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  1. There are no parts; this is a plug-in to allow parts makers to add animation to their parts more easily, or surface-mount parts to existing animated parts. Do be careful doing this though, there can be entertaining and explosive side-effects in some cases! I'm finding that often I'll launch a craft with a part attached to an animated surface, and although it's well-aligned in the VAB or SPH it goes wildly out of position when placed in the game world. Sometimes this means your attached item is floating 30 meters up in space, other times it can destroy the runway completely... Still, for every time it goes wacky, there's a time it saves me SO much fiddling about that I'm happy to live with the consequences!
  2. Seeing this has reminded me: Not sure if it was a bug, glitch, or just working as intended, but I launched a 4-man ship to get my kerbals their first stars and the kerbal that spent the trip in the PTD-C didn't earn any experience, and his experience log shows only Flight at Kerbin... The other three kerbals were in a mk1-3 pod, and all got Orbit around Kerbin in their logs. Just re-ran the mission to double-check, putting a different kerbal in there, same result - that kerbal only gets a Flight, the rest get Orbits. Not sure if this might be related to the training module?
  3. I don't think there's sufficient flexibility in the Contract system for it to do what you're suggesting, at least not within Contract Configurator. You'd need to take a lot into consideration, and there's every chance that what's possible with your current tech level may be outdated by the time the contract comes due, but you're still stuck doing it. Just because a transfer is coming up sooner doesn't mean it's a better or more easily attainable destination. I think you'd be better served by setting up Kerbal Alarm Clock to remind you when the transfer windows are due, and continuing to run other trips for more money/science in the meantime. There's also mods like Astrogator that can help you schedule your transfers and even program the manoeuvres for you.
  4. Hardly surprising considering that post is 2.5 years old... Luckily it does now have its own thread in the Add-on Releases forum:
  5. Atmosphere Autopilot also offers a mouse-yoke option, but I've not used it or this mod so I can offer no comparison.
  6. That looks exactly like the issues I was having when I installed BetterSRBs, which weren't really related to JetSounds. Check the explanation given on the preceding page for how it happens and suggestions on how to fix it.
  7. The same problem, and the standard fix for it, is mentioned higher up on this page. If you need further assistance, refer to the stickied messages at the top of the Add-Ons forum for advice on how to proceed.
  8. JC (mentioned above) and Filter Extensions offer many extra ways of filtering your parts and mods, but I don't think either offer a new column in the parts window to use for weighting. I'd love one for ISP and/or kN/MN thrust, but in lieu I just filter by the engine type I want and then by price; the more expensive engines tend to have the higher power ratios.
  9. I R a dumb. I thought/feared that had happened when I tried making the post, so I did have a look at the time but only saw my name appear once... Didn't actually check the content. Fixed!
  10. Thanks for the backstory on Negan's Place; I think it's nice to have little touches like that in mods - your own personal Easter Egg! As for Dessert 36, well this is why we still keep pilots in the cabin, to keep an eye on the things the machinery doesn't or cannot know about. Speaking of - they're Desert in the file, but that is the Dessert site according to KSP naming convention. A simple enough change for those that feel it necessary.
  11. I can't think of a way, not in Stock. Rather than Filter Extensions, you might want to look at Janitor's Closet for that; you can select parts displayed on a per-mod basis, and save various selections for quick recall - for example, set a button so that only the original and Making History parts are shown.
  12. Yes, 1.4.x in a mod title means it works with all (current) versions of 1.4.
  13. *puts on scratched record* Did you install all the dependencies? Did you install them in the right place? Have you checked there's no conflict between this and another addon? Have you unlocked all the appropriate science nodes? Please provide a log. *removes record*
  14. Are you quite sure you've enough power generation? You don't want a few extra RTGs on there?
  15. Can confirm, it all works just fine under 1.4.5; if you keep any dependencies up to date with the minor releases, parts packs tend to keep working throughout each major release cycle.
  16. I saw your reply to @Chimichanga, and was hopeful, but damn you turned that around fast! I think this is a brilliant idea, and a much more satisfying way to label space stations than custom flags. Guess I'll go make a space station to try them out!
  17. Those settings are not only available at save creation, they're always available. To access myriad settings pages for mods, open the pause menu and select Settings, then click the button at the top marked Difficulty Level: {Easy/Normal/Moderate/Hard/Custom}. The button will forever say Custom after this, but you can personalise whatever the heck you want for all kinds of things.
  18. That would require a lot of weird calculation to predict positions on multiple orbits, and is likely to become very processing intensive. Another alternative is [x] Science, which can be set to stop timewarps when more science becomes available due to changes in biome, altitude, attitude, etc. It wouldn't solve everything you're asking but it would do a lot of it!
  19. Because when you update by merging directories, you'd lose your existing settings when they were overwritten with the new file. It's a fairly common industry standard to have settings files and the like created on run, and it doesn't cause any problems for the mods to check for a file and then create it if it doesn't exist.
  20. You might have better luck asking this in the mod's own thread: Searching for "delta" within that thread gives a post that includes a link to a calculator site, but it assumes you're already in orbit and only calculates the delta V for transfers, so not much help. Still, the users (and author) of the mod are more likely to have the knowledge you're seeking. p.s. if you ever work out how to circularise before takeoff, apply for a patent. Most vehicles have great difficulty passing through all that rock...