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  1. @damonvv Why is Ghidorah a 2.5m design if it's clearly a falcon 9 clone? I was expecting a 3.75m design, like the real life counterpart. Otherwise it becomes near impossible to launch the thing of an earth like planet (with orbital velocity of 7800 m/s) with any kind of payload, even after adjusting for KSP's insane dry weight and similar things.
  2. I narrowed it down to the "moving window change" that really doesn't work well with UI scaling != 100% (i.e. the window is moved offscreen). I have a fix for this, but github forking is broken right now (for me), so I can't put up a pull request. Figuring out the correct settings is non-trivial (took me several hours at least), so don't bother replicating it :-)
  3. I did mostly 1, but also 2. Testing at 100% scale will have to wait, not at my game pc right now, and won't be for the a few days.
  4. The connectivity manager box never appears for me at all (on screen), although i did see it in a non-responsive state after switch from fullscreen to non-fullscreen once or twice over the past week. My resolution is actually large 3840x2160, at a scale of 180% though.
  5. After much annoyance and seemingly non-deterministic behavior I've managed to reproduce with only ModuleManager (4.0.2) and kOS. But the effect is only for the first game launched after starting KSP. Load the game again and the effect is gone. I will post a log soonish.
  6. It might help for that case, but I have permanent UI breakage once I install kOS. Of buttons I actually need to use in order to play the game.
  7. Oh, I have that patch, but since I tried with and without (and got the same warning) I removed it from the example. @PART[*]:HAS[@REFUSE_wet_mass]:FINAL { // cleanup -REFUSE_wet_mass = delete } Anything wrong with the way I clean up?
  8. @PART[*]:HAS[@RESOURCE[MonoPropellant],!MODULE[KerbalEVA],!MODULE[ModuleCommand]]:FOR[ZZZ_REFUSE] { // dry mass REFUSE_wet_mass = #$mass$ // original liquid fuel mass temp_mass = #$@RESOURCE_DEFINITION[MonoPropellant]/density$ @temp_mass *= #$RESOURCE[MonoPropellant]/maxAmount$ @REFUSE_wet_mass += #$temp_mass$ -temp_mass = delete !RESOURCE[MonoPropellant] {} // configure new propellants RESOURCE { name = HTP amount = #$@REFUSE_FuelTanksConfiguration/HTP_units_per_metric_tonne_of_wet_mass_for_HTP_tank$ @amount *= #$../REFUSE_wet_mass$ maxAmount = #$amount$ } // adjust dry mass @mass = #$REFUSE_wet_mass$ @mass *= #$@REFUSE_FuelTanksConfiguration/HTP_dry_to_wet_ratio$ } Anyone understand why patching a simple mono-propellant tank produces a warning about variable not found in PartLoader: [LOG 22:12:15.795] PartLoader: Compiling Part 'Squad/Parts/FuelTank/RCSFuelTankR25/RCSFuelTankR25/RCSFuelTank' [WRN 22:12:15.800] [ShipConstruct for RCSFuelTank]: part cost (330.0) is less than the cost of its resources (811.4) [WRN 22:12:15.801] PartLoader Warning: Variable REFUSE_wet_mass not found in Part [LOG 22:12:15.808] PartLoader: Part 'Squad/Parts/FuelTank/RCSFuelTankR25/RCSFuelTankR25/RCSFuelTank' has no database record. Creating. [LOG 22:12:15.809] DragCubeSystem: Creating drag cubes for part 'RCSFuelTank'
  9. Anyone have problems with clicking buttons in KSP (like the toolbar buttons at the bottom right of the screen) after installing kOS in KSP 1.7?
  10. @pleroy @eggrobin Congratulations with the milestone Realistic geopotential modeling has been in the works for a for a few months as far as I know?
  11. Learn by tweaking inter-mod compatibility, or improvements in general to the stuff you already love. Lower amount of time needed, and you get something out of it. That would be my tip. Mods become attractive when the quality is high.
  12. RP-1/Kerosene, liquid hydrogen now for fuel, only liquid oxygen for oxidizer Liquid methane is an interesting one as the third dominant fuel class if there are actually mods/engines out there And hydrogen peroxide as monopropellant, because hydrazine is too toxic for my taste :-P I try to keep the readme up-to-date, which is why I point to it
  13. @Gordon Dry I can at least use mechjeb ascent guidance without getting exceptions, without knowing exactly where in that mechjeb function it is failing (which requires a debug build, or at least debug symbol file) I can't say much.
  14. I can't find a proper definition anywhere. And this is used for many RCS thrusters.