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  1. Both releases indexed by CKAN (1.2.0 for KSP 1.7.3 and 1.3.1 for KSP 1.8) are updated now. When you refresh the modlist in CKAN, it'll automatically ask you about reinstalling it because the metadata changed. I just found out that this does not automatically pull in the Scatterer-config+sunflare, so click "No" there, instead wait for the registry to finish the update, and then right click on Beyond Home in the modlist and choose "Reinstall". This will force the installation of Scatterer-config+sunflare provided that you have the core Scatterer installed, thus hopefully fixing the glitches you all encountered. Keep in mind BH is pretty big, so the reinstallation might take a while.
  2. This differs from update to update. A lot of mods broke from KSP 1.7 to 1.8 because of a Unity update and thus the old DLLs didn't work anymore. KSP 1.8 to KSP 1.9 only broke a few visual mods, most others are working fine. I'd suggest to take a quick look at the last page of the forum thread for each mod you want to install that isn't shown as 1.9 compatible yet. You'll likely find either the author stating something about the compatibility, and/or others who tried it out. Additionally, if install the mods in small groups and start + test KSP in between, it'll be easier to catch possibly malfunctioning mods.
  3. We don't like to update (hardcoded) compatibility data without having confirmation from the author first. @AndyMt can you confirm that the latest release (1.7.7) works on KSP 1.8.1 (or even 1.9)? I took a quick look through the last couple of pages of this thread, but I couldn't find something official, I'm sorry if I missed something. If so, we are happy to update the metadata!
  4. Good news! I could figure out what was wrong! It was indeed a bug in the client (or let's say a missing feature :P), you couldn't replace dependencies. CKAN always removed the dependent mod if you removed the dependencies, regardless of whether a new mod you are also installing provides these dependencies. I made the installation process a bit smarter, and with the next client release this should work as expected, when selecting Spectra and deselecting the default Scatterer-sunflare + Scatterer-config ,the core Scatterer installed should stay installed.
  5. The metadata for CKAN is set up so that Spectra provides Scatterer-config and Scatterer-sunflare. So theoretically it should work that if you select Spectra for installation and at the same time select the default Scatterer config + suflare for removal, the core Scatterer stays installed. However for some reason Scatterer is automatically removed too, although its dependencies are satisfied. This seems to be a bug in CKAN's dependency resolution. A workaround for now is to just reinstall Scatterer afterwards. It doesn't complain about any missing dependecies, this shows that the metadata is indeed correct, but the installation process has some issues with the dependency resolution. I'll try to find out why the client behaves like it does.
  6. The export function has been overhauled, see this PR. Use the "File >Export modpack..." option now. It let's you adjust the modpack before exporting, like choosing whether the mods should be saved as dependencies, recommendations and so on... In the end the list will be exported as .ckan file like before, which you can import again afterwards.
  7. The second one. "Recycled Parts" contains all of the others. If you want to have all parts, install the "Recycled Parts" module, if you only want some of them, select them individually. CKAN will report an error if you try to install one of the individual modules together with the big "Recycled Parts" module.
  8. is compatible with KSP 1.8.1 in CKAN, that sounds just right? And NSSC seems to pull in everything that's needed: ModuleManager, Interstellar Fuel Switch, KIS, Community Category Kit, and Simple Construction.
  9. Maybe you accidentally kept or copied the registry.json from your previous install, and CKAN hasn't been forced to refresh this way. If you want, you can go to the CKAN settings and either check "Update repositories on launch" so that CKAN always updates its registry on when you start it, or set a value for "Refresh modlist every [x] minutes", so CKAN automatically updates the registry every x minutes while it is open. This way you don't have to remember to do it yourself every now and then.
  10. Quick summary for the lazy: The bug has been found when the did some tests during the OFT, when Starliner was in orbit. They did a quick OTA (no wait, it's OverTheVacuum - OTV) software patch. It is said that it was a critical bug with potential catastrophic outcome for the mission:
  11. Can you try to refresh the modlist (click the big "Refresh" button), and check again? Maybe your registry just hasn't been updated in quite a while.
  12. The last core version indexed by CKAN is v1.4.1, and judging from the title of this forum thread and the GitHub Releases page, this also is the latest version available for the core. I don't think CKAN missed anything. But, the remote AVC version file could need some update (as well as this post), to reflect that v1.4.1 is compatible with KSP 1.8.1.
  13. Thanks for the report! This one is known, and a fix is already merged.
  14. I tested it today, and it worked, I think we can rule out a bug on the server side. It's probably a network problem, we can't do much about that. But maybe the solution with Nextcloud as @VITAS said works.