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  1. Don't forget to update the thread title, and thank you for your work.
  2. I'm not using ISRU so I can't comment on that, but the electrical page is working just fine here; maybe one of your custom filters has hidden it?
  3. There's your problem, and it's not Craft Manager's fault exactly; stock cannot handle periods in craft filenames. Craft Manager's able to save the thumbnail because it's using its own code probably, but then falling back on game code to write the .craft files perhaps? To see this in action, if you empty your VAB folder temporarily and then just put one of those Koyuz in there as downloaded from KerbalX, then make a small edit to it in the VAB, I believe you'll see it get saved with a different name. Your custom tags still show because they're linked to the name inside the file, which remains the same whether it's downloaded from the website or in-game. I'd be willing to bet Jeb's wages on those apostrophes being the problem there. They rarely play nicely with filehandling, I'm surprised it's a legal name on the site.
  4. If you posted the crash message B9 gives you, we would know more. Have you also updated B9 to its newest? The stricter settings initially introduced with 1.5.0 have been eased a little.
  5. At least suggestions 1, 2, and 3 seem counter to the idea of the mod, i.e. that these parts are based off of the real Electron rockets; there's plenty of other mods that can fill those needs just fine, but no other mod offers these specific parts. Making one engine work as three independent ones - is that even possible? A themed probe core might be nice though, just so the main body can be either recovered or put onto a no-littering heading (impact or burn-up) once the payload has been deployed.
  6. It's working just fine here too, 1.5.1 with a load of updated mods already installed.
  7. @TheBigElon I don't know if you've already looked and found this, but I just spotted this thread in the modelling & texturing subforum and thought it might offer some extra debugging suggestions:
  8. As that folder no longer exists in 1.5.1 (would it still remain if you upgraded? I did a fresh install) you could always recreate it and copy that texture back into place. I'm not sure if it would be considered kosher to add the texture to the download, as it was a Squad-created asset and I don't think we have permission to redistribute them. The new path for the replacement parts is Squad/Parts/FuelTank/Size1_Tanks/ and there's 5 possible files, but I think they're all different to the old file even if just in a small way, so it might be best if we could find a way to recreate the important parts of the old file in a new texture instead. Anyone know of a plugin to open DDS files in Photoshop?
  9. Fully understand where you're coming from. Thanks for everything you've done, I do hope someone picks this up as it's a lovely set of parts. Good luck with whatever takes your fancy next.
  10. Did you even bother reading the earlier posts? There's currently problems with it that make it unreleasable.
  11. You don't have the right dependencies for Mk3 installed, more specifically I'd say you don't have B9PartSwitch installed. I don't believe the Mk2 parts have been updated to use that module yet, while the Mk3 parts started using it when the 1.5.x update was released.
  12. I wonder if that was why I wasn't getting pilot experience when I had the cupola on my rocket... That entry's not in that part's config either; mind you, I wouldn't expect it to be; a quick search through my install barely a third of crewed parts have the vesselType flag set. How strange!
  13. You must have built the ship using the 1.4.5 version; in the latest edition that part has a new model and config, and the internal part name is now M3X_ServiceBay instead of M3X_serviceBay. Either load the ship in an older install and remove that part, or edit the .craft and change the occurrences of that name to get it into 1.5.x, then remove and re-install it to ensure it has the correct config within the file. That should solve that problem at least - what other problems are you having with it? And why would the mk2 Service Bay's functionality make any difference?
  14. Important note: MacOS doesn't offer this option unless you hold down Option(Alt) when you drag the new folder over the existing folder; by default it'll simply offer to overwrite or cancel the operation.
  15. It's easy enough to make a new wing from an old one, just crack open the config file for the part and change the scale & name of the part then save it somewhere in your GameData folder. I don't know if Procedural Wings might support something that big?
  16. You could try using The Janitor's Closet to hide away the parts you're not interested in?
  17. Scott Manley did a video yesterday that mentioned the Znamya-2, in relation to the hypothesised Chinese "space mirror" mission. Might be a little extra info to go from, should @Beale decide to dive down this particular rabbithole?
  18. If you have 2 doors, I'd put one height on one side and the other height on the other side; the few places I've seen stacked skytubes for linking airports to planes, they shared a common feed. If you decide on 1 door, regardless of which level it's on I would put an internal staircase to link the floors rather than seating on the other level.
  19. I see there's a lot of files marked as updated in the repo; is it worth trying to piece things together myself, or should I just keep the faith a little longer?
  20. I know you're exceptionally busy and other mods are much more important, this was purely something I'd uncovered and thought worth mentioning so that you had this knowledge ahead of your own testing. I should have thought to put it in GitHub, if I find anything else I'll try and remember.
  21. It'll help a lot if you turn off caps lock, and instead describe what you're trying to do and in which version of KSP you're trying to do it. There's a handy guide at the top of this forum that explains how to go about asking for assistance, please refer to it. The latest release of these parts works just fine in 1.4.x and 1.5.x. These parts are designed to fit together in a specific way, and they do not change the behaviour of other parts so if you're trying to attach something as a payload that isn't intended to be fitted as a radial part, either you'll need an adaptor plate or you could use something like Editor Extensions Redux to change the attachment rule of that specific part.
  22. I've been testing a few mods to see if I can use them without waiting for recompiles, and I've found a bug that had been overlooked in the current version, and a new bug that'll need tweaking for the next version: Old bug: Mod does not affect any Kerbal equipped with the Making History retro suits. None of the options this mod provides are available in their action menus. New bug: Lady Kerbals cannot remove their helmets any more. Obviously there's been some changes to the models, perhaps the meshes have been renamed or something but there's nothing immediately obvious in the .cfg files for EVA Kerbals. Everything else appears to still work just fine; Male Kerbals can remove/replace their helmets, patrol routes can be programmed and followed, Kerbals will follow each other around as requested.