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  1. What is the status of the mod updating to 1.3?
  2. Is the mod compatible with 1.4.3?
  3. Is there the Zarya and Zvezda module in this pack?
  4. I have two questions for anyone who can help, 1) When I install the SSU, one of the dependencies to run it is "OrbiterSound 4.0". When I boot up OS 4.0 it says to select the folder "(Where the Orbiter.exe is located)" I have searched throughout the SSU file and have not found any "Orbiter.exe" file. Where is the "Orbiter.exe" file, and do I need it to use the SSU? 2) Does the SSU work on KSP 1.1.3 or 1.3? My 1.2.2 does not work for unknown reasons.