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  1. KSP on consol have au some bug with robotic parts, orbital bug, sas bug and if not have robotic parts, DeltaV bug... When a MAJ for fix that bug... 7 weeks i don't play on KSP because a bug, major bug !
  2. When a MAJ for solve orbital bug with robotic parts in orbit ? KSP on console aren't fonctionnal !
  3. Is a video better than a long speech? Orbital Mun problem with robotic parts : SAS problem with robotic parts in space and bug orbital on Kerbine : I don't play on KSP before last MAJ .... It's very frustrating. I buy "Breaking Ground parts" and KSP not fonctionnal !
  4. When a MAJ for KSP on PS4, for reduct a orbital bug whit robotic parts ? I buy a KSP add and the game aren't playable !
  5. Atmospherics bug on console PS4, All Kerbol system not in vacum, 2 line atmospheric and drague atmospheric effect on 80 km of altitude...
  6. All axes reverse in docking mode ? I've you see on Xbox a atmospheric bug in space ?
  7. I found that by releasing the AE-FF1 Airstream Protective Shell over 70,000m, my payload was swerving brutally, as if there was wind in the space. Normally, the atmospheric pressure is at the level of the vacuum at this altitude in the game. But, the gauge of pressure, indicates to him two lines. My orbit was unstable at 90 km as if my ship was struggling against a pressure force. I told myself, the update to change a few things, the altitude of the atmosphere is higher now. I'm going to see so in Traking station, altitude are not change, 70 000 m... Ok, i see a satellite arround Mun, atmospheric pressure two lines, in orbite Kerbol idem... I see other video of KSP on console and i see a same bug two lines indicator. Please test why your KSP on console on PS4 and XBox and solve this problem, because, KSP in the current state of affairs is not consistent for use. I release and réinstall KSP on my console, trash all my save and not solve this problem. I see a "memory access" problem in VAB, autosave not fonctionnal why robotics parts and texture problem for FL-T400 Fuel Tank in science mod (note sand box, i don't know for carrer). I'm not happy to have to pay extra for robotics parts and see that the update worsens the use of KSP. Please fix the minor and major problem. ********Sorry for my English*******
  8. Hi ; I same problem on PS4 after installing update 5.5 PS4 system. KSP freezing when auto-saving.... and auto-saving is a frequent event, lauching craft = autosaving= freezing 3 minutes, craft go to orbital autosaving= freezing 3 minutes, docking autosaving= freezing 3 minutes, navigating autosaving= freezing 3 minutes, boring on game autosaving= freezing 3 minutes, landing on mun autosaving= freezing 3 minutes. It's very frustrating for a player.... It's impossible to diseable auto-saving... Other, setting not saving, open KSP setting "d'usine" not saving for once and for all. It's very difficulte to save a setting on file and loading setting when loading a game. (ironic observation, i'am french, the ironic people of the earth).