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  1. Generally yes. You want to use this with a planetary system similar to the base game. You would have to mod it for station and base core contacts to work with planet packs that have multiple suns. "Kerbin" should be the third planet from the sun. You also want a couple of planets between Kerbin and the first gas giant and you don't want gas giants to have a surface
  2. Too late for ble but here is the formula I use which is less explosive in reward growth if anyone wants it. Kerbucks = Round(Pow(2.0 * 0.00000000006674 * HomeWorld().Mass() / (HomeWorld().Radius() + HomeWorld().AtmosphereAltitude()), 0.5)/(20.0 - Min(19.9999, 0.00000000006674 * HomeWorld().Mass() / Pow(HomeWorld().Radius(), 2.0))) * 17.2616037 + 501.0,1000.0) Kerbucks2 = @/Kerbucks * 2 ... This calculates orbital velocity and then how long it would take to accelerate based on 20 m/s^2 minus the effect of gravity (yes it would actually change over time). I times it by an a appro
  3. I was writing some grand tour missions based on Tux's old mission pack. I was surprised that Destiny, Fate and Kerbol are defined as planets and that Kerbol's planets are defined as moons. Right now I determine if a body is a sun by checking if one of the first four children have a moon. Anyone have a good idea how to figure out more pragmatically if a planet is a gas giant since they have a surface in this pack?
  4. @linuxgurugamer Looks like if create a quicksave before recovering the craft the contract will complete. I included the metadata in my latest zip since not including it seemed to make a difference in the contact completing.
  5. @linuxgurugamer I included a quicksave in the bug report. Will that do? The save is a little messy because I added and removed mods until I was able to isolate it to this one. The craft in that file is meant to be cheated back to kerbin orbit after retrieving the mun rock. You can probably just quicksave before the vehicle recovery for a quicker test.
  6. Look like the current version ScienceAlert ReAlerted will cause the new DLC rover arm and rock pickup contracts to not complete.
  7. Hi am I correct in my understanding that RemoteTech does not work with the new DLC Experiment Control Station(centralStation)? It shows as not having a connection and I don't see the science transmitted going up. That is I assume NA means there is no connections.
  8. It is definitely possible. I know that I fidget with my trackball when I play. I don't think I clicked anything when it stuck on. I do see that KOS was throwing a lot of null errors in my log. I have reinstalled KOS and I will see if this could have been contributing to the problem. I have never deliberately used that button, and didn't know about the mouse over behavior. I always used the launchpad or runways. I will try to pay more attention and see if I am causing my own problems.
  9. I have the build list popping up when I am flying a spacecraft. This is the first time I actually saw it it pop. Usually it is already on the screen when I notice it. I was waiting for my Pe to get 20,000m on map view and it pop up right beside where I was watching.
  10. Looks interesting. @_Zee if you are going to move mk1pod_v2 shouldn't you also move mk1pod, which will be available in the advanced mode at start?
  11. Seems that that is likely the case. Reverting to RemoteTech v1.8.12 resulted in the RemoteTech contracts reappearing.
  12. @Brigadier I believe I have the same problem as @BadManiac. I created an issue report on the github page.
  13. Well first is that while I like driving rovers for a bit they are not generally useful in the game. Getting to explore an area when you only have a low-res scan makes it sort of useful. Second is that the SAR Sensor is at a higher level than the M700, both on the stock tech tree and the CTT. It makes it unlikely that I would have it on moderate career mode before you are about to deploy for interplanetary travel. Myself I will likely get it buy around day 250 on my current play through. I like to see the mission available a little earlier. If I didn't have SCANsat installed it would
  14. Well I may be the only one, but I would like to see the BaseRover mission changed so that, when the SCANsat mod is installed, a low-res scan is required rather than a hi-res one. Right now I change it myself every update.
  15. Beacon-1 mission finished early while I was still flying. PARAMETER { name = VesselDestroyed type = VesselDestroyed mustImpactTerrain = false title = Beacon-1 destroyed } Should mustImpactTerrain = false be true?
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