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  1. I play in the first half of the "career". Installed eXploration, a lot of interesting things. But not everything is available. Now I'm creating small research drones to visit the moons. In my personal opinion, the idea of a reflector for an antenna is interesting. But for small drones is not suitable. Directional antennas themselves with too short range and high power consumption. The reflector helps but it is heavy and bulky. This option is quite acceptable for large interplanetary spacecraft. The Communotron 16 and DTS-M1 stock antennas remain preferable for small drones. I would like small economical (albeit not fast) long-range antennas for light drones, with options for flying in the atmosphere. Or no worse than stock parts. On tests, I noticed that closing the reflector will not affect the signal level. Strange, the “Micro CMG” mass is the same as the "Small Inline Reaction Wheel" and useful properties less than 5 times. I use mods Near Future, the game with them is interesting. Many thanks for their creation, support and development. ----- One more wish: The marking of the unmanned command module can be used to understand where which side is. In the editor, they are labeled south by default. This defines the back wall of the module. I don’t know how other modules are, but RND's marking is clearly not so, can it be rotated so that it is the same?
  2. I noticed that the ships having the hinge-type parts begin to spin a little in orbit. I made a check. Image Hinges do not close until the end. The one that the screenshot does not close less than 3 degrees. When trying to close, torque occurs proportional to the "Torque" parameter. KSP v1.4.2 + MHE & Infernal Robotics v3.0.0 ("Next", beta 3, patch 1)