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  1. Issues with CKAN should usually be directed at the CKAN devs.
  2. You're not doing anything wrong per se, it's just a quirk. The mk2 fuselage pieces are considered lifting bodies, and as such lift can occur on one side. I've built a plane that successfully avoids this, I'm not entirely sure why though; I think I installed one regular fuselage piece inverted compared to another. You might need to detach and re-attach the bodywork behind the cockpit so that things get recalculated.
  3. There's a mod for very large domes, although I'm not sure they support buggy racing within... I think there's definitely potential though.
  4. I was just thinking that if you switched it from 3000AGL to 3000ASL, that would stop the wibblies when crossing the mountains. It doesn't even need to be an interface toggle, maybe just something in a .cfg file?
  5. Okay then, for now I'd start with the C# Development subforum, dig through everything you can understand there. Look up some mods that you like, see if their source is on GitHub or something and have a read of the code to see how they do what they do, then move on to an outdated piece of code from an older, no longer supported mod and see if you can get it working; if you're lucky, you might also be able to find code from a mod that's already been adopted, and then you can make direct comparisons between what used to work and what works now.
  6. I like the idea of this automatically switching from ASL to AGL, but the fact it's set to switch at a specific height AGL reduces the appeal. That means it will suffer from the same problem as Diazo's Landing Height, which is that whenever you're flying over hilly/mountainous terrain your height reading is going to keep fluctuating during level flight. Are there any plans to allow this option instead?
  7. That entirely depends on the mod you want to update, but I'd say your first step should be to wildly rethink your expectations. "I have Notepad++" is about as relevant to most mods as saying "I use the mouse with my left hand" - that's nice for you, but it's unlikely to matter. If you're looking to update add-ons with .dll files then the questions you need to answer are what programming languages are you familiar with? Which development environments? You're going to need to understand the basics of Unity, C+, maybe C#. Parts mods will require expertise in 3D modelling software and 2D graphics for skins, with programming skill on top if you want anything animated. (Updating an existing parts mod is generally much easier, if anything needs changing at all; most simple parts made in the last 2-3 years still work as intended with little or no modification.) The most basic mods rely solely on repurposing existing assets by using ModuleManager or PatchManager .cfg files. This is where your Notepad++ skills might be worth something, but again there's rarely a need to update these. ETA: On reflection, I have come across much harsher than I intended. It's a worthy goal, but I just think you've not fully understood what's involved in such an undertaking; if you still want to give it a go, I wish you the best of luck!
  8. Near Future Propulsion and Near Future Aeronautics are probably your best bet, but you'll need a few dependencies and new resources. I mean, you could always edit the parts to use stock resources but they're not designed that way by the author.
  9. The pilot loading shouldn't break anything, it just won't work because it's not in 1.4.5; it's a single line of code. Don't know about the animations, I doubt they'd break anything either. Of course you can avoid any such worries by simply installing the proper version for 1.4.5; CurseForge and Spacedock both offer changelogs which allow you to download earlier iterations of the part.
  10. You could always try out DMagic's BasicDeltaV, as I believe (if I understood the update notes properly) that makes some adjustments to the stock readout to try and mitigate the current bug issues.
  11. That's not a word in English; searching suggests the alternatives would be essential or indispensable. However, maintaining a special category just for one mod's items is a luxury, so that means the .dll is really non-essential. It's not like there's a lot of parts to keep track of either! There's always FilterExtensions; a custom config could be supplied for those that wish to keep the KAX stuff segregated. Or just use Janitor's Closet to filter out other mods. Not that it matters right now because kax.dll appears to be working just fine under 1.5.x anyway. I've just double-checked all the engines and with the updated FireSpitter .dll they're all animating properly. I did notice an audio bug with the A7 AeroSport, its idle sound starts as soon as the scene loads. The other sounds associated with that engine, and all other engine sounds for the rest of the pack, work as intended.
  12. They look like the normal mk3 fuselage parts only with higher floors inside, that's all.
  13. Is kax.dll just a custom animation plugin then, or does it do more? If the former, can we possibly rewire the parts to use FireSpitter or B9?
  14. First reason is completely understandable, and I'm sure we'd all rather you got it done right rather than rushed. Second reason is adorable, give him a snuggle from me!
  15. I think there may be something similar in @neistridlar's NeistAir pack or @blackheart612's AirplanePlus, but both of their cockpits use round fuselages - it looks like yours mates with the mk3? That certainly offers something new, and I look forward to seeing how it turns out. As for suggestions, it's difficult to think of something that's not already been done or overdone... But one thing I'd love to see if possible would be a side-by-side cockpit for a 2-seater prop like the RAF's Bulldog trainers - the Scottish Aviation Bulldog, not the earlier Bristol biplane. Not sure if that's a little too different to what you've made, but it's all that comes to mind right now.
  16. I just keep thinking about this... https://xkcd.com/2061/
  17. Doesn't it work any more? I was sure I'd tried it and it was still working...
  18. That's probably a suggestion better suited to the animation plugin writers, that way it would be available to all rather than just within a single mod.
  19. Burning while timewarping is one thing. Burning while not flying the ship is another entirely, and that's what they were asking about.
  20. One has to assume that, as this is such an annoyance when making longer trips in KSP, if it was possible it would have been done by now.
  21. Or install Almost Free Launch Clamps, and you won't even need to fit batteries; the clamps are given built-in generators, you just have to remember to turn them on. (It's all managed by MM patches, so it's working fine in 1.5.x)
  22. If you visit the github, you can find the latest version of the DLL in the For Release folder, and it appears to be working okay so far.
  23. As there's no way to turn these lights off, I'm loathe to see them using any significant amount of charge. LEDs use infinitesimal amounts of power anyway, even assigning 1W per light is overkill.