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  1. I've only recently started using StageRecovery, and it's already indispensable in my game. I really hope someone picks it up, but I'm very glad you kept it up to date this far even though you weren't playing much yourself. Good luck with your future endeavours, the game idea sounds fascinating. So long, and thanks for all the fish!
  2. Okay, massed minds, here's a clever one for you: I'm in the SPH. Turn on Mirror Symmetry. Pick up a light from a mod or one from stock, and move the mouse over my craft to place it... And it turns into a paintbrush, smothering the surface of my craft with duplicate lights. ETA: I hadn't checked the VAB, but have now - same thing happens with the same parts, whether I select Radial symmetry or Mirror (anything other than solo part placement.) I have a significantly modded install, but I know this didn't used to happen before 1.4.5/MH1.4. The only mods I use which affect placement of parts (AFAIK) are EditorExtensionsRedux and PartAngleDisplay, and removing either/both makes no difference. The painted parts can be picked up and destroyed like normal parts, but they don't count as part of the craft - they don't save with it, nor do they cause the parts count to increase. The log reports the following for every individual part painted, but no other error is recorded: [EXC 16:30:43.505] ArgumentOutOfRangeException: Argument is out of range. Parameter name: index System.Collections.Generic.List`1[PartModule].get_Item (Int32 index) PartModuleList.get_Item (Int32 index) Part.OnWasCopied (.Part newPart, Boolean asSymCounterpart) EditorLogic.createSymmetry (Int32 mode, .Attachment attach) EditorLogic.<SetupFSM>m__D () KerbalFSM.UpdateFSM () EditorLogic.Update () It doesn't happen for every light though; AviationLights appear to be entirely immune, as does the BahaSP target-following Spotlight and IndicatorLights' BL-01. The stock Round/Square lights, the round/square lights provided by Grounded, the beacon from AirplanePlus, and ChopShop's LED headlight all become paint brushes. SurfaceLights is the most confusing of all; the 4-way light cluster works fine, but the omni and surface spotlight become brushes. There appears to be no problem with the models on load, as there's no errors associated with any of them in the log - here's an example log using my Sandbox playthrough, but this is also occurring in Career: JH4Clightbrushes.zip. Oh, and here's a list of my addons - hyphens at the start of the line indicate that the line in question contains a child of the line above. [x] Science! 000_AT_Utils 000_ClickThroughBlocker 001_ToolbarControl AFLC AirlockPlus Airlocks AirplanePlus AllYAll AnimatedAttachment AntennaHelper AntennaSleep AquilaEnterprises - ActionGroupManager AviationLights BahaSP - Plugins - - BDAnimationModules.dll - - CritterCrawler.dll - - RNModules.dll BasicDeltaV BasicOrbit BetterBurnTime BetterCrewAssignment BetterTimeWarp Chatterer ChopShop CommunityTraitIcons CraftManager CRE CrewLight DecouplerShroud DockRotate DodoLabs DoubleTapBrakes EarnYourStripes EasyBoard EasyVesselSwitch EditorExtensionsRedux EVAEnhancementsContinued Firespitter FlagRotate FP_DPSoundFX FShangarExtender FuseboxContinued GravityTurn Grounded ImprovedChaseCamera IndicatorLights IndicatorLightsCommunityExtensions JanitorsCloset JX2Antenna KeepItStraight KEI KerbalEngineer KerbalFoundries KerbalGPS KerbalJointReinforcement KerBalloons Kerbaltek - Hyperedit KerboKatz KOOSE KSPRescuePodFix KSPWheel KWRocketry MandatoryRCS MandatoryRCSPartPack ManeuverNodeEvolved MechJeb2 MiningExpansion MissingHistory MK1CabinHatch Mk1PrototypeCockpit Mk3HighGroundPlates ModRocketSys ModuleManager.3.0.7.dll NameGenerator NASA_CountDown NavBallDockingAlignmentIndicatorCE NavHud NavyFish - Plugins - - Docking Port Alignment Indicator - - ToolbarIcons Notes NRAP OpenCockpit PartAngleDisplay PartOverhauls PortraitStats QuickMods - QuickBrake - QuickSearch QuizTechAeroContinued RCSBuildAid ReCoupler RecycledParts RetractableLiftingSurface RLA_Reborn RocketEmporium SensiblePumpsCont ShipManifest SmartActuation SoundtrackEditor SpaceTaxi SpeedUnitAnnex Squad SquadExpansion SquiggsySpaceResearch SRCS StageRecovery SurfaceLights SXT TacSelfDestruct TakeCommand ThrottleControlledAvionics TokamakIndustries TooManyOrbits TrackingStationEvolved TriggerTech VABReorienter VectorRepurposed VentralDrill VesselMover WaypointManager WernherChecker WetterWingsMM WheelSounds WhoAmI WorldStabilizer No other surface attachable item I tested appears to suffer this incredible glitch - and I tested SO many. Tell me, oh great sages - what in the name of Jeebus H. Kerman is going on?!
  3. Bug report! At some point there's been a change in the folder tree, and some parts are still referring to the old folder structure which means they can't load properly. I only noticed this because I was researching an entirely different problem and just happened across some of the exceptions, then dug a bit deeper. I'm not sure if the folder names are the only issues, but that was the first one I found. I've snipped the appropriate section of the log so that @linuxgurugamer can see which parts are loading properly and which require further investigation, it's available here: RecycledParts.txt - apologies for all the MM spam that's mixed in there. There seem to be 31 files that require the removal of "SpaceTuxIndustries\" from filename paths, and one file needs renaming so that it matches what's expected from its model (XXX/Ram jet Mk 10 Normal NRM 1.mbm needs to become XXX/Ram jet Mk 10 Normal_NRM 1.mbm), then they all load as intended. Presumably this will be a very low priority fix, as if it had broken anyone's ships I'm sure they would have mentioned it by now!
  4. Those ramps are smashing, I really like the one that combines a Mk2 adaptor! Is the other a nosecone, either manned or drone? Doesn't matter if it isn't, just curious.
  5. Just downloaded as this looks like a fun mod. Suggestion: put the parts into a proper folder tree, so that the extra .cfg files don't confuse ModuleManager.
  6. Seems straight-forward enough: it's looked for a settings file and not found one so it's using the defaults. If this is your first time running the mod, it's expected behaviour. If it's not, and you had changed the settings from the defaults, then there could possibly be a problem.
  7. I don't see the wrench for ToolbarController; do you have it installed, as well as ClickThroughBlocker? Both are required dependencies as listed in the OP. Once they're installed, you should see a "green leaf & globe" icon in the toolbar(s).
  8. That definitely sounds suspect, I've never had that happen. They should default to the "Classic Lightyear" hubs, and I'm pretty sure there shouldn't be a way to choose "no hub" - I tried, and I can't do it. The option for the hub not to appear isn't even in the configs. @blackheart612 any ideas? Try re-downloading and re-installing it - oh, and a thought occurs: be sure you're not using the Legacy version, which is for 1.3.1 only. If you follow the Spacedock link in the OP, that's definitely the right version for 1.4.x, I just downloaded to double-check. (It says 1.4.4 on the Spacedock page but it works in 1.4.5 too.)
  9. Front wheel steer/rear wheel drive is a poor combination for KSP's physics. If you want to only use one pair of wheels for driving, use the fronts; if the driving force only comes from the back then the front has a distinct tendency to wander hither and thither, whereas AWD/FWD should enable you to easily and safely reach speeds in excess of 25m/s. I'm confused with your reference to "stock" and "service" wheels though... Oh, are you referring to the colour selection? If you're up to date, the choices should be "Classic Lightyear" and "Service Yellow" - if you're seeing something else, this suggests you're either not using the latest version of the mod, or it's not installed properly. Turning the friction down is the best way to avoid flipping the vehicle; instead you'll find yourself doing ridiculous powerslides, but at least you'll still be upright at the end of them. That said, I've just driven a stair tug at full speed (40m/s!) and put it into a hard turn and it didn't even wobble, with everything set to the defaults and with drive/steering disabled on the rear wheels. Here's a .craft file built using only parts from this mod, try it out and see what kind of results you get: Grounded Stairtruck. Also, if you're concerned about turning too hard then consider activating the Precise controls. The bouncing on load is an enduring bug in the basic game, supposedly fixed but it keeps cropping up. Look for the WorldStabiliser mod to help temper the effects.
  10. You'e put MiniAVC into a separate folder; standard convention is to include it in the folder of the mod it relates to.
  11. There's safeguards built into ToolbarController that prevent it being used to hide itself. By default it is set to display on both the stock toolbar and Blizzy's, and these options are locked; you can do it manually if you edit the configs, but not via the interface. That renders a "reset" button useless from that perspective. If another mod has been used to hide the button, no amount of reset buttons within this mod can hope to solve the problem as the other mod will still be hiding the button, so a "reset" button again becomes useless. In your situation, I would be looking at removing every other mod that can affect the toolbar, then replacing them one by one.
  12. I've just had a check in the config for a couple of the parts and they appear to be set to display at reasonable points during career/science mode progression, so you need not be worried about getting overwhelmed with excessively high tech in a fresh game. There's always a chance you won't agree on the exact placement, but you can always go in and tweak them later. In general, I've found that mod makers are very good with this kind of thing, and on the odd occasion where definitions aren't included as standard, other users will write patches later to "fix" it.
  13. Hm. I don't get any window when I click Active, nor when I click Prepare. However, View Photo does work for me, and is the only way I know it even worked. I just finished the mission I was on when I discovered these issues, and I got no credit for any photos, sent or unsent. Default experiments with unsent data still credit you on recovery, so this may need a tweak as well; I know you intend it for rover use, but I was trying to use it to document my first successful manned orbit. I think spinning them off into their own mod sounds like a sensible idea.
  14. @linuxgurugamer just noticed a small bug, not game-breaking but occasionally tedious: Have a ship that is being auto-loaded when you visit either Editor screen. This can be because you had to revert, or visit the R&D to research new parts, or any other myriad reason. Have the checklist set NOT to display automatically on entry to the Editor. Click on Crew selection, then click back on Build; the checklist magically appears. Only happens the first time you do this per visit to the VAB/SPH, but it happens every time you visit the VAB/SPH. Game version 1.4.5 + MH 1.4, tested in both Sandbox and early Career mode with no access to Action Groups.
  15. I've been playing with the SOAP-1 and it confuses me. Although it counts as science, I can't store its results in a science container. I've managed to use it to take multiple pictures, but I don't know where they went or what I should do with them, and even though it shows sometimes as being ready and available to use there's no response when I click the button to take a picture - no error, no nothing. It also doesn't appear to play well with science checking/gathering mods, this may be related to the fact that it's not recognised as science data by the (built-in and mod-added) containers? Also, just tried taking a picture of the horizon while in LKO and I ended up getting a picture of the skybox behind the planet instead of the planet itself.
  16. I've just been through my last ksp.log and of 248 mentions of TCA, none repeated the issue @Usgiyi is reporting. Are you sure you've got the latest version of the mod/dependencies installed?
  17. I had been thinking about potential conflicts if you happened to have a GPS network around more than one body, so that's going to hopefully obviate that issue before it even occurs. Nice.
  18. And now this glorious little mod has been added to the ranks of Kottabos reviews: ETA: I can confirm the bug mentioned in the video - neither of the drone cores use their proper parts names from the localisation file. On examination of the localisation file I discovered a typo had been copy/pasted across all the related data: they all contain the phrase XXX_ProceCore_XXX instead of XXX_ProbeCore_XXX; correcting this leads to most of the expected text being properly located, but the probes both continue to reference non-existent manufacturers and I can't deduce if they're supposed to be either of the included ones or entirely different ones. There's also a non-critical typo in the description of the conic probe, "fairingss".
  19. Can confirm the above. Not sure it presents an actual problem though, it's just weird. The first part I picked to use for the test was a cockpit from another part mod, and that claimed to be 25m tall on its own, so I think it's just internal KSP weirdness.
  20. I've never liked scones. I'll stick with the cucumber sandwiches please!
  21. This is a rerelease intended to make it compatible with the updated game. If you want an older version, you'll probably need to look at the previous thread with Whitecat's original version; there's a link in the OP.
  22. If you make it possible to have any vessel a geocache target (which I do think offers much greater potential than just using flags,) then I would suggest there being some kind of parts count made, to prevent people potentially dumping multiple thousand-part models onto unwary users. Of course, there would also need to be some form of validation to prevent you from getting a target that can't be loaded due to lack of parts... Maybe a custom part would make most sense. It can (presumably) still be flagged as a self-contained vessel in the same way that asteroids are one-part "vessels"? Something you can either grapple with the Klaw, or open while on EVA, and then you get to add your name to a list. When you save the game, any parts you've visited can be extracted from your save and uploaded along with the log details, which the website would have to add into the ongoing roster - I'm assuming that it would be not only possible but desirable to have the same item in multiple games simultaneously, so there'd need to be some site-side file administration to ensure that one upload doesn't overwrite an earlier one, but that it gets merged instead. This is all way beyond my ability to help with, but I hope I've added something to the discussion.