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  1. Perfect! Thanks! Now that that's sorted out... Sure, more documentation is always good!
  2. Whoops, my report might have been unclear. @Aazard didn't want the entire thread moved to Add-on Development, just the exchange with me about CKAN and AVC/the version file, and if possible, append those comments to the already existing thread for HumanStuff in Add-on Dev:
  3. If a user has AVC (or MiniAVC) installed, it'll check all mods that contain a .version file whether they are compatible with the used KSP version. TextureReplacer also ships one, so it is checked too. If a mod is incompatible according to the version file (and the remote version file if specified with the URL property), (Mini)AVC prints a warning. AVC can't check whether a mod's dependencies are installed. However, CKAN does that, it makes sure that both ModuleManager and TextureReplacer get installed alongside HumanStuff, if a user installs HumanStuff via CKAN.
  4. Sure, if you want you can change the KSP_VERSION_MIN. I've just entered what I knew from this thread. Makes sense that the suits don't break often. What do you mean with cross checking?
  5. Either will work. The first one, "1.10" includes all patches falling in the 1.10 range, so it's like "1.10.X". The advantage of this one is, that in case we get to see a KSP 1.10.2 or 1.10.3... ,they'll automatically be included. The disadvantage is, that this new version in theory could break your mod while the version file would still claim it's compatible, however it's very unlikely nowadays. The second one hard sets KSP 1.10.1 as upper limit, so in case there's a KSP 1.10.2 you'd have to update the (remote) version file. I personally prefer the first method, but it's up to you which one you choose. Edit: God dammit I hate that buggy forum text formation.
  6. Don't apologize for not knowing everything as long as you are open to learn new stuff - which you definitely are. You are doing great! Exactly, next step would be releasing a new version on SpaceDock containing HumanStuff.version inside the zip. You can do one on GitHub too, if you want to keep them synced, but at least for CKAN it's not needed. It doesn't matter for CKAN whether you set the version to 1.8.1 or 1.10.1 on SpaceDock, since it extends the compatibility range with the data from the version file either way. However, mod authors usually set the highest compatible KSP version on SpaceDock, since that's what most users use, and to signal them that the mod is updated and works. So in this case, you'd choose 1.10.1. You can write the minimum KSP version (1.8.1 or 1.8.0 in this case) in the changelog and/or the description, so RSS/RO players know that they can also use that release without problems. After you've uploaded this release, the CKAN team needs to add something called the "vref" to the metadata, so that our bot knows that it should look at the version file to get the compatibility info. We only need to do that once, so no worries for future releases. And that's it, after that you only need one release to support a whole range of KSP versions (well, as long as KSP itself doesn't break the mods between its versions...)!
  7. Well, I've decided to take the work off your hands did a PR to include such a .version file in your repository: https://github.com/aazard/HumanStuff/pull/1
  8. Given that they are identical, you could add a so-called version file as defined by AddonVersionChecker (AVC) to the zip, specifying 1.8 as KSP_VERSION_MIN and 1.10 as KSP_VERSION_MAX. CKAN can read this file and gather its compatibility information from it, allowing RO players to install this mod on 1.8.1. This is the usual and preferred way to specify multiple compatible KSP versions, and it's probably also easier to maintain (both for you and for the CKAN team). There's some more (although partially outdated) information about .version files with an example here, or if you prefer a more technical definition, here's the schema. Feel free to ask me or @HebaruSan if you need help setting up a .version file.
  9. Appreciate the advice. Can't make any promises, since none of the CKAN team are lawyers or have otherwise the time to carefully check the legal meaning of every word they type, and I for one am not even a native English speaker. That should be it, then?
  10. That's why we don't claim someone has exerted additional restriction, but someone expressed their displeasure ("They don't want this mod indexed by CKAN"). This is perfectly fine with whatever license you can come up with. Happy?
  11. Thanks for the report. We are aware of the bug and are in the process of fixing it: https://github.com/KSP-SpaceDock/SpaceDock/pull/311 In the meantime, make sure that if you upload PNG images that they have no alpha channel, or upload them as JPEG which doesn't support alpha channels. Then your banner / thumbnail should be generated fine and not get deleted.
  12. As y'all probably already discovered it's working again, Sorry for the interruption.
  13. We're aware of the issue, affects all mods. Working on it. Update: @VITAS is rebooting the server now, so the site is entirely unreachable for the next 30m - 1h. Please stand by.
  14. Heyho @blackrack, did you use a different software to create the zip file for this release than you did in the past? The NetKAN bot gets the following error trying to open the file to index it:
  15. As @Brigadier said, make sure you have selected the correct KSP instance in CKAN. Although if you have put ckan.exe into the KSP directory, it should automatically detect and use this one. Did you also tell CKAN to actually install these mods? You have to check the checkbox on the left for the mods you want to install, the click Apply on the top and follow the installation steps. I'd recommend you to read this guide which explains some basics on how to use CKAN: https://github.com/KSP-CKAN/CKAN/wiki/User-guide#using-the-client