support Principia? How would you get to those very far planets? Is KSPIE a non-official requirement?
  10. I swear this is my last request here, it's just that my ocd is really merciless. So, i fixed every other problem, including low fps; deleting old cfgs and manually reinstalling some mods did the trick. I "bruteforced" the kopernicus bug by simply deleting the SquadExpansion folder, since I didn't need the new parts or the mission builder, and that + @OhioBob's line fix solved the issue and eliminated the useless desert airfield. But now i have a weird texture bug in the space centre, appearing only upon returning from a flight and not after the first loading. It basically looks like there is a weird z-fighting occurring and the centre flickers heavily at every camera movement (hoping the album is visible). I also had this bug with kerbal konstruct almost all the time and I was forced to remove the mod to keep mental sanity while I was at the KSC (or every other launch site). Unlike the other issues some other people reported my exact problem, but i read all those threads and found only things related to scatterer's ocean shaders and disabling them didn't work. There are some similarities with the popular "line in the water" visual glitch since it also happens only under a line in the centre of the screen and while zoomed in, but I couldn't find a fix. EDIT: also found this
  11. Yeah i noticed an even bigger drop with 1.4.3-1, but it was already there. I'll live with it even if it doesn't go away, ksp doesn't really need more than 30 fps. I can see your point, but i wanted to try USI and in my other playtrough with KPBS i felt that all those parts were kinda useless and that something was missing. MKS seems to be what I was looking for, since I always wanted to build those huuuuge ships allowed by karborundum torch engines and needed something to actually put in those ships (i built one with 1 single engine that could lift something like 2000 tons to orbit with 200 Km/s (!) of dv). I have another career with interstellar extended and OPM but that seems too complicated even compared to MKS, I'll need a lot of time to finish that save. SSPX is really nice on the other hand, I'm using it with station science and SXT and I'm really happy with this combo @OhioBob Trying this right now, thanks for your commitment in fixing this!
  12. I removed the USI mods while testing to identify the recover bug, but I didn't notice much of a change; maybe I'll try reinstalling my visual mods. For bases you can try angel125's mods, they vaguely resemble USI but are a bit simpler and with a different aestethic and philosophy, but equally enjoyable. I'm using extraplanetary launchpads for constructing things, but since my pack is already quite crowded I may switch to ground construction. Have you tried both?
  13. Oh, well. Your answer made me think about kopernicus, and since in the latest version changelog I read something about launch sites, I downgraded to 1.4.3-1. The bug disappeared, so if you want a quick fix, there's that. The downside is that old launch sites appear on the map (in the original kerbin location) and that my fps seem to be lower, but I think either version can be switched if needed, so I'll keep 1.4.3-1, complete my contract and install 1.4.3-2 again. P.S is it normal that my fps is really low when playing in gpp? I usually get 60 fps with scatterer and SVE, but here i get 30 fps max with any vessel in any situation (landed, flying, orbiting, etc). I have a pretty decent pc, so that's not the problem.