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  1. Hello, on the tutorial "return Mun", there are bugs I do not know if it's mine For example when I run the tutorial I should be placed on Mun except that in fact he puts me well on it but the landing gear disappears which makes me bounce and if I do not pass the 3 windows quickly I do not I can not go on and I crash at the fallout, so I read what he said after I restarted and I took off directly That's not all, at one point he says he must make a quick advance to apoastre except that he tells me when I do next that I can not advance to the ground and yet I'm 50km as he said and I do not even apoastre, if you could look please There is also a bug in the suborbital flight tutorial where when you leave the atmosphere ben he puts me a normal tutorial message except that it goes down to 1 FPS and I have to reclicker on next so that it stopped buger These bug was not there in the previous version, if we already have some bug in the tutorial that prevents us from finishing it, how can we fly after since we could not learn? thank you