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  1. Sigma Dimensions has been frozen and restricted to these old versions a very long time ago, by request of the mod author. Its compatibility is set accordingly, so CKAN shouldn't actually pull these versions in. It doesn't allow you to install them at all, unless you have overridden the compatible game versions (please do not set them this broadly! Mods from such old versions *will* be broken!), or force-install it and dismissing the warning pop-up (which is there for exactly this reason). If you want this mod, you need to install it manually.
  2. I happened to look into Flatpaks myself recently, so I might look into it. But I won't give any promises, especially because I found the documentation for the maintainer side severely lacking. I also couldn't find a place where all the existing library packages are listed (like Mono), 'flatpak search' is missing many runtimes/runtime extensions/libraries, and https://flathub.org/ only shows end-user GUI applications
  3. Yes, follow https://github.com/KSP-CKAN/CKAN/wiki/User-guide#adding-game-folders to add your game instance. CKAN tries to autodetect your game instance, primarily from the default Steam install location. If the game is located somewhere else it doesn't find it automatically and you have to add it manually to the list.
  4. Hey @mark7, our NetKAN bot notified us that in the zip for release V1.4 on SpaceDock the mod folder is named "Icecovery's Chinese Spacecraft Pack v1.4", instead of "ICSP" as in previous releases. I believe this was in accident, as the config files still reference the "ICSP" folder. Can you confirm this?
  5. Please try again now, it should work again. The web server disk filled up due to a rogue log file in the wrong location.
  6. yes... Why did it try to install Tweakscale? I already had TS, but *.12 not *.13. I tried CKAN update and I have the latest CKAN version. Restarted CKAN, same thing. Ah, looks like a problem with our "metadata changed -> reinstall" logic. Basically the file in question, "999_Scale_Redist.dll" has been moved from TweakScale to a new TweakScale-Redist module. In practice there is no file conflict, however during the reinstall it apparently can happen that it first prompts you to reinstall the dependent mod which pulls in TweakScale-Redist, and only later would prompt you for TweakScale. We should probably aggregate all mods with changed metadata and prompt the user to reinstall either all or nothing. To work around this, click no when it asks you to reinstall during the repository refresh, then reinstall TweakScale through the modlist first first (using right click > Reinstall), and then FAR Continued. No you cannot blame authors for CKAN problems, never do that. Please don't ping them for CKAN problems in general.
  7. Please scroll up four comments. Yes, you can manually install mods side-by-side with CKAN-managed mods. However one should exercise caution, as it is very easy to break your installation this way.
  8. Yup, that should be correct. One could even combine -c and -b in order to store new or updated cookies being returned while reading existing ones, but that's not necessary for SpaceDock.
  9. No, but you can take a look through the CHANGELOG files of ATS and see if you find something that sounds like it could cause your problem: https://github.com/apache/trafficserver/blob/8.1.x/CHANGELOG-8.0.6 https://github.com/apache/trafficserver/blob/8.1.x/CHANGELOG-8.1.0 https://github.com/apache/trafficserver/blob/8.1.x/CHANGELOG-8.1.1
  10. No. this is not possible. We cannot run two versions of the reverse proxy at the same time.
  11. Yes we do, but preferably they are written in a friendly tone. "at least" and "My eyes hurt" doesn't sound as nice as you might think it does. Colour customization/dark mode is already supported, see our wiki. For fonts it should be the same deal, this is entirely handled by the OS. So configure your system to use whatever fonts you like ans it should also apply to CKAN.
  12. I'll have to play the guessing game since you didn't give us any information. But I assume you see some sort of error message when starting CKAN or doing something in it. We've had many similar reports in the past from people in China, it appears GitHub is (partially) blocked there. There's nothing we can do against that, I'm sorry. You'll have to try to circumvent the censorship yourself.
  13. That sounds like the symptom @Krazy1 described. So my guess is the network connectivity with the VPN is (partially) broken. Note that CKAN doesn't do any special handling for VPNs. It simply instructs .NET Framework's HTTP client to download the file.
  14. I think it's the curl command. "-c" only *writes* the cookies to the file, use "-b" to read from a cookie file. Somehow the 403 is converted into a 502 while the request is passed through the proxies, maybe because the body isn't fully read before the response is sent. SpaceDock doesn't do any user agent checks, and there aren't any external CDNs in front, so that's not a problem.
  15. Thanks for letting us know. I can reproduce it, but have no clue why this happens yet...
  16. The server itself is fine, uploads (of 50 MiB files) and downloads work fine for me in a nearby location. I can even reach the usual 480 Mbit/s when downloading with a well-connected server. Assuming it's not another browser-related bug (I'm using Firefox and it works perfectly), it's most likely issues with the path through the internet between you and SpaceDock. But we can't really do anything against that. You could try downloading a test file from this page, which is served from the same datacenter as SpaceDock: http://fsn.icmp.hetzner.com/ If it is similarly slow, then we know for sure it's no SD's server, if it's a lot faster, we know we need to dig deeper.
  17. It might have problems downloading the build map and timing out or something. Can you download the file with a browser (when your internet is connected of course)?
  18. Upcoming Downtime for Webserver Updates Starting: 2022-02-20 16:00 UTC ... SpaceDock will be unavailable for a little while to upgrade the reverse proxy. This is an attempt to resolve the ERR_HTTP2_PROTOCOL_ERROR errors that an increasing number of Chrome users see. If you're interested in technical details, please see this Chome bugtracker issue and our Discord channel. In the meantime, if you're hit by this problem, please restart Chrome (maybe twice or thrice) to work around it. (@SkyFall2489 @Lucky21) --- Edit: Done! Upgrade happened, Chrome users should no longer experience any issues with the above error message. If you do, please tell us.
  19. Just to make sure, did you also run "update-ca-certificates" after editing "/etc/ca-certificates.conf"? It's surprising that it doesn't fix it for you, as it definitely did for me and a lot of other people (on Ubuntu 21.10). There must be something different with your system that makes this bug stick around. But from distance it's hard to say what, of course.
  20. Since you didn't mention what steps you actually tried already: did you follow this and this?
  21. We received the SpaceDock PR in October. It is currently blocked due to MoarKerbals, yes. There needs to be a stable release (on GitHub or SpaceDock) before we can index it.
  22. No you aren't. You are very much insulting the author with your word choice. And even that aside... This is absolutely useless. The mod author can't extract anything actionable from this – what is "better"? You should propose specific items instead: give part X (red, green, blue) stripes because..., add detail Y to part Z because..., move button B below button C in window to make it... Explain what exactly you don't like and why you don't like it, and how you would do it instead and why you would do it like that. Do not just tell someone their work is ugly. It's not nice.
  23. It looks like you missed HebaruSan's comment on this: There's no reason to spread awareness about a hacky workaround when a proper fix is about to be implemented.
  24. Is it possible that you had KSP still running this time? This error is common when the game is still running and locking the DLLs, which prevents CKAN from deleting them.
  25. Update arrived, thanks a lot! It's possible that you did it for https://taniwha.org/~bill/EL.version, which is where CKAN apparently points to to get all the basic metadata like version number and download URL. I didn't check that one earlier, but at least now it has the updated compat range as well. But then the version file included in the zip has https://taniwha.org/~bill/ExtraplanetaryLaunchpads.version set as "URL" property, which is what CKAN takes to look for updated compatibility data. We could switch CKAN to point to the second one right away, so you only have to maintain a single file. Would this be helpful for you?
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