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  1. For what reason if I may ask? And will it get a jenkins instance associated with it?
  2. I noticed that the combination of 9 engines (SpaceY M9) that were inspired by falcon 9 (and have 7 MN of thrust at sea level) are on a 5m diameter rocket, which makes building a falcon 9-like rocket (which is 3.7ish meter diameter) hard. This is because the thrust is not high enough for the amount of fuel and payload that you easily end up stacking on top will drop the thrust to weight ratio significantly below 1.5 (this starts to happen above 500.000kg). For a first stage engine (with a landing mode) that strikes me as a bit odd. Is this intended/known/recognized? Also how do you effectively use the single engine landing mode, what kind of vehicle is on top while landing?
  3. Is it possible to get landing guidance that is accurate within a meter on Kerbin? I was trying SpaceX style ship landing, and it missed the boat by ~50 meters. I do realize in most cases wasting fuel on moving 50 meters is totally silly and can cause crashes due to running out of fuel, but still I'm curious.
  4. Looking at The last commit on master points to via green check mark Following pipeline number Following jenkins link: Conclusion: 105 is not master but probably an pull request which does not contain these changes yet, please use a master based build.
  5. Is it possible to make the UI of kerbalism bigger? It is rather tiny on a 4K screen.
  6. Strangely, I cannot reproduce it now. Next time it happens I will save the log message. I unfortunately didn't realize that starting KSP again would mean I loose the log. It was some kind of null reference spam from Kerbalism. Thanks for the message anyways.
  7. I tried using the planetary greenhouse in combination with kerbalism and I get gigantic lag the moment I use it in the APH, any idea what could cause that?. I'm using a git version of kerbalism (because of bugs in released version), and 1.6.3 of KPBS. And the latest Kerbal space, which is 1.4.2 iirc.
  8. This mod seems great, but the UI is tiny on 4K resolution. Is there any way to adjust this?