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  1. We received the SpaceDock PR in October. It is currently blocked due to MoarKerbals, yes. There needs to be a stable release (on GitHub or SpaceDock) before we can index it.
  2. No you aren't. You are very much insulting the author with your word choice. And even that aside... This is absolutely useless. The mod author can't extract anything actionable from this – what is "better"? You should propose specific items instead: give part X (red, green, blue) stripes because..., add detail Y to part Z because..., move button B below button C in window to make it... Explain what exactly you don't like and why you don't like it, and how you would do it instead and why you would do it like that. Do not just tell someone their work is ugly. It's not nice.
  3. It looks like you missed HebaruSan's comment on this: There's no reason to spread awareness about a hacky workaround when a proper fix is about to be implemented.
  4. Is it possible that you had KSP still running this time? This error is common when the game is still running and locking the DLLs, which prevents CKAN from deleting them.
  5. Update arrived, thanks a lot! It's possible that you did it for https://taniwha.org/~bill/EL.version, which is where CKAN apparently points to to get all the basic metadata like version number and download URL. I didn't check that one earlier, but at least now it has the updated compat range as well. But then the version file included in the zip has https://taniwha.org/~bill/ExtraplanetaryLaunchpads.version set as "URL" property, which is what CKAN takes to look for updated compatibility data. We could switch CKAN to point to the second one right away, so you only have to maintain a single file. Would this be helpful for you?
  6. If it helps, for CKAN you don't have to create a new release, it would suffice if you update the compatibility data in the remote version file at https://taniwha.org/~bill/ExtraplanetaryLaunchpads.version CKAN would pick that up and update the compatibility data of the existing release.
  7. The remote version file link is "https://ksp.spacetux.net/avc/VesselNotes.version", so HTTPS not HTTP, which means port 443. Maybe that is the problem? Until just now other remote version files were fine, however a few minutes ago they all started to return 404.
  8. @linuxgurugamer FYI, the remote version file is timing out: ksp.spacetux.net/avc/VesselNotes.version
  9. @linuxgurugamer is this intentional? Also it appears you haven't added the dependencies to the netkan:
  10. TURD isn't on CKAN. @TT213, what you installed is probably "Textures Unlimited". This is not the same as TURD, and explains why it "didn't work" for you. You need to install it manually, see the download links in the first post. @Manwith Noname no worries, we won't index any of your mods without your consent, we would ask you before indexing it. But right now it wouldn't actually be possible, because CKAN doesn't support Google Drive download links (or better: Google blocks software that is not a browser controlled by a human from downloading).
  11. And if with "purging" you mean that you applied the "Hidden" label to it, you can undo that by filtering by this label and then removing it from the mod via the context menu again.
  12. Friendly reminder, someone just pointed the outdated version file out to me again, maybe you could take a look when you have some free time. Thanks!
  13. Hey @Lisias, can you double-check the zip uploaded to SpaceDock for this release? I think you uploaded the one with the CurseForge layout (GameData contents directly at root of zip), instead of the other one (GameData contents inside GameData folder, also containing Extras and INSTALL.md) as for previous releases.
  14. Thanks for the confirmation! If you dropped the date part from your mod versions that would definitely be very convenient for us and reduce the maintenance effort. However, CKAN aims to handle whatever mod authors throw at it, so please don't feel pressured to do it, especially if it serves a good purpose for you.
  15. Hey, small question: the release has the number "2.13.202109.2" on SpaceDock. This format is different than previous versions like "2.12.20210823" or "", with the day-of-month digit being split from the year+month part with a dot. Is this a mistyped "0", i.e. should the version have been "2.13.20210902" instead? Or is this intended and just a new format for future version strings? Asking because for CKAN we are stripping the date part from the version string to make it work with the version sorting logic, and the new release breaks the existing regex, so we may need to adjust it if it is not a typo.
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