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  1. When in Flight Mode, a microphone icon should appear in the default toolbar, it'll be either black (no sounds being played by the mod) or green (sounds are being played by the mod). If you have Kerbals on your ship then they should automatically start chatting away, you can adjust the soundpacks they use and the frequency of their chatter by clicking on the microphone icon. If you don't have any Kerbals on your ship, then try to send some Science back to Mission Control; you should hear radio noises. If none of those work, then you may not have installed it properly. Please follow the guidelines in the pinned post "How to get support":
  2. So long as you have all the dependencies installed, it should work on 1.4.4 - I have 1.4.5 and it works for me just fine.
  3. Pip pip! Top hole, good show old chap. The BBC-style logo is the proverbial icing on the cake.
  4. You might want to submit this to IndicatorLights Community Extensions:
  5. I'm always a sucker for in-game notepads, they're so much more convenient than pen & paper, or tabbing out to other files. Installed!
  6. Looking forward to the revised updated and modernised version! Don't worry about trying to optimise as many parts as possible into a single element, I think what you're showing there is the most sensible way of doing it - combining all the parts with the same number of nodes makes more sense and is easier to understand and find than if you had (for example) all parts sharing a common base, which could include anything from 1 to 7 attachment nodes in multiple various configurations. I know I'd just get frustrated at having to scroll through lots of irrelevant variations to reach the specific one I'm after.
  7. Talking about the Resources and Vessel tabs in the VAB, is there any way to move these? I'm sure i've looked at every setting, and tried every permutation of modifier key and mouse click/drag...
  8. Working just fine here on 1.4.5, and previously worked on 1.4.4. Have you installed all the dependencies, such as Toolbar Controller?
  9. I should have thought of suggesting that. Good call!
  10. I never played in 1.2 or 1.3 but I do know that between 1.4.2 and 1.4.4 it's become trickier to pin down some of the individual building biomes; that's nothing to do with any mod, it's part of the basic gameplay and presumably because Squad made minor adjustments to some part of the system that led to this (un)intentional(?) consequence. From what I can tell in your earlier thread, you were directed to the KEI thread because that person thought you'd benefit from using the add-on, not because they thought it was a better place to ask the question. Hopefully now it'll get more useful answers
  11. KEI works just fine with the redrawn biome map, in fact it works better than fine because it's triggered successful experiments for me in substructure biomes I've had great difficulty locating manually. As this isn't about KEI, then it should really be posted elsewhere, maybe Gameplay Questions?
  12. I would assume from @DuoDex's description that you need to use the link "Report Post" in the OP to get the mods' attention. I'm gonna grab this even though I'm not great mod maker, just so I can try making some CrewLight settings; the fact that it's no longer necessary to reboot relog to see changes in models is awesome. ETA: I've made a report on your behalf, don't know if it's appropriate or sufficient but figured it couldn't hurt!
  13. Is an official announcement really a leak? @Snark I think your hastily considered plan has merit. Presumably there'll be a need to keep some of the MissingHistory stuff available after 1.5 if only to allow loading of .craft files so people can change parts, if they so desire.
  14. ...But all parts are always available in both editors anyway? I've never seen a part only display in the VAB or only in the SPH, it's just not how the game works.
  15. Roemy-Lemdum Atomics, according to the Agents.cfg file.
  16. It helps me keep track of what I'm installing, including whether or not it's something I've already tried and had problems with for whatever reason, be it conflicting with another mod or it not working well alongside my OS or hardware. Having to download 250+MB before finding out that I can't use this because of one small file is disappointing. It also seems to be accepted good manners in other release posts to mention all dependencies, be they mandatory or optional. There's also deeper stuff about increased complexity of installing some mods due to historic splintering, but that's a discussion for another time and place. Just thought it might be as helpful to others as it would be to me, hence mentioning it at all.
  17. Small suggestion: it would be nice if the mandatory dependencies were mentioned in the OP, even though they're included with the download.
  18. I wonder if the toolbar icon appearing and disappearing like that could be related to the fact it's still only using one size of icon image, the old 24x24 format. Something else that might need touching when @NavyFish has a chance to look over the code again.
  19. It's definitely different! Your enthusiasm for it is very infectious, although I have no idea what I might use it for other than as an orbiting orrery... Have you considered using one of the various animation plugins? I think Animated Attachment might be a good one to use, you could get the rings to precess around the planets and/or the moons to orbit. If you put the main attachment nodes into the centre of the bodies, then rings would automatically fit centrally around every body. Oh, and Uranus doesn't so much rotate backwards as on its side; it's defined as ~98 degrees prograde rotation, compared to our 23.5 degrees prograde. I don't think you currently have any attachment nodes that aren't on the equator, so it might be extra tricky to achieve this. I look forward to seeing where this goes!
  20. Woohoo! Thank you very much; I'd even tried using websearch rather than just site search but hadn't found that. And thank you @linuxgurugamer for updating the OP. Bug report: Mk2 Twin Afterburning Turbofan is permanently making noise as if it was left idling. Interestingly if you toggle the engine mode to wet, then back to dry, you can even get a fireplume come out the back and the engine note changes briefly; no fuel is consumed, the engine is generating no thrust, it just keeps whining (much like me! )
  21. @Nertea I'd have loved to use these parts but I started playing with 1.4.2, so have never installed them. I hope the final polish will include an update, maybe that would also encourage more people to install them?
  22. @linuxgurugamer found a small bug in the included subassemblies: Both 3.75m variants have been built while a typo existed in the partname for the WildcatXR engine, leading to them both failing to load because they expect to find a part called WildcarXR instead. I've run a S&R on both subassembly files, changing the appropriate letter, and they seem to work fine with no alignment issues. I don't know how to make the appropriate changes in the correct manner on Github, but I did open an Issue about it. Filenames all start "Launcher 3.75m", problem exists in both Default (Procedural) and FAR Legacy variants.
  23. For those that like some variety, I've tested and found that you can add these rather than simply replace the existing files and it'll just pick one at random. I like the warbles, but I also like the Morse code, so this is good for me.
  24. For those that like some variety, I've tested and found that you can add these rather than simply replace the existing files and it'll just pick one at random. I like the warbles, but I also like the Morse code, so this is good for me.