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  1. I'm having some difficulty with the Solid Fuel Electric Fission Reactor, from the description I assumed it would work like a reactor+Thermal Electric Generator. However, when I have a simple ship with some radiators, the Solid Fuel Electric Fission Reactor, a Diode Laser Array and a Multi Bandwidth Dish Transceiver, I get no wall-to-beam power. The same set-up, but with a Molten Salt Generator+Thermal Electric Generator does generate power. What exactly is not going right here?
  2. Does that mean the first post is outdated? It has the " UV Light Mirror" listed with a range of "10 nm -700 nm". Now, the "Double Pivoted Light Mirror" is a slightly different name, but because its description says: "This is an advanced pivoted Mirror capable of relaying beamed power in the UV and Visible light spectrum. Use it to create an UV light beamed power network." I assumed that part was meant, since it's a mirror intended for UV. And since Far Extreme UV is 13 nm, I figured it'd fall within the range? Since I guess my reasoning is incorrect somewhere, what's the highest form of UV that the Double Pivoted Light Mirror would work with?
  3. I have a station with nuclear reactors that transmits in far extreme UV, a simple ship that can receive the power and that works. But I wanted to create a network and so I launched a ship with a "Double Pivoted Light Mirror". And I got it in the situation where the ship with the mirror had line of sight to both other ships, but nothing happened. Am I missing something?