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  1. Hm. That's the only link I can find to anything related to BD Animation Modules, and when I try installing that my game crashes out as soon as it tries loading the first part that uses it. Not surprising really, being over 3 years old... I'm not installing Mono just to install CKAN, just to install this one dll. My Mk2 spaceplane fantasies shall just have to go unfulfilled.
  2. Quote from the OP. On downloading this from Spacedock, none of the plugins mentioned are included in the bundle. I already have firespitter.dll because who doesn't, but I don't have any of the others nor do I know where they would come from; are they still required?
  3. Looks interesting, but how do I get it off Kerbin? I don't fancy trying to fit boosters to a 48m dome...
  4. @JoE Smash, the secret-hiding code you're after is the spoiler tag- you just click the spoiler button (eyeball) in the edit box and it is created for you to populate. You might also want to use the code (less than/greater than symbol) tag, to retain any formatting from the source file that would otherwise be stripped by the forum. (Extra blank space, etc.) That said, if this is an issue with the part configuration of a different mod, then the discussion regarding fixing it should really be directed to that mod's page. I've not used the mod in question; does this part perhaps have a deployable antenna? That would most readily explain the need/use of two different non-combinable definitions.
  5. I finally bought the expansion in the last Steam sale, and am now able to make best use of this. One thing that worried me about installing it was regarding the PorkJet parts; I have them already from another add-on and was concerned about conflicts. Thank you for putting all the related files into a single subdirectory, it made it very easy to prune them out!
  6. @Kardea just to head off the most obvious problem I can think of which isn't answered clearly by your screenshot: is the probe still facing the same side of the planet as the KSC? I could be wrong, but the icon on the right of the signal strength looks to me to be suggesting that it's over the horizon...
  7. Just saw this on Kottabos' YouTube. What a brilliant idea! Installing now.
  8. @Katten, this is just awesome; one of the first things that disappointed me when I started making spaceplanes was the inability to put solar cells inside docking bay doors. It just seemed like a waste of prime real estate! Thanks for fixing this, and many many more issues besides!
  9. Spacedock download has JanitorsCloset.dll.mdb and JanitosClosetTestBuild.zip within the plugins folder, I assume these are extraneous?
  10. I'm using JC on 1.4.3 and have also had the bug where very occasionally the tooltip disappears, same as @Beetlecat. It's so infrequent, and I realise so rarely, that I just live with it, but I'll try to grab a log next time i notice.
  11. "Rogue." You know, as in Rogue One. "Rouge" is either makeup, typically blusher, or red in French.
  12. That, or any of the numerous enhanced solar system mods. If you start adding extra planets, or even extra stars with their own planetary systems, the default antennae soon run out of steam and you need to look at building relays to communicate back to Kerbin. Also, bigger antennae need more power to operate, and if you're a fan of tiny probes there's a real danger of exhausting your available power reserves before you can complete a transmission; it's much nicer to find that out before spending years in-game getting the probes into their positions - assuming you retain control for long enough to manage that!
  13. Yes, there's a MM command you put at the top of the file that states a named mod needs to be present in order for the contained cod to be executed. If you check other addons you might have installed that have dependencies, optional or compulsory, you should notice that during the definition of a part modification there will be ":NEEDS[ModNameHere]" at the end of the first line. I'm not a TexturesUnlimited user, and your patch looks a little different to the others I've nosed about in, so I'm not entirely sure where it should end up in your .cfg; could be after just one of the definitions, could be both.
  14. I think it looks okay... Control surfaces appeared to follow the actual way you were turning, and it seems like there's better clearance around them for easier airflow. It would really help if you filmed these videos during the daytime though.
  15. Just a thought: shouldn't the TexturesUnlimited.cfg patch have a switch so that it only tries to install if I'm actually using Textures Unlimited? I really love those tiger tiny feet, they're neat.
  16. Can't really see anything in the second movie, it's all so dark... The first one looks interesting, but I am puzzled why you're using the RCS to fight against the elevators? I presume the shell itself is a proper lifting body; are the rear control surfaces just not receiving enough airflow to allow them to influence vehicle direction?
  17. 20-sided would be nice. Similar enough to maintain a theme, different enough to make sense as a smaller part.
  18. As a rule, it's also considered rude to ask when mods are going to receive updates.
  19. This looks interesting, I look forward to the 1.4.x implementation. Two things: You've failed to mention your licencing terms in the post. This is a requirement of the forums. The YouTube link is non-functional for anyone who isn't you, as it links to the editing subsystem which only displays videos you've uploaded yourself. The correct link is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ssGQp8Cepjc - auto-embed below:
  20. AFAIK it works just fine right now. The last post by the current maintainer was only a couple of weeks ago, it's in no need of adoption.
  21. Working well here, no change in number of errors reported between 1.6.3 and 1.6.5. All models appear functional and unaffected. That seems to have done the trick, thanks @linuxgurugamer!
  22. Yeah, something's definitely not right... I loaded my Sandbox game and even the asteroids were deleted because their models couldn't be loaded. A quick search of the log file for "[ERR" returned over two thousand hits... log attached. @linuxgurugamer for comparison, I simply deleted the 1.6.4 folder and reinstalled 1.6.3 from a fresh download, reverted my persistent.sfs to the last known good (with the asteroids intact) and reloaded; only 92 errors this time. downgrade log attached.
  23. Literally right above you... Bolding mine.
  24. Yeah, having the can so near to the food would fail all kinds of H&S regs. Good thing they already fired the H&S rep into the Sun!