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  1. As soon as you're confident that the list is finalized. I've got a pretty beastly machine, so I'm not too worried about that. My current save is running 46 mods, and about two thirds of them are on your list already. I guess it will be a while yet before it's my 'turn' anyway, so I will keep an eye on this thread and chime in when I feel the need. Edit: (Wow, no activity in almost a week... Am I the only one excited for this idea? :D) Just played around with the modset a bit, got all of Stage 1 installed and running fine (and booting up in under 3 minutes :P), and a couple questions came up: Since we're using KCT and Scrapyard, wouldn't FMRS or something similar be almost mandatory? Or are those in the "if you want, get them, they don't affect the save file at all" category? (damn that's a mouthful. We might need a term to categorize mods that fit for this, though.) Also: Personally, I would like to add Kerbal Reusability Expansion to the list. It's really lightweight (MUCH more so than NF or BDB) and only adds a handful of parts, but those are REALLY useful for building reusable boosters. SpaceX style. What settings for KCT? On that note, what difficulty settings for the base game? How do I 'disable' breaking ground? (it was mentioned a few pages back that DLCs should be disabled to keep things open to everyone?) Why the MK4 parts, but not the MK2 or MK3 expansions? Given the time limits we're working under I feel those would be so much more useful. I had more, but I forgot them again... sooo, watch this space for additional Edits? ^^'
  2. Is it still possible to join in on this project? I have a few ideas for what I would do in my cycle.
  3. The way I understand it, the keys are in the same location physically, just with different labels. It's [Ü] and [+] on german keyboards.
  4. Feature request: Stricter landing guidance, especially in atmosphere, for 'falcon style landings'. Current behavior: Landing guidance will only perform the final landing burn, setting the booster down 'wherever it damn well pleases'. Desired behavior: Set droneship as target, see booster landed on deck. I understand this isn't easy, but if we could at least get a "desired landing distance" setting (ie 0-500m) I think it might drastically help. Right now this module seems to think of the player target only as a "suggest landing in this vicinity", sometimes landing 2-4km off target. Would be nice if we could have a setting to tighten the accepted landing window at least by a decent amount. (And if someone knows a different mod that already does this, PLEASE let me know. And please don't say kOS... I really, really suck at scripting xD )
  5. I noticed some issues while testing this... 1: The TWR is HORRENDOUS, to the point that 2 2.5m max length (8m?) SRMs can not lift a Rockomax X200-32 tank off the pad. 2: (couldn't reproduce yet) sometimes the nosecones aren't detected as valid endcaps, drastically reducing the TWR (and dV) even further for no discernable reason. 3: The stock seperators aren't detected as valid endcaps. Ever. Intentional? 4: Yes, I had proper boosters down there. They overheated within a few seconds, blew up... and lo and behold, my TWR shot up to 1.8, causing my testcraft to leap into the air. 5: The surface attach nodes seem to be misconfigured, resulting in this to be the default attach orientation: You can see the hydraulic detachment manifold sticking out of the segment, even though the segment is attached TO this manifold. 6: Switching filter category in the editor takes a LONG time. 6 seconds or longer. I will continue testing and edit this post if I find more issues.
  6. I have another issue that may be a bug just as likely as human error: My Kerbals keep getting CO2 poisoning on Minmus (or longer) missions, I even lost a tourist today, and I can't figure out why. I got scrubbers running on my craft, EVA suits have scrubbers enabled... But also; how the f... do I find out HOW MUCH co2 an individual scrubber can process? I could at least somewhat imagine that I might need MORE than the capsules come with, but the interface just doesn't seem to tell me (also what about EVA? are they really supposed to run out of 'scrubbing power' after as little as 10 minutes?)
  7. Elon Kerman Scott "Fly Safe" Kerman Timm "Everyday Kerbonaut" Kerman Who else can we think of?
  8. I checked ALL my pods and cores, and NONE of them seem to get an upgrade. Yeah, that's why I said MAXIMUM capacity.
  9. Can someone confirm wether or not HD capacity upgrades are working as intended? Because the fact of the matter remains that and I can't shake the feeling that I'm just too stupid to understand what Kerbalism considers a hard drive??
  10. Didn't check his staging... May he Rest in Peace. So now that it's happened... who won?
  11. It is my understanding that in the stock aero system, each elevon is basically it's own tiny wing that generates a force according to it's orientation vs. direction of travel (aka angle of attack); so to generate a flap-like effect they have to be angled down. I've seen stock craft simulate the 'multiple flaps settings' by having several seperate ailerons and strategically grouping them together to toggle via different action groups. That said, I don't think the stock physics model is strict enough to really warrant the effort to design planes with any more than the bare minimum of control surfaces, and then deploying them for takeoff and landing, if at all.
  12. I'm a little surprised... no one else who has any input on the matter? No mods I overlooked, no checkbox in MJ I forgot to check (to ensure strict targetting, maybe), nothing? Can't believe me and Dafni are the only ones who've tried this?
  13. I usually take the Mk1 sized one (1.25m?) and stick it in a Mk2 Cargo bay. Works splendidly, and you've got some space to stick other stuff in that need protection from aero forces.