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  1. Since snacks are a thing, we're going to be doing donuts on Minmus.
  2. I thought you were maybe one of my coworkers I've been pushing KSP on, for some reason. Well, considering it's Holland, we'll probably run into eachother soon enough. ;o)
  3. I'm using it in 143 and it seems fine. The "bugs" I was on about earlier are likely just because I'm doing it wrong.
  4. I think that forking awesome. If there's gonna be a '70 Challenger, I wanna download it and send that to the moon to survey. Hangt ervan af hoe dicht ik bij de uitlaat sta. ;o) Do we know eachother?
  5. I was afraid someone would say that. I was also afraid someone would say this. Because of this reason. I've managed to avoid cranes and the like up until this point, but I guess I'll have to go and study. Edit: If you're into irony at all. I just sent a wheeled base extension up and it took out a 1x6 solar panel of the first vessel in the landing.
  6. Now that you mention it, I know this. Or at least, I did know this up until the point I was trying to figure out a distance from a certain point. So, like, about an hour ago I knew that... Though misguided, I did guess the last one was the number that I needed to fiddle with. It seems though that MechJeb is the cause of the randomness here anyway, so accurate knowledge wouldn't have helped me in the first place. I'll try again next landing, as I've improvised onward for now.
  7. I need to learn about latitudes and longtitudes. More specifically, in relation to MechJeb. I understand the very bare bone basics of it: An amount of degrees by an a number of feet and inches on what I assume to be an X and Y axis. While more knowledge on this is welcome, that's something I could wiki during a lunchbreak. What I would like to know is what I adjust to make MechJeb land in close proximity to another vessel on the surface (of the Mün, in particular situation). The vessel that's already there is at 5º38'7" (S 10m) by 134º19'59" (W 10m). MechJeb seems to keep a safe distance and lands about 100m away from the vessel, which I appreciate, but this time I'm planning to connect the two vessels and aside from that I don't want a bunch of pods spread out all over the place. Suppose I want to land 10 feet to a side of the first vessel, what number would I change in the aforementioned coordinates? I thought it would be the foot-number, but with MechJeb's safety zone I can't be sure. Alternatively, how can I more accurately pinpoint a landing target? Right now my only options are Easy Vessel Switcher or MechJeb's own target picker, which means either settling for what EVS gives me, or eyeballing it from several kilometers up in Map View where a pixel's worth of shift is about 300 meters, if I'm lucky.
  8. Apparently it's possible to tell OS (Win10, in my case) to butt out, but when I googled for it I found it was more effort than getting off the couch and sitting at the table with a mouse. Ofcourse, that's as far as I'm concerned. I prefer to use my system instead of tinkering with it, so if it's not "click checkmark", it's too much hassle. Tagging @StrandedonEarth just in case.
  9. I wasn't gonna post, but then Space Oddity played during one of my many Space Station docking procedures and since I'm high on Mechjeb I had all the time to enjoy the show with the right soundtrack. Also, the station is supposed to build rockets so it's called Corellia. Nobody cares, you'd say, but I have to put it somewhere. I don't wanna be the only one that thinks that was an awesome idea.
  10. Am I right in assuming there are parts the Recycle Bin (Large in this case) won't eat?I've been trying to feed it batteries (100EC) and 1x6 Solar Panels and it's acting like a surly child. I've done the airplane noises and everything. I've also tried putting these parts into a container and directing that into the Bin, but everything on the front gets eaten and then it stops at the container. I've already read that there's a "secret way" to get the whole vessel into the Bin, and I've yet to discover it, but so far I've tried floating relatively small parts directly into it and so far no dice for some of them. Sometimes it eats, sometimes it doesn't. Problem solved. ------- Discovered another weird thing. I had already started the smelter on my half finished station and I went back to Kerbin to launch another craft with the workshop. So when I return to the space station, some time later, I'm dropping out of warp some 3km I see a faint lensflare and I hear the sound of explosions. Was kinda eerie. But then I see a whole bunch of markers drifting in several directions away from where my space station used to be. Fine, I see what's happened. We reload. Fast forward to my slightly cheated third arrival. Since I'm here sooner than last time I see what caused the explosion. Every part of the space station is verging on overheating. And I mean everything, even poor sweaty Arnard With The Magic Screwdriver. I noticed this when I sent her on EVA. The gauges over every part didn't seem to grow, but I stopped the smelter (that was now burning empty, as all the scrap metal had been smelted) and hovered around for a while. I think long enough for some of the deeper red gauges to fill up, but they didn't so now I'm blaming the smelter. While I could understand a large fire based device heating up a ship, I do want to check if this is normal, as the RMB info panel didn't mention the need for radiators. Which, on the third and final build, I didn't add because I think they're ugly. You know, looking good is more important than being safe. That was clearly not a bug. Did up a reworked station with the radiators added and I hung around to keep an eye on all the gauges and numbers and whatnot. The gauges do appear, but pretty much level out at 99.85%. Because I should have been in bed two hours ago, I decided to warp a bit (x10) to see if the gauges would go up any further. They didn't. In fact, they went down. Smelter efficiency went up by 2.something% and the radiators dropped at least down to 60%. Might this be a bug then? As far as I'm concerned, this is also just a notification, it's not exactly a terrible baby-kraken. I can work with faster processing for less heat. ;o)
  11. Sometimes I wonder how I manage to put my boots on all by myself. This I should have figured out myself. Thanks though.
  12. Bit of a daft question, I suspect, but I need to quit KSP before adding or updating mods, right? I've been doing so in the few occasions that I added mid-game, but I wouldn't mind skipping the loading process. Because of all the mods... That CKAN gets me...
  13. This thing pops up the minute I pick the first part, no matter what the part is. But to be honest, it doesn't matter where it's from so much as what it means. I'm guessing it's like the engine stats in the RMB window, but I wanna be sure before I base designs on it.
  14. I think it's about MechJeb, but I'm not posting it there because I'm not sure and I don't think it matters much for this question. In the VAB I have this label bit in the bottom left, which I think was put there by MechJeb, but I installed that at the same time as KerbEngineer, which I why I'm not sure, but I digress. Again. That label shows some stats, amongst which is the TWR, which I always use to eyeball my contraptions. Snark once taught me that you'll want at least 2 TWR, so I look for at least that, but behind my TWR of 2.00 is another number. I don't know the math (sorry, Snark), but it could be (4.21) or something. The actual numbers don't matter right now. Okay, so there is an actual question in all this: Those two numbers, do they indicate atmospheric TWR (Vacuum TWR)? Never mattered much to me before, but I'm now setting up a space station that might also have to travel a bit.