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  1. I believe that if you disable the TUFX AA the in game AA takes over?
  2. Oh sorry I got a bit busy and didn't have a chance to look. unfortunately the realplume config for the rapier is quite a heavy effect. I never really dealt with atmo engines and this config was provided by a kind community member. Its very impressive but demanding. You could also try going to RealPlume-Stock/Squad and deleting RAPIER.cfg and changing RAPIER_OLD.txt to RAPIER_OLD.cfg RAPIER_OLD does not look as impressive but its an older config from before my time and will be less demanding on fps. I'm not sure how it compares with waterfall-stock's rapier config. But worth a try perhaps?
  3. There is now an official compatibility config and textures as of today (courtesy of Truthful Gnome) . Just install Textures Unlimited and update BDB. All white painted ones look metallic currently but a fix is incoming.
  4. What's cheating in KSP? play as you like. All we can say is that we balance around 2.7x (to be exact JNSQ as a reference for the last two years or so). Even then its not a precise balance like RO/RSS some of the smaller rockets might be a bit underpowered and Saturn is slightly overpowered. Beyond 2.5/2.7x scales you're on your own. Whether you want to adjust the balance, use SMURFF or just build bigger rockets for a given payload.
  5. Also just added a standalone handrail available in gold and blue. Just want to add that this model, already in use on the Spacelab European Module was kindly provided by Benjee to match his shuttle Spacelab parts exactly.
  6. More or less. I think for voyager 73 the short sidewall seen here would not be there, just the pure conical section, but this is close enough perhaps. The straight sidewall is still here because I integrated that section it into the nosecone itself when I made skylab. It makes the fairing look less repetitive where the wallbase, the extension wall segments and the area just below the cone all look different.
  7. Added a variant to the Skylab/S4B fairing without the wallbase for a shorter minimum length (still adjustable via wall segments). This option is only available on the fairing base itself not the airlock modules. the ring is to be kept extended for intial "soft docking" to make contact and align. Once soft docked and the petals are interlocked, retract the ring on the active version to hard dock. If this doesnt work its probably due to the rescale.
  8. There is a bit of a myth in the community that pressure fed means no ullage required. This isnt true. Even the LM needed ullage. I struggle to find any bipropellant stages that dont require ullage. The Agena D engine (and its not even pressure fed) does not require ullage because it uses a special sump tank to feed the engine for start that I supposed can deliver the fuel cleanly. Technically its not the engine that doesnt need ullage per se, the fuel feed system on the Agena D is able to feed the engine. IIRC I also dont have ullage requirement on the RS30 because I found something in the docs, I think something about a pumped idle mode or something where it can blow donw some propellant using the secondary pumps enough to provide self ullage. I dont know the exact physics behind the problems even with pressure fed stages needing ullage to settle it but this the information I've found. Mostly by looking up the sources in the Realism Overhaul engine config templates (which cite sources and are well researched). Edit: to answer the first question, the Ables were hotstaged
  9. I did a Minerva back in the day by rescaling LDC tanks to 2.5m and restock 2.5m tanks to 1.5m. Odd choice perhaps but this was long before the thor/delta update and the stripes worked out better this way.
  10. Yes thats right http://www.capcomespace.net/dossiers/espace_US/skylab/skylab_CSM.htm If you look carefully you can see the start of the silver on both sides. Until we saw the pictures above we were under the impression it was half white but the white sector is smaller than that; just enough to cover the side facing direct sunlight.
  11. Personally I use shadow bias to 0.500 and normal shadow bias to 0.720 as recommended by Blackrack on some thread, but so far havent been able to figure out how to make it stick either.
  12. We do actually now have a 2.5m straight apollo interstage/spacecraft adatapter now. Shorter than the Delta III DCSS one. Could use that next time.
  13. Sorry I meant your install folders looked correct, the plumes are definitely wrong, they are stock plumes. Modulemanager.log is inside Kerbal Space Program/Logs/ModuleManager can share via dropbox, google drive (public link), wetransfer etc.
  14. Realplume does not defer to waterfall configs automatically. The deconflicting patches need to be written on a case by case basis. Everything looks correct at a glance to be honest. Can you post your modulemanager.log and modulemanager.configcache files? Though might be a good idea to make sure Smokescreen, RealPlume and RP-stock were installed correctly (maybe missing files in a copy paste). Try reinstalling and if still no luck please post the files above.
  15. Probably worth looking into at some point, unfortunately they were modelled before we took the decision to go all in on Interstage+mount for all future upper stages so the Titan engines are the odd ones out. Everyone is busy with other things though so idk when one of us will have the time to investigate this.
  16. It can be placed in the VAB or on EVA. It has an inventory module so you should be able to use stock construction. I haven’t tested it though. Yeah sure.
  17. The marshall sail was already on board Skylab 2 but was only deployed by Skylab 3. Um about making it, I did consider it a bit. Not sure I may look at it in the future but it needs to be EVA attached. I guess with stock construction this might be feasible. Making no promises but lets call it a maybe for a future update.
  18. The new Saturn I first stage and S4B are at 4.25m and the S1C and SII are 6.25m now. As for the beta, we have a special Saturn development branch on github, it might still be a 2-3 months or more possibly till release so you could use it if you want it now. But just keep in mind while things are mostly functional, bugs are to be expected so use at your own risk.
  19. 4.25m to 3.75, 3.125 and 1.875 Yes this is an official build now Extra node on the LR87AJ3 and standalone Titan 1 mount too.
  20. Its not that we dont support Kerbalism, its that the understanding we have is that the Kerbalism devs will support BDB from their side. Its all unreleased stuff being tested in the github development branch.
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