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  1. The latest version works just fine, and is linked to in this thread, most recently on the preceding page.
  2. Welcome to the forums, and what a smashing first post! Ekranoplan! Awesome stuff. If you can get that ejecting-Kerbals mod to trigger their parachutes, you could have another real winner...
  3. I would assume it would work the same as with other things, an extra button or two in the right-click menu for the affected parts. Like I said, I recognise there could be unintended consequences if parts aren't recognised properly (shutting down drive and RCS engines, for example) and I don't expect any real effort to be expended on the idea if it's going to involve more than a couple of lines of code. However, I also recognise the possible utility that adding this to RCS engines could offer, especially with some of those ships you've been building in your streams recently; going from gross to fine control by shutting down a slew of engines could be accomplished by shutting them all off then re-enabling just the one or two blocks you want to keep active, which could save a lot of time and aggravation with setting up extra Action Groups (assuming a career is advanced enough to have access to them.) It was just a random thought really.
  4. Not had that; if I use the box to pick a height and it's within the flight envelope, then it gets to that height. If I pick the Vertical Speed hold, then it holds my current altitude or adopts the glide slope requested. I don't use FAR though.
  5. Just had to install this to fix an issue with KAX, and even though I don't use BDA everything looks to be working properly in 1.4.5 - with one model exception; the P61 tailpod doesn't appear to have a front wall. This is only a minor issue when building, it doesn't seem to affect the airworthiness of the part.
  6. Been fiddling with this, and noticed that the included example "KAX Horizon.craft" cannot be loaded as it contains a part not included in this mod, specifically two (a mirrored pair of) occurrences of NoseArt. This part seems to be from SM_Stryker Aerospace and Armoury; have installed and am waiting for it to load to see if it fixes the problem... It does. Once the mirrored logos are removed, the craft can be loaded with only this mod and basic dependencies installed. Otherwise all seems to work as expected in 1.4.5.
  7. There does seem to be a very small margin for error in establishing your aerodynamics for stable flight; I've spent ages moving parts a degree here, a pixel forwards or backwards there, and it'll ride like a bucking bronco until... Well, I wish I knew what I was doing that fixed it, because half the time it seems to me like I just cycle through various configurations and end up back where I started a few hours later, only to find that what didn't work before does now! While I'd previously been okay with 801, this week I've been having real trouble with getting aircraft to reach and maintain high altitudes (10km and up, the higher the harder) using MJ. Sometimes I'll be able to get them up to 20km and cruise effortlessly at mach 2.5+, other times they'll only get as high as 18km or 19km, then they'll start slipping back down while maintaining a climbing attitude and they won't actually start climbing again until I've fallen to 15km, 12km, sometimes even 7km. I may try going back to 800, see if there's any difference.
  8. I'm not sure you can just add a part to improve engine output without it simply counting as another engine... I suppose you could make a part that gives you more available Intake Air, that's been done but they're labelled primarily for jets. Really that's how everything works, it just does its job and we convince ourselves it's doing it a special way through the look, effects, and flavour text. There's a few turboprops out there, which should have similar thrust curves to a supercharged engine. Or if you can find a good source of thrust curves for specific engines, you could try applying them to existing models. You mention KAX and AP+, have you tried SXT? ETA: SM_Stryker Aerospace & Armoury also includes 12 and 14 cylinder supercharged engines. Just discovered this while trying to fix something else.
  9. It's not dead yet! The thread still sees activity, if you're keen on using it best to ask in there
  10. I second that; Notes is very handy, and once you've loaded any save game it's available from every scene change, including if you back out to the main menu again. Also, if you're an RPM user, it can display specially formatted notes in your IVA for custom checklists & the like. ETA: hah, pipped by seconds!
  11. Is there a chance this could be expanded to engines, or would that involve too much fiddling around because of the larger risk of unintended consequences? I've been running some aircraft from the Stage 2 SPH (named action groups only, and they were all being used for stuff) and had cause to enable/disable my engines occasionally.
  12. Have you changed the binding? Or installed another mod that also uses Y, which might have disabled this one? I can assure you that Y works on my system.
  13. Personally, I'm holding out for the Seaview, with a Flapjack docking port to simulate the Flying Sub...
  14. I would suggest that no further discussions of the "whys" occur here. I wish @DoctorDavinci's nephew the best, and I hope that the Doc himself may come back this way again in the future.
  15. Get 'er done. I love your thinking, and you've obviously got a lot of research done, so whatever you pull out of this imagining is definitely going to get my download.
  16. The stars have aligned, the dim recesses of my mind have been illuminated, and my searches have hit upon the right convergence of terms: Tree Toppler is the second mod I was thinking of. Case closed!
  17. Another day, another immediately essential mod taken over by the Flying Penguins. Excellent stuff, thanks for keeping this one alive.
  18. Oh. Oh well, that's much simpler to accomplish; you'd just need to adjust the update text. I'm not sure that's exposed in any of the files on GitHub though; I just had a quick look through and couldn't find it. Will probably need @gegy1000 to recompile it.
  19. The symbol is unique to KSP, and you can't use user-defined emoji in usernames or statuses on Discord, so I'd assume the answer is "no" - at least, unless you can convince the Unicode Consortium to add it to the universal standards, and that takes a lot of work...
  20. Warning: not suitable for those under the age of 6 years, or over the age of 96, or anyone with a weak bladder. Do not taunt HoloCache. HoloCache can only help with weight loss when used as part of a balanced diet. HoloCache is not to be confused with HoloCreche, and HoloCache takes no responsibility for your children if left inside. Do not take HoloCache orally. If hair or tooth loss is experienced, discontinue use of HoloCache. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I love the idea of being able to add your ship (or a whole collection) into the cache. What happens if there's an unavailable part on the discoverer's install?
  21. There's no shortage of command pods/blocks/panels, I'm sure they'd work just as well on this as they do on any other model. No need to put one on yourself. One other thing does occur though: with the discussion recently in your Mk2 Expansion's thread, if you do end up changing that one over to use B9 instead of IFS it would be lovely if you did the same with this one.
  22. Yes, that's the one - I'd been checking released mods, forgot to look in the WIPs. Thank you! One mod down, one to go... (And I'll be checking the WIPs for that one now, just in case!)
  23. There's one mod that attempts to add standard time progression while in the editor, but because the game's just not set up to accommodate that behaviour it actually ends up causing KAC and other similar mods to miss their cues. Eh, I see that's already been suggested - for once, the board didn't tell me new posts had been made.
  24. I swear, I'd be more worried about the state of my memory if I could ever remember how bad it is... Recently I know I've read something in an add-on's description about it being able to unlock some/all tech tree nodes, and also re-lock it afterwards, but I'm jiggered if I can remember which add-on it was and my search-fu had failed to come up with anything helpful. I even resorted to just paging back through the last couple of weeks' worth of updated threads in the hope that I'd find it that way, but after checking all likely suspects I'm still empty handed. Also, I'm sure I've seen in one of the many parts mods out there includes a mk2 tri-coupler - that is to say, three mk2 fuselages are connected triangle-style. I can't recall if they connect into a 2.5, 3.75, mk3, or other custom fuselage, and again everything I've tried search-wise has come up with nothing. Any ideas? Anyone? Beuller?
  25. If you do go ahead with this, please do it as an optional config; suddenly having every part surface attachable to every other part promises to make intricate constructions very tricky to accomplish!