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  1. If I'm reading everything correctly, it's only out by a second... Factor in MJ's habit of doing the last couple of seconds at reduced thrust, which the stock game cannot anticipate, and I'd consider that pretty close.
  2. @Beale, getting a lot of errors in the log regarding decouplers: http://www.jh4c.com/ksp/b9.KSP.log.zip for reference, many repeats of "[ERR 14:41:26.220] Cannot find fx group of that name for decoupler" (timestamps vary, ofc.) Also, a deprecated part's throwing up a build error: [LOG 14:41:25.982] PartLoader: Compiling Part 'TantaresLV/Parts/PROTON/xxDeprecatedALV_LFO_A/ALV_LFO_A' [ERR 14:41:25.982] PartCompiler: Cannot clone model 'TantaresLV/Parts/ALV/Proton_2_LFO_1' as model does not exist [ERR 14:41:25.982] PartCompiler: Model was not compiled correctly [ERR 14:41:25.982] PartC
  3. This mod as maintained by Papa_Joe has only been compiled/released for 1.4.x. For a 1.3.1 compatible version, you'll need to do some digging; refer to this thread's OP for a link to the previous thread for this mod (before it was adopted) and work back from the final page to see if there are any available links. No guarantees though!
  4. What happened when you tried to load it? Being a parts pack without any .dll plugins there's unlikely to be any serious issues; this soon after patch day, you'd be doing yourself and others a greater service by trying it for yourself and reporting back on whether or not they work, rather than assuming they need fixing. All the mod maintainers have plenty to do at the moment.
  5. Hm. Got some bug reports for you @SuicidalInsanity: B9's throwing a fit over M3X_AdapterSegment - the truncated saddle tank adapters; it Fatal Errors on load: And this is the section of the Log it told me to look at: [LOG 13:18:14.685] PartLoader: Compiling Part 'Mk3Expansion/Parts/Structural/FuselageExtension/cargoadapter/M3X_AdapterSegment' [WRN 13:18:14.694] DontDestroyOnLoad only work for root GameObjects or components on root GameObjects. [ERR 13:18:14.695] Module ModuleB9PartSwitch threw during OnLoad: System.Exception: Duplicated subtype names found on ModuleB9PartSwi
  6. I love you. Installing! ETA: Quick note, I noticed the readme file still contains a link to the IFS licence, but not the B9 one. No biggie.
  7. I'm more confused by why you're saying you're doing division at all when the entire quoted section only includes multiplication: Why have you written it out this way, when the code snippet shows that to be a multiplication, just as TranceaddicT has based their work on: If you want the result of this equation to give 11,250kg then the part's original DeployedMass would have to be 28,125kg, not 4,500kg.
  8. Looks like fun, I'm going to have to give these a testdrive! @Kaleu, don't forget to add your licensing terms to the OP.
  9. @Snark just FYI, you've bundled the previous version of ModuleManager (3.0.7) instead of the 1.5 updated version (3.1.0)
  10. I've never known a game that had such well telegraphed updates; they've been saying the patch is under development for a couple of months, and while they didn't give an exact date we've known it was coming this month since this time last month. Disruption happens, and is bound to, but it's not in anyone's interests to make the process more fraught than it actually is. What "phone home" functions? The call to RedShell? Just block it in your firewall. The only other outgoing connection the game makes is to Unity, and neither of these are required to succeed for the game to launch. Source
  11. ToolbarController and Click-Through Blocker are given I think, as so many others rely on them now... To be able to build ships, I've become heavily reliant on Janitor's Closet, EEX, Stage Recovery, PAD, and CorrectCoL; they give me the information and tools I need to get everything in the right places. I'd like varied parts packs to become "official" of course but as we're so often telling other people, they tend to keep working across patch releases unless there's exceptional circumstances.
  12. A quick read through the .cfg file for that mission suggests you may need to deploy a SCANsat and scan the area to reveal the arches to KSC's mission planners.
  13. Ah cool, I was misunderstanding - easy to do with so many similar Texture-named mods I'm on a Mac so I'm OpenGL, so I shall investigate TU post-haste!
  14. One of the key things to remember here is that parts attached to craft retain their configuration from that moment in time, so if a part has something within it renamed (maybe the model or more likely the texture) then that info will be out of date on the part in your .craft file or save file. Basically it doesn't matter what the .cfg file is called, if the other files have been re-ordered or sorted into folders (something becoming increasingly common with the larger parts mods) then your save and .craft files will continue to point to the wrong place and hence will not be able to load. Y
  15. I don't suppose anyone's made a patch so the tanks can be used without IFS?
  16. As someone who is very unlikely to install TR/TRR, I'd be more than happy with that Legacy look on any new parts packs. The repulsor looks new and shiny enough to reflect its experimental technology status while still fitting the Stock aesthetic that, honestly, I quite like. Nice work!
  17. For mod-specific enquiries such as this you really can't go wrong with asking in the mod's own thread, because that's where all the people who'd actually know the answers are most likely to see the question.
  18. If RP-0 isn't your thing, try RSS. Or BARIS. Or GAP. Or Sounding Rockets. There's probably a dozen different flavours of tech tree and progression that are semi-current, and another dozen that are a bit out of date but could maybe inspire/guide you to make something that suits your needs.
  19. Beautiful! Truly that is a fantastic bit of work.
  20. In the absence of a log, a .craft file would be a good start, as well as a list of addons required to build it - or better yet, if you can make another craft that only uses stock and Tantares parts that still experiences the same RUD tendencies, it would probably help as much or maybe more than a log.
  21. I'm sure it doesn't help that there's (at least?) two forks of Texture Replacer as well... Does this issue happen with both, or just one? Is there a way to tell? Considering how stock textures have to maintain multiples of 2 in each dimension, I'd be more inclined to consider this a fault with TR.
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