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  1. It does do be like that.
  2. Title almost says it all. While in a vehicle, I don't have the Kerbal portraits on the bottom right. I also can't switch to IVA view. I assume these two are related. It looks as if the vehicle was a drone... As soon as I go to EVA (by manually clicking a hatch) the portraits appear, then disappear again when the Kerbal re-boards the vehicle. Tried in career and sandbox mode, issue is persistent, 100% of pods tested, though I did not test ALL manned parts for this.
  3. That last one... that's the VAB. I don't know how and why the water level got so high (bug, couldn't reproduce), but I thought it looks really neat.
  4. Thanks SO much for these. Now to re-engineer my spaceplanes to employ them...
  5. Take another, closer look at it. It's Jeb doing aileron rolls in a jet, but what this showcases is that g-forces affect the Kerbal's posture now (he's not sitting completely upright. His helmet is tilted to the left a bit)
  6. This sounds pretty much like what I always wanted to build in KSP: The 'Pride of Hiigara'. AKA the mothership from the Homeworld games.
  7. That's debatable. As you may have noticed. People are debating it. But I felt this was the core of your argument, and I STRONGLY disagree. You may like it better, the majority (going by responses to this thread) would like it less.
  8. Oh I am in no way worried about this. I definitely recognized some Mk2 shape parts in the cinematic trailer, and I am confident they will be in the game. But in the spirit of the thread's question, that is the first thing that sprang to mind.
  9. I would probably get the game anyway, but I will be VERY sad if there won't be any planes/spaceplanes/SSTOs in KSP2.
  10. My guess is that they plan to have cosmetic, straight-buy MTX for sorts of texture packs. Like 'beaking ground' style EVA suits for 4,99. Or 'dark' textures for all parts; 12,98. Stuff like that. Mandated by T2. Since colonization is gonna be a thing, I hope "snacks" will be one of the only few resources they add. Basically a catchall term for everything a kerbal needs to survive, including food, water, breathable air and waste management. Otherwise it could quickly get WAY too micro-managy for the majority of players. -> Can always mod in more complex systems for life support.
  11. Looks fine as far as I can tell For what reason should those be different than what is shown in the game?
  12. Oh that's absolutely given. Otherwise my 1.25m tanks would melt on ascent (I tried. Hence why I wanted this patch in the first place). This failure happened on reentry. What I don't understand is why two different parts with the same temperature tolerance (according to the editor readout) has one melt on reentry while the other survives MUCH heavier punishment.
  13. Ok, I did everything as described, and the game seems to apply the patch as intended, but for some odd reason the 1.25m tanks still blow up WAY faster than the Mk2 ones. (though nowhere near as fast as before) Any ideas why that might be? ... considering how easy things felt to me since installing DRE, I'm almost inclined to think that the 1.25m tanks are exactly where they should be, but the Mk2 parts are much more durable than intended.
  14. Okay, but where does the code go? Is it a seperate patch that comes after a @PART[name of the tank] or does it go straight into the tank's .cfg?