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  1. Ugh, I just got this tonight myself when I added interstellar to my ksp 1.4.2. super appreciate your effort in looking into this. I've always had the plan to add interstellar to my build once this career playthrough reached a mature point of progression but when I stumbled upon this workshop build last month I wondered how I ever lived without it. Love this mod btw, great work!
  2. Actually, since I posted that this morning I already sussed that out and is exactly what I did. Once I got the hang of it it wasn't too bad to update the welded parts. I basically would save the weld off as a sub-assembly and then compare its config file to the welded one and I could see what was missing where and ported it over. I added what I needed though I didn't consider needing to mark anything as hidden.. I haven't noticed it being an issue for me, but I'm using the stock trims. One thing that's still odd that I can't suss out is if I try and weld more than one station part together. A single station part with any number of other parts is fine. two or more station parts and wierd things happen, even with corrected config files for the parts. Either the root part gets flakey (but all other station parts are fine, this was the case with a 2 or 3 long pressurized tube), or if there is a chain of more parts (5 or more), than several parts in the middle either are missing end caps, z-fighting or simple don't render (though their attachment points are there). I may play around with it a bit more and report back what I find, though it would be super helpful to consider having a 'default' base which doesn't rely on B9 at all. Would be amazing to build out sprawling stations without hitting FPS issues. Regardless, amazing mod mate!
  3. @Nertea Fantastic work on this, I really love using this part pack. Gives my stations new life. One questions, and as I'm learning about how mods work and interact with each other I'm guessing the answer will be no or a lot of work on my end but I figure I would ask anyways. In an effort to improve my overall performance I really need to be bringing down my part counts and just stumbled across Weld a few days ago and its helped me out significantly with respect to frame rates. I don't know if there is much more I can do from a hardware perspective (4xSSD in RAID-10 array, 32 GB ram, NVIDIA GTX 1070 8GB RAM and an i7-4790K @4.0GHz), so when things slog down I really need to be reducing part counts (also running a heavily modded 1.4.2 KSP). So, the issue here is that the station parts would be a perfect candidate for welding, however the B9 switcher for the upper/lower sections of a part either weld missing, with visible gaps in the station, or all options try and display and z-fight with each other. I tried to take a look myself at the config files and while I think I have some ideas I thoughts I would ask here as well. I guess the simplest would be to rip out B9 from my local copy of station parts? Don't get me wrong, I love having the option, but if I can drop my station part count from >200 to <40 that makes it an attractive idea. Or somehow have a version which does not have the option to pick the trims? Or somehow have a default option so if you don't have B9 it will simply show the default and if you have B9 then it will overlay ontop? The last would seem ideal because it would actually remove the dependency on B9 and open up options for welding. Or even an option to disable B9 options for this mod itself. Sorry, went in a few different directions there, but hopefully someone here can provide some direction.
  4. Thanks a lot for the tip Jade. That whole popping issue was really putting a cramp in my plan to build and deploy and OPT spaceplane from a ground construction facility in minmus!
  5. I can confirm that the world stabilizer solved this problem for me in ksp 1.4.2. After a lot of testing I've been able to identify 2 offending parts, the deployment bay and the large online docking port (same model as the deployment bay). One interesting note, world stabilizer seems to only work with free standing ships. Those attached to the ground with the launch stability enhancer will still pop into the air (1km) then it seems that the stability enhancers get grounded there before world stabilizer kicks in. If you decouple from there the enhancers stay anchored in the air.