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  1. I am currently in a Science Mode with my furthest technologies being Science, Basic rocketry and Aviation. Thankyou everybody for the help.
  2. I recently downloaded ScanSat and with it, I have been able to locate a lot of anomalies. I am planning to visit these anomalies, in particular, one on the North Ice Shelf. I have tried going via air, but all my planes, while they have range, lack speed (I don't really want to wait too long during flight). I have considered rovers, but again, the speed is rather pitiful. I have the maritime pack, so a boat or float plane is another option. Does anybody have an idea for the design of such a craft? Thanks.
  3. I have downloaded the mod, and when I check the mod folder, all the files are there, but I only have in-game access to the ballast tank small and the nuclear reactor. I'm using KSP downloaded from steam. This same thing has happened with a few other mods, only one of which I have been able to fix by re-downloading the mod. Thanks.