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    [1.4.5] Global Construction

    I see, thanks for your comments! Seems I got the numbers mixed up, I thought the cost would be the unpack cost. Allista, the 106 tons could make sense, since I'm packing some machinery, which brings the total mass to 106 tons. The density I cannot comment on, though.
  2. ottodeluxe

    [1.4.5] Global Construction

    I know the topic of materials needed for construction of the DIY kits has been brought up before, but some extreme numbers has brought it to my attention lately. I wanted to construct a bsae on Duna, which is more unwieldy than it is heavy: The Vessel in the VAB It is ~90 tons dry mass, with some machinery. Now, if I put that into a DIY-kit, the mass ratio is sensible, as is the build cost for the kit itself from EL: The kit in the VAB Again, the masses add up and the Mkits and SP costs are reasonable. However, the kit reports it needs just above 700k of material kits to unpack! The mass difference should be around 40-50 tons in material kits, if you include the machinery already stored in the DIY kit. The Mkits required weigh more than 700 tons, according to EL: The Mkits in Kontainers in the VAB So, I wonder how can you need 700 tons of Mkits to construct a base with a mass of ~100 tons, where roughly 50 tons are already in the DIY-Container? I did not change any settings or configs, I use the recent MKS + GC + EL (all full versions). Is there a conflict in the definitions of material kits between those? Is this amount of material kits really intended? I was planning on launching the DIY and material kits to Duna, but there is no way I can easily launch 8 times the mass of the actual base, nor does it seem reasonable. A solution would be to launch the Mkits and SP needed to build the actual thing with EL, but GC seems to be more stable in deploying the vessel. The material kit ratio is not configurable IIRC, so is there any solution, is this a bug or actually working as intended?