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  1. Someone with a script for FASA's Saturn V? I'm having trouble launching it and configuring MechJeb is also kind of complex, if anyone does I would be very grateful to share it.
  2. How can I configure this mod for RSS, I tried to use the SMURFF mod but it remains the same, regardless of the scale that is out of the real.
  3. I tried to use this mod but all the quantities of fuel remain the same in the tantares rockets, not to mention that another problem would be the scales of the mod, I would try to put a mix between the soviet space crafts mod to make the N1-L3, the Soviet Spacecrafts are on the real scale the pieces would not fit correctly.
  4. Does anyone know how to change the Tantares LV to RSS mod? I would like to make a rocket mixed between the Tantare LV mod to get the N1 and the Soviet Spacecrafts mod, the reason is that the Soviet Rockets mod demands a lot from my pc, even my friend with an average pc still has problems with lag when it will launch this rocket, using the N1 from Tantares I believe it would be lighter because the model is not as detailed and realistic, does anyone know how to configure the mod for RSS?
  5. I installed the mod in version 1.9 with the rescale mod but the tanks see on the scale for stock, how do I have the RSS configuration?
  6. I would like to know if any modpack that makes the game more difficult as if it were an RP-1 but in the stock planet system, I played the career mode without mods for a long time but I don't know, the game always remains the same in terms of difficulty I would like mods that leave the game in career mode but without changing the planets like RSS / RP-1.
  7. Can I run this if 4GB of ram, my gamer pc just broken, i need to use my old pc .
  8. How i can setup the ascent guidance to orbit on RSS.
  9. It's possible to config the Tantares fuel tanks to rss ?
  10. I cannot make a precision landing at Armstrong because the ship that is already landing starts to enter inside the moon, it crosses the surface.
  11. I'm having problems in version 1.4.4, I install everything as requested and in the end the only parts that appear are the launch tower and the rover, does anyone know how to solve it?
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