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  1. "Low EVA Fuel! Warning! Only 0 units of Monopropellant were available for EVA! Meaning you only have 0 units of EVA propellant." Then they've got 0.00/5.00 listed on the resource panel. I've got quite a few other mods. Would listing them help? Is there anywhere that a copy-able list already exists so I don't have to type out all their names? Edit: Uninstalling the mod allowed the kerbal to have the standard 5 fuel.
  2. It is 0.00. I got a warning that they had no fuel. Concerning changing the propellant type, I don't believe that I did, but I did bumble around checking out that menu for a bit and may have done something inadvertent - nothing intentional, though. Edit: Just in case, I've uninstalled and reinstalled the mod, and I'll go back to a save game before getting control of the kerbal.
  3. A kerbal that I'm rescuing has 0 EVA fuel to start. Is this a glitch or intended? Is there any way to revert this to normal without removing the other useful aspects of the mod? I guess I just don't see how it's possible to save them if they can't fly around a little.
  4. Well, I'm not yet good enough at the game to use Kerbal Construction Time, which means I'll also be temporarily uninstalling it and Krash until my next playthrough. I'm sorry that I won't be gathering information on it for a few months. When I've played more without KCT, I'll reinstall the more challenging mods and get feedback to you on this issue. Thanks for all you do, and sorry for bringing it up and then disappearing.
  5. Given that this mod has been around for several years, and continuously updated and improved, I'm assuming the author will fix its current issues and update it to the current version at some point, so I figured I'd make a request: Can you put a "close window" x in the corner of the soundtrack editor so that I don't have to find the app button on the app bar. I've got a lot of apps, and it's much harder to close them that way. Thanks for this one-of-a-kind mod.
  6. I was able to hide my other resources when empty or full, but I can't hide my ablator unless I just click it to "hidden". Is there some obvious thing I'm missing? Is Ablator NEARLY full (at 400/400)? I tried turning off staging and other options. It just doesn't seem to be hideable. Addition: Also, using spacebar to stage in the map makes a crazy sound if you have no more stages. It's not terrible cause it sounds like an error, but it doesn't do the same sound if you click the "activate stage" button.
  7. I turned it off, but I'll turn it back on and try to gather all the details the next time it happens. I couldn't find any log files (besides ksp.log or whatever that one is that they say isn't very useful). Let me know if there's anything in particular you're interested in and I'll be sure to get that info. The wireframe is super-duper cool, so I hope you're able to keep it in. Let me know if you need me to test anything in particular. I do have tons of mods (100+) so it might not be Krash that is entirely responsible.
  8. Okay, I figured out the cost display location. For anyone who wants to change the location of the cost, it can be altered in Kerbal Space Program\GameData\KRASH\PluginData\KRASHcustom.cfg Change the horizontalPos and verticalPos from 10 and 50 to something you prefer. I selected 50, 20. It's probably not perfect, but it doesn't cover up anything else, so I'm happy with it. Edit: Whoops... apparently this is in the config window... didn't see it there before. My bad.
  9. The "Simulation Active" message kept flashing on the screen even after the simulation ended. It even stayed when I went back to the main menu. Also, if the Launch Site Selector window isn't "cancelled" it will similarly stay open even when you leave the editor (even in the main menu). Edit: Alright, I can't reproduce the first one, but the launch site selector happens every time I leave without cancelling that window. Also, I can't get it to show me the cost during the simulation, despite having that option selected. Edit: N/M It's hidden behind a doodad connected to my clock. Is there any way I can make that cost always on top or to move it? Aaand... sorry for all this, but I've got another glitch - it keeps resetting my ships to earlier than the actual moment of launch. In one, I reduced the amount of fuel in a tank, and after the sim, the fuel was returned to max. Earlier, it reverted my staging to a previous setup. Edit: I got another glitch. I turned on wireframe (which is awesome, btw), but it's keeping the wireframes when I leave the simulation, i.e. the main base screen, with all the buildings. This persisted after loading a game.
  10. Hey, I came to report a bug but thought I should start by saying thanks to Linuxgurugamer. Keeping all these mods current is awesome of you, and much appreciated. So, the issue is that the "resize" buttons make images blurry, even if you resize up and then back down. The original button makes the image clear again, but if you click +10% and then -10% it gets blurry. The blur is pretty significant. I have an image that has pixelated text, and increasing its size causes the text to look smooth. It doesn't seem to be working as a zoom function, but more of an actual stretch function. If I can help by providing any additional information, let me know. Thanks again.