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  1. Taking off from Mun, raise AP to 20km, and clicking mechjeb "circularize at next apoapsis". Didn't look too closely. It was in fact set to Pe. Accelerated into the munar surface. D'oh. Still though I have never used quicksave and I don't intend to start now.
  2. Wow. What a lot of ugly replies to my OP. Thanks mods for trimming this. Perhaps this lady could use a Kerbal naming honorarium this week:
  3. Folks, I think everybody is missing the point. This part lets you add a appendix vermicularis to your ship and therefore is extremely useful. No seriously though, in my mind this is an adapter first and a crewable part second. The point, to me, seems to be that while you cover your ship/station in medium sized ports to dock all kinds of awesome new ships/station parts, this part can be placed alongside them and keep the aesthetic similarity of 1.25m part that actually provides a berth for a Junior sized ship. So for that reason (alone) it seems to fill a little niche for me!
  4. Hi all! Look, it's 2018. Let's be good feminists and get more female Kerbals into the stock crew! For example, following the cue from Squad about Val being a reference to the first Russian woman in space, I usually start all my games by using the cheat menu to create the following two female Kerbals: Sally Kerman - Engineer, after Sally Ride the first US woman in space ( Helen Kerman - Scientist, after Helen Sharman the first UK man or woman in space ( Val, Sal, and Hel all rhyme, for that goofy KSP goodness!!! If I can find a way to make "Liu" rhyme too, I would also add this fantastic lady: Doing all of this is not just one small step for equality, but it also helps us by giving us a stock "A" crew and "B" crew right out of the gate, rather than having one full crew plus Val as a solo act. Your thoughts. Here's an image showing the proposed crew lineup. Cheers, Andy.
  5. Exactly! Just a little "Mission time: x" for each crew member. By the grace of Jebediah I have been looking around and it seems Final Frontier mod has a ribbon/awards system that keeps track of all of this and more! It's a little more complicated than I was envisaging, but it will actually serve my purposes quite well for now! Yay! Solutions! Still will add my voice to the "this should be made stock" cries though! Cheers again, Andy.
  6. I would like a little counter in Astronaut complex/Portrait Stats that shows the total days a Kerbal has spent in space. To me this seems a no brainer. We already (in career mode) give Kerbals stars that show us their experienced status and enable them to perform tasks better. Why not keep track of Kerbal experience the way that we track real life astronaut experience? Extra credit: a counter for number of spaceflights, a counter for time spent EVA, a counter for pilot in command time...and so on. To be clear, I am not asking that this counter needs to add to/modify the existing Star levels system. Purely aesthetic. When you think of Vogel from 'The Martian' saying "500 days in space seems enough for a lifetime" it might put things in perspective when sending out a crew on their fifteenth Jool mission. Cheers xD Andy.