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  1. nah they live in different part folders. not really feasible to combine assets and the greebling is specifically skylab stuff. yeah we plan to do something for it.
  2. 1/2 Not based on anything specific but just for legoability an alternate mount for SII with a 3.75m base and a custom mount for the M1 to attach there. Will try to add a few more options to the upper part later using some smaller mounting plates I can switch around. We can add some options not available on the original SII mount.
  3. Those variants are coming soonish. Both orignal SOFI, and more technically accurate treated Atlas V aluminium styles.
  4. Just want to confirm if this problem only exists with the hinged SLA or the jettisionable panel version as well? We dont know why this is happening. The IVAs are all old ones which needed to be rotated to match the new models and this is done via a custom module in the BDB plugin. It seems to be failing under certain conditions. I need to see if its possible to rebuild the IVA in unity with the correct orientation to begin with for a clean fix.
  5. I havent tested the new Saturn I/IB, I guess I should soon and see if anything is up. But I will say that PVG is developed for realism overhaul so more realistically behaving BDB rockets shouldnt be a problem. The vast majority of PVG problems are user error and sometimes craft error, either in the build or in the parts themselves. It sometimes isnt straightforward yes but it is a fantastic implementation of closed loop guidance in KSP but it does need to be deployed appropriately. ps. the small scale of the system (2.7x vs 11.whatever for realscale) also makes PVG behaviour a bit odd sometimes for higher twr upper stages though rarely unusually so.
  6. personally it doesnt annoy me, yes there is a search function but forum threads in general arent the easiest to grasp the full extent of previous conversations from. So someone new to the discussion asking isn't necessarily a problem, people pestering after being told no is a different matter. But yeah C-8 is not a rocket anyone on the team is interested in making. None of us like it particularly and large rockets come with a significant cost in time to make (detailing etc) and especially texture space cost to the end user. So we would rather work on stuff that interests us. Regarding the wiki Friznit provides it as a kitbash build, a suggestion for people who are interested using other mods and or scaling etc. I dont see that as a problem.
  7. This is probably something related to remote tech. Unfortunately none of the authors use remote tech and can provide support for remote tech related issues. Our remote tech configs were provided by other users of the mod. Perhaps you can ask on the remote tech thread for help?
  8. You would need to give a lot more details for us to understand what is going on with your install. What exactly do you mean locked? Do they not function in game? You cant access them in the tech tree? Also: 1. Your KSP version 2. Which version of BDB you have installed 3. Screenshot of your gamedata folder so we can see what other mods you have installed.
  9. It was in fact considered SOFI originally (as an homage to shuttle in the 80s or something). It was one of the more notable technical errors in the timeline though and has since been retconned to be Atlas alike anodized aluminium. Should be 5m in game. I would suggest Restock (MH or RS plus) or NFLV 5m first stage tankage with the 5m to 4.25m adapter.
  10. 1.12 only officially. Unofficially most of it will probably work in pre 1.11 versions but any animated lights (such as the apollo docking light etc) might be messed up.
  11. We've always advertised major BDB updates as being breaking changes, this time the Saturn/Apollo/Skylab update needs to be considered a breaking change from day 1. Its best to start retiring those craft.
  12. Since several of the new Saturn and Apollo parts conflict with the old parts, there is little point to keeping them on in the OldParts folder causing bugs for people. Like the Saturn folder already was earlier, the Apollo folder will be deleted shortly. Any craft using those parts (which arent sharing names with new parts) WILL break so fair warning. hey no warranty for dev build Skylab folder is being retained.
  13. I’ll just put it very clearly. What you are asking for is a near complete remake of the port except for the outer base ring. I am not doing that. I could have made it fully androgynous by offsetting the petals 22.5 degrees as I did in my initial draft as well but the decision to go with the extant art was a deliberate decision and is final.
  14. Its not APAS, its CADS from Eyes Turned Skyward which is basically CBM (1.25m) but with 4x APAS like petals and docking capabilites. And yes despite the name it is not truly androgynous without some limitations (ie two actives docking would reduce the usable hatch area. AFAIK even that later case is hypothetical, actives were only meant to dock to passives (i could be wrong, not read ETS in full in while). In any case the old docking "CADS" (but actually APAS) 0.9375m port model has been replaced in BDB by Benjee's model as well as of today.
  15. Yes, the though the hatches will be at 45 degrees to each other so you lose some room there (not that it matters in KSP). Will have to see if Cobalt wants to add nodes for the solars too. The surface attach works pretty well in my experience so long as you turn off angle snapping. The block III HGA definitely needs a node.
  16. Since the new CADS is 1.25m it's not a like for like replacement for the old 0.9375m APAS by CXG that we had. That one has now been deprecated. As a replacement, with kind permission from @benjee10, we just added his gorgeous APAS model to BDB (which as you can tell heavily inspired the work on CADS). This uses the exact same config and PART name as Benjee's own model with a MM patch to deactivate itself when Benjee10_sharedAssets bundled with his mods is detected. Meaning that craft files WILL NOT break even if you add or remove a Benjee mod to an existing save with BDB.
  17. Yep I started work on the upper stage mount recently but prioritizing the CADS and probably some work on the AARDV control core next. But will be coming soon-ish I hope. Thats a 3.75m lower plate and will probably have options for smaller engines to mount there as well that dont overlap with the 5x and 7x options on the SII mount. You can mount some cool NFLV mounts here as well as various 3.75m upper stages from Nertea's mods or Restock. Plus other mods I guess but thats what i was thinking of at the time anyway. The second component used to attach M1 here will also get optional mounts to have RL10 "verniers" sort of like that S4B lander thing the name of which I always forget. Not based on anything, just looks cool.
  18. Short variant of the MLV fairing as well without the wallbase. Saves weight I guess if you have wide but short payloads ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Default below
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