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  1. I'm not sure how I should understand this question. I don't think I could motivate anybody outside the CKAN core team to work on this feature. It is a huge effort, and requires deep knowledge of CKAN's relationship resolver. Anyone not already familiar with it would likely have to spend a lot of time figuring out how it works, before they could get to work. And no, this is not because the code is written badly or anything, it's just complex in its nature (I don't know any other package manager that has such an exhaustive resolver, and I've seen quite a lot, being a full-time Linux user).
  2. This is simply not true. Fullstop. We are implementing new features all the time in CKAN. And yes, we even discussed and thought about conditional dependencies again after our recent discussion with you. We might implement them at some point. But the relationship resolver is huge and complex, something like this can't be done from one day to another, it takes a lot of work. And somebody needs enough time and motivation to do it. YOU as a mod author should really know this. Nobody every said that we won't implement this feature in CKAN, did we? Instead, we all agreed on adding the KSP-Recal
  3. Hey @BobTheKerbal, a small request: Could you give your releases more uniform version numbers? They are currently all over the place, some of them having a "V" prefix, some not, some just being a random sentence, some having a random word suffix: "1.0" "OH_MY_GOD_IM_SO_SORRY" "V1.1" "1.1_-_Minor_Fix" It tends to confuse users who try to figure out what the latest version is and whether they need to update what they have installed. Furthermore, CKAN tries to sort mod releases by their version number in a natural sort order. When you get rid of the "V" prefix
  4. Unfortunately not. For one, one netkan file per KSP release would be a maintenance nightmare. And replaced-by would break as soon as a user adds more KSP versions to the list of compatible ones, because... It doesn't work as you expect. "ksp_version_strict" never really worked at all, it was an unfinished feature not thought through. You'd think it changes the compatibility checks to ignore user selection, but the only KSP versions it does something is with is KSP 1.0.3 and 1.0.4. To make sure I understood the new problem: The issue is that users are confused why CKAN installs
  5. You can either open an issue in our NetKAN repo to let us know, and we'll take care of it: https://github.com/KSP-CKAN/NetKAN/issues Or you create a pull request yourself to edit the .netkan file, which takes some work from us, but it's not required. Or you let us know via a forum post on this thread, just like you did now Anyway, thanks for letting us know, already on it! Edit: Done! What is "everything else"? There are two possible reasons for CKAN unsinstalling other mods along the one you want to remove: 1) The other mod depends on the one you want to remove; wit
  6. It is mostly a tool for us CKAN devs and mod authors, and especially for our CI infrastructure. We can use fake instances to test complex relationships, check if mods install successfully, and test features of the client in general without needing several full throw-away game installations (which can become heavy on disk space). Our CI uses it as well to test any metadata changes we want to do before merging them, to make sure we didn't break anything major.
  7. @GregroxMun why do you keep deleting old mod releases from SpaceDock? This creates problems for CKAN users on older KSP versions, since CKAN tries to download the mod release matching their KSP version. Their downloads are failing with 404s. Same applies to manually installing users, they won't be able to find older releases for older KSP versions.
  8. It does, there's "PlanetShine - Default configuration". Like PlanetShine itself it is only marked as compatible with KSP up to 1.10, but if you can install the core PlanetShine, you should be able to install the default configs as well. Otherwise, try selecting KSP 1.10 as compatible.
  9. Hey @Lisias! So recently I've been made aware that TweakScale needs KSP-Recall on KSP 1.9 and 1.11. However this is currently not reflected in the CKAN metadata. The problem is that we can't make dependencies KSP version specific. The simplest solution would be to just add it as dependency for all KSP versions. Would this create any problems for users on KSP 1.4.4-1.8 + 1.10?
  10. The official installation guide is very newbie friendly if you follow it very closely step by step. It also explains everything you need to do in CKAN. https://github.com/KSP-RO/RP-0/wiki/RO-&-RP-1-Installation-for-1.10.1
  11. This means that CKAN can't reach GitHub to download the current mod repository. This is often caused by bad anti-virus software or firewalls going crazy. Check if you have something of that sort activated, and try again after disabling it. Also check if you can reach https://github.com/ and https://github.com/KSP-CKAN/CKAN-meta/archive/master.tar.gz in your browser and whether the second one successfully downloads a file.
  12. @OhioBob can you please take a look at and preferably merge https://github.com/Galileo88/Galileos-Planet-Pack/pull/69 ? Thanks!
  13. Can you try the debug build of ckan.exe I linked here? If we're lucky it fixes the problem. CKAN already gives each mod release a minimum and maximum KSP version. The minimum version of the mod just doesn't have a column in the modlist, because it usually isn't important for most users, they only want to know whether the mod has already been updated for the newest KSP release. But you can still see the minimum version of each mod release in the "Versions" tab on the right. And CKAN always makes sure that it installs a release that is compatible with your current KSP, if needed it choos
  14. It can happen that the game doesn't close fully, and you can't see the window anymore but a process is still running in the background. Try logging out and back in again, or restarting the PC. If you did that and CKAN can still not remove the DLLs, then there might be antivirus software interfering with it, that also happens every now and then. In this case, try disabling it and uninstall the mods again, if it works you know the culprit. If it still doesn't work, we need to investigate further, but then we need all the information we can get to figure out why it happens for you but not ot
  15. This error usually indicates that KSP is still running. Windows locks files (especially DLLs) while they're used by a running process, so CKAN can't remove them. Make sure you you always close KSP before doing any mod changes with CKAN (or even manually). Even if it doesn't throw an error it could leave your game in an unstable state.
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