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  1. Yes. Any orbital platforms will count, as long as they can engage with the specified targets.
  2. After the recent fall of the Union, the evil Jedediah Party has been advancing on Valentinia Territory. Their air force is obsolete and in desperate need of replacement. They know that the Party will strike in only weeks, and the Valentinias want to strike first. Can you help them update their air force before they are obliterated by the Jebedians? There are four types of craft you can build: Fighter Bombers. These need to be heavily armed with bombs . They will be judged on their range and their ability to destroy ground targets. Fighters. These need to be able to destroy other air targets, so will be judged on the speed, maneuverability and ability to destroy air targets. Spotters. These will use radar and laser targeting equipment to direct their allies missiles, and thus will be judged on their targeting ability, maneuverability and speed. Gunship. These will stay at the back off the attack and rain the enemy with missiles using the targeting data from the spotters. They will be judged on their ability to destroy ground targets from range. The allowed mods are BDArmory, Lacks Stock Extension and Airplane Plus. Craft will be put on guard mod, unless specified. Fighter bombers will be manually piloted against the KSC's buildings. Fighters will be put up against a Vulcan armed stock Dove. Spotters will be manually flown and their systems will be tested against a range of unarmed targets. Gunships will be tested against a moving Mk1 size car. Please send all craft along with the action groups and any special notes on the using of said craft. The competition will close on the 31st of May. Have fun. For Valentina! (If you have a draft you would like to submit please put the craft file in your reply)
  3. I am currently in a Science Mode with my furthest technologies being Science, Basic rocketry and Aviation. Thankyou everybody for the help.
  4. I recently downloaded ScanSat and with it, I have been able to locate a lot of anomalies. I am planning to visit these anomalies, in particular, one on the North Ice Shelf. I have tried going via air, but all my planes, while they have range, lack speed (I don't really want to wait too long during flight). I have considered rovers, but again, the speed is rather pitiful. I have the maritime pack, so a boat or float plane is another option. Does anybody have an idea for the design of such a craft? Thanks.
  5. I have downloaded the mod, and when I check the mod folder, all the files are there, but I only have in-game access to the ballast tank small and the nuclear reactor. I'm using KSP downloaded from steam. This same thing has happened with a few other mods, only one of which I have been able to fix by re-downloading the mod. Thanks.