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  1. @Navi1982 Alternatively if you use the KAS mod. Send and Engineer equipped with a drill and a docking port to the rescue. It means docking to do the extraction though.
  2. I haven't used this mod but after watching Justin Brights video's, I believe you need mulch to get things rolling.
  3. Has anyone had any trouble with the RCS jet plumes on the Honeybadger showing in the wrong direction in 1.4.3? This happens in all directions. For example if I press the H key the Badger moves forward but the jet plume also exhausts forward towards the nose of the badger. These are the only RCS jets in my heavily modded game that do this. Other than the visual, the jets work just fine.
  4. @Bakkerbaard What's worked for me with big poorly streamlined loads is to fly vertically to about 20K and then start tipping over into a gravity turn. Air effects seem to reduce around that height.
  5. @Wolf Baginski Thank you for mentioning the universal docking port mod by Kip Engineering! Ive got it installed and it seems to work in 1.4.3! Here's the link if anyone else is looking for it:
  6. @Wolf Baginski Could you confirm the name of the mod for the multi size docking ports that you're talking about above? I'm thinking its Kip Engineering 1.0.5 mod but it hasn't had any activity in a while. Having a 3.75m docking port that will accommodate every size below it would be very handy.
  7. I'm now using Kerbo Katz FPS limiter to reduce the stutter on my modded system. Limiting my FPS to 30 with KerboKatz mod makes the game much more playable on my system. Might be helpful...
  8. No kidding, I've been looking at mods to install in Sandbox trying to come up with a list for my career play. With this mod alone installed I flew an Aeris 4A up to the station with a frame rate of about 58 on a 60 setting. The station has 250 parts with solar panels, etc. Currently, I'm down to about 48 with other mods installed flying in for a docking and 42 when docked. Need to figure out what's dragging me down now.
  9. I really like this mod and especially that I experience almost no frame rate drop with a sizeable space station in 1.4.3! Really nice work! I'm definitely going to have to check out your other mods!
  10. Is anyone having problems with Rovers being very sensitive and doing the sky high flip? I'm noticing this when I have tried to give one of my wheeled girder drop ships a nudge on the Mun. Both the ship and the rover are doing the flip. The ship not as badly likely due to mass. It's as if I collided at high speed. I don't recall this happening in 1.4.2. I've got all my reaction wheels disabled. I can't think of anything else it could be.
  11. The day's still early. Hoping for an update...