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  1. That's indeed a CKAN metadata issue. When I indexed PWP initially, there was no "PWP" subfolder. So I made CKAN to create the "PlanesWithPurposes" folder to adhere to the ContractConfigurator standard and avoid conflicts with other contract pack mods (since they should all go into a mod-specific subfolder under "GameData/ContractPacks", not "GameData/ContractPacks" directly. Now that the PlanesWithPurposes zip comes with a subfolder itself ("GameData/ContractPacks/PWP"), I can adjust the metadata to use that one, and the configs should work again. Please make sure to report problems
  2. CKAN also considers dependencies when determining if a mod is compatible with your current setup or not. That means if the dependency is incompatible, the mod isn't either. In this case FFT depends on B9 Part Switch, which hasn't been updated for or marked as compatible with KSP 1.11 yet. If you want to install it regardless, you can override the KSP versions CKAN considers as compatible like this.
  3. Hey @Tudor Aerospace, this mod is now indexed on CKAN. A few things I've noticed while indexing your mod: You are currently bundling a "MiniAVC.dll" in your releases. Since your mod doesn't have a AVC .version file, this isn't necessary and only adds more noise and increases loading times for KSP (although negligible). There's also a ".gitignore" file included, which doesn't need to be in the release zip either, The "README.txt" doesn't mention the "ContractConfigurator" dependency, only the forum thread does. You might also want to list the dependencies in the SpaceDock de
  4. As of now that's not possible, but this feature is currently being worked on: https://github.com/KSP-CKAN/CKAN/pull/3220
  5. If CKAN reports Kopernicus as autodetected, then there is a Kopernicus.dll somewhere inside your GameData folder, likely in a subfolder. You could use the file explorer search to find it. When you removed it, you need to hit "Refresh" once for CKAN to rescan the GameData folder. I'm wondering how this could have happened though. Did you manipulate your GameData folder in some way after you installed or uninstalled Kopernicus BE through CKAN? E.g. did you move or rename the Kopernicus folder?
  6. This was because RTB's server, which hosts the custom repository for Kopernicus Bleeding Edge, was unreachable for several hours today. It seems to be fixed now. Since this happens every now and then: the next time you can just remove the repository from the settings while it's down. Then you can still use CKAN normally for all other mods, just not update Kopernicus BE in case an update gets released while the server is down.
  7. There's an open feature request for that here: https://github.com/KSP-CKAN/CKAN/issues/2955 It's currently not possible, for now you have to live with the warning, or downgrade the mods again.
  8. Hey @Profiremu23, it looks like your release zips are, well, not actually ZIPs, but RARs with incorrect file endings. $ file *.zip Rescale.10.0x.zip: RAR archive data, v5 Rescale.10.618x.zip: RAR archive data, v5 Rescale.2.0x.zip: RAR archive data, v5 Rescale.2.5x.zip: RAR archive data, v5 Rescale.3.5x.zip: RAR archive data, v5 Rescale.5.4x.zip: RAR archive data, v5 Rescale.7.6x.zip: RAR archive data, v5 So the file ending should actually be `,rar` instead of `.zip`. RAR is a proprietary format not as widely supported, that's why there are a bunch of people in this thre
  9. What wrong places do you mean? CKAN only downloads the mods from the official sources, where mod authors uploaded them to. These are pretty much always SpaceDock or GitHub. The only exception is when a mod or mod version got deleted from its original source, then CKAN tries to fall back to archive.org. Please give us a list of mods you think we pull from "wrong places", so we can take a look. For which mods does CKAN pull an outdated version? Indexing is automated, so new mod releases should be indexed within 30 minutes. Same as above, if you know mods where CKAN lacks behind, please repo
  10. Wait, now after reading your recent comments here and in the Astrogator thread, it sounds like you haven't used CKAN before, and you didn't install your current mods through CKAN? In this case you won't actually be able to export them as modpack. CKAN can only export mods you installed with it, your first comment sounded like you did. Your best bet is probably just installing the mods fresh on the new instance, going by the folders in GameData of your old instance. To answer your question, no, KSP doesn't have to be running for CKAN, actually it shouldn't run while installing mods
  11. Not even that, any disk works. However since your KSP installation is not in the default location, CKAN probably won't be able to detect it automatically, so you'll have to add it yourself. You can put ckan.exe inside your KSP directory, then it will detect it automatically again, but it's not required.
  12. Please ask CKAN questions on the CKAN thread. Only there we can guarantee that someone of the team actually reads them. That aside, yes, stock textures should work now. Select Parallax, then select "Parallax - Stock Planet Textures". You might have to hit "Refresh" once to get the latest metadata. A necessary update to Beyond Home's metadata is still pending. Edit: Beyond Home is now also updated.
  13. We are working on this. The metadata needs some updates to install the textures too. Unfortunately the textures are too big to fit on our CI's disk right now. Also please keep in mind to report CKAN problems on CKAN's forum thread, don't bother mod authors with it.
  14. Yeah, the first one. CKAN has an option to export your currently installed mods as modpack. It lets you save a .ckan file, which CKAN can install mods from again later. To export, use "File > Export modpack...", and to import, once you've set up your new instance use "File > Install from .ckan...". You should export the mods as recommendations (select all, click on "Recommends"), so the installation won't fail on the new instance if one or more mods aren't compatible anymore. Yeah, unfortunately this is how it is with KSP mods. At least CKAN makes it a bit easier to check whe
  15. If you want to do it like that, you could export your installed mod list first, and then reinstall all mods on the new instance. Make sure "Save mod versions" is not selected when you export it, then CKAN will install the newest compatible versions on the new instance. The other, common way is to to upgrade KSP via Steam. After a restart, CKAN will automatically detect when the KSP version changed, and ask you to confirm your selection of compatible KSP version. Afterwards you can upgrade to the newest available mod versions as usual.
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