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  1. My main suggestion is to try and reduce the weigth of the mod, its over 90Mb compressed
  2. I think the Capsule and Proggress need to be just a little more ''stock-alike'', but the rocket and service module look awsome
  3. Well Tantares and BDB fit preety well in terms of models and textures, tough the Soyuz and Shenzu are too small compared to the DBG rockets and most other stock-alike mods
  4. KSO has Emergency veichles (Cop car, firefigther truck, and an ambulance Helicoptter), tough it has gone without updates I hope Grounded adds Car parts and a few more texture colours, couple that with ''Strobe-O-Matic Warning Rotator Lights'' and you can build a wide array of emergency vehicles
  5. Is there any Config to add tweak scale for Tantares?, i found one but it was from back in like 2015, so i doubth it works
  6. Well, im using 1.4.1, and the download version from that DropBox link, is there another download link?
  7. The wheels act strange, when launching a craft they flip 90' degrees in rotation
  8. You reaaallly should, i love every part in this mod, they alll have fantastic textures and models, it shows you put alot of effort into it
  9. I installed the newest update, but the RB1 and RB2 are apearing as black, not grey, i also have TexturesUnlimited installed, should i delete the config in the rocket emporium folder?
  10. All of NearT's mods are a must, especially NearFuture (he has devided it into segments), Kerbal Atomics, Cryogenic Engines,, and Stock Alike Station Parts Redux, other good ones are Home Grown Rockets, BlueDog Design Bureu, Tantares, Coatl Aerospace ProbesPlus, RLA stockalike, TundraExploration, ReDirect, and BuffaloMSEV
  11. From wich mod is that yellow cockpit?, haven't seen many mods with yellow parts
  12. Maaan, i really hope this mod takes off, the modeling and textures are phenomenal, as good as other larger mods like BDB, and i hope one day it exapnds to add those cool space shuttle concepts
  13. More pepole should really geto to know this mod, its parts are awsome and add a function most others don't
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