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  1. Yes, I have alot of delta V and the burn times are way longer then usual. Craft is exactly the same.
  2. Yeah checked it was randomly underground XD
  3. My burn times are randomly way to long for the stuff I use, First I could easily get in a 100km orbit around kerbin. The burn times are randomly like 90 seconds or so, but first this was like 30 seconds or less. I use the exact same ship. Does a mod change these burn times or something?
  4. So I was flying around and testing some planes and I tought why not fly to the old KSC easter egg for the second time, but as soon as I landed I noticed the launch tower and the antenna was gone. Did Squad removed this?
  5. Thank you! Thats actualy a reall big file XD I haven't experienced this issue with scatter before, I think this started happening with this issue at the same time. I will try your solution. EDIT: I deleted the BoulderCo folder and it's still spamming the console, it will only stop when I delete SVE
  6. Thank you, here is my output log (I uploaded it to mega)!coFQ2CBT!uOeEBdFzw339AAXWK1z9MHOiQAeom221btQyyvfzsmQ
  7. I have a little problem, when I install this it keeps spamming an error in the console (Exception: NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object) and my game lags really bad because of this. When I delete it, it's gone and is running smootly, but then I don't have those nice clouds and stuff
  8. The arrow is from the BetterTimeWarp mod, but I play on Science Sandbox so there is no CommNet in my settings. And I had remoteTech installed, and then deleted it because I didn't like it and then it was just gone.
  9. So, I was playing some KSP today and then I noticed that the bar where the comsat and the signal of the vessel was gone. I have made some screenshots here: Also, I have searched online for a screenshot of someone that has this bar (included in the link) Hope someone has a solution for this.