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  1. that was i thought, but the real one will have this configuration as seen in the latest presentation
  2. How say covid kill productivity? Covid transfer productivity elsewhere. All the model here and the above post since monday, where made this week. I expect to release Space Rider this week end if my manage to make the landing gear work.
  3. Full day of work, texturing need a little more work but i'm proud of my upgraded Vulcain Model:
  4. Do you have autostrut enable or strut on the part? If not try enable it in VAB context menu, if you do not have the option enable Advanced Tweakable in settings. The decoupler act the same as stock one, if you do not have strut it will shake in all direction. If this don't work, post a picture and the log so i can try to reproduce the event.
  5. Some Picture of Space Rider: I get some "feedback" for my "plain" texture, so i try to polish the heat shield according to some ArianeGroup render I'm still ensure of the landing gear, i don't know if i use wheel or patin and if i make door inside or separate part outside like stock, it will depend of free time or motivation. I make a little experiment based of a design i use to work during school: The real Space Rider can carry nano-sat into separate bay, but i don't think i will make it as KSP does not handle very well such sat into VAB A friend of mine tell me that Vinci engine was propose for the upper stage of SLS, if i have time i will make a compact version of vinci with a extendable nozzle for use into the respective mod that give SLS or for making the Ariane 5 Midlife-Evolution concept. @ScribStar provide me a very very detailled Vulcain engine model, who is licensed, so i will use it as guideline for improve the model i use, i plan to at least add the side gaz exaust, the ariane 6 model i use don't have it, but photo of the actual Vulcain have it so i will update the model at a later date
  6. Nope, simpler is better: https://i.imgur.com/wgfVOyO.gifv
  7. Thanks for feedback, and yes the dual launch is fun to use ( it was very hard to make collision without making the inside sat go kraken). I plan to increse the payload option for both vega and ariane after i finish space rider ( who drive me nuts for payload door animation). That's the problem with real rocket to kerbin, i use same size tank for fuel capacity and a lot lower value for engine performance. I don't compare this mod to experimented mod maker and mod who where improved for litteral years. I don't know how to do texture, both myself and @scribstar use procedural and a little bit of AI generated texture for the mod.
  8. It's at the end of the roadmap there is a picture in one of the above post, although it's will not come soon as I don't know yet how to make animation
  9. New Update: Add Ariane 62 Add Ariane 64 Add P120C Booster version ariane Add Vinci Engine Add Vulcain 2.1 Engine Add Payload Adapter Add Dual Payload Adapter
  10. Complete Ariane 6, there is some config adjustement to do and Ariane 6 will be available to launch
  11. New release: Add Zephiro-40 Booster Add P120C version Vega Add New decoupler Add Vega C If there is any problem/bug or if you think there are balance issue, don't hesitate to share here. Spacedock: https://spacedock.info/mod/3138/European Space Agency Rocket Kit#info Github: https://github.com/AemerFactory/ESA_Rocket/releases/tag/0.2.0
  12. Near Complete Ariane 6, release pretty soon but it need serious balance, the current config of Ariane 6 give it 14000 of deltaV.
  13. I finally found the problems. 1: The model was black because blender incorrectly save the .png 3 quarter of the texture were not exported . Manually replace the png fixe the problem. 2: The attachment node didn't appear because i wrongly copy/adapt the vanilla side decoupleur configuration which have: attachRules = 0,1,0,1,0 changing to to attachRules = 1,1,0,1,0 fixe the problem. Thanks for the help!
  14. Here the UV map, i use PNG image: Colour attribute is the default when i choose diffuse shader. Colour attribute seem to be the new name of Vertex colour since 3.2 i think. It's the same for my other part and it work correctly. I try importing the .mu created back into blender and it show correctly with node and texture. I see nothing in the log that can explain this: Why is it always the last part that cause a problem.
  15. I need a little help, with the addons, i already create and import into KSP multiple part with the addons. However for some reason one of the part don't export/render propely, the part is black and have no node in the game: I already make a certain number part and i don't see what i did different for it to not working/export? propely. According to the log the part is loaded correctly and is not missing textures. I think i have tunnel vision. Thanks for the help.
  16. There is already a mod featuring Ariane 5: I prefer focus on newer ESA stuff, i will maybe make older stuff in the futur but i do not see the need to do know The launchpad are not planned, if me or @scribstar decide to do it, it will be in the far future. You can use this two mod to make close replica of the launchpad:
  17. @scribstar has been a great help for susie modeling, no promise for implementation as this is a very complexe model and need a lot of conversion for KSP:
  18. Ariane 6 is in good way, the booster and fairing are the only missing piece. I will probably use B9 switch part for 62/64 Variant. With the P120C booster nearly complete Vega C will follow shortly, and Star Rider will be next, i only need to learn about animation for the science payload bay. Github has been updated.
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