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  1. hello! I use rss ro, I launched the satellite into orbit with parameters of 160 km at perigee and 250 at apogee, accelerated it, a year passed but the craft did not fall, that is, the orbit parameters did not change significantly, although in reality it was supposed to fall within a month
  2. I'm trying to download craft ro rn vanguard 1,2,3 . A message appears , an error loading the device, the following details are missing : rn. vaungard. ss, rn. vaungard.fairing, rn.vaungard.fs
  3. spare parts from Atlas-Centaur are available in FASA.maybe someone has an assembled craft?
  4. is there a ready-made craft somewhere, (assembled Atlas-Centaur rocket, together with Surveyor)?
  5. does this mod support rss ro ? ,if not, how to redo the parts for rss ro, is there any instructions on this somewhere?
  6. a realchute doesn't work on parachutes ?what to do?Tell me please
  7. но точно так же есть Юнона, в реальной жизни она совершила гравитационный маневр у Земли, в КСП такой маневр действительно делают? или необходимо построить орбиту по прямой линии от Земли до Юпитера
  8. tried to repeat Juno's mission to Jupiter . but it is impossible to make a gravitational maneuver near the earth, thereby increasing the speed .how do expect to fly to Jupiter in terms of rss/ro , with the creation of Juno
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