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  1. I have a contract to put a satellite into orbit above a specific point on Kerbin. I can get a keostationary orbit easily, but I can't figure out how (even to approach) ensuring I'm above a specific spot when I get keostationary. I have looked through the forum and the closest advice I've seen is to establish a circular orbit a bit higher than keostationary and burn retrograde a bit ahead of where you want to be. Even so, I can't figure out how to position the ship so I wind up in the right place after the burn. I don't use Mech Jeb (yet), I want to build skill and understanding in plain vanilla, then add mods. Nothing against mods, and I do understand how using them can help one understand as opposed to relying on them as a "crutch." So...what should I be thinking about? Although I'm not at all mathophobic, I feel like I should be able to "seat of the pants" this. ~~~~~EDIT~~~~ Just want to say thanks. Yes, make an orbit slightly smaller (if you want to catch up to the spot) or slightly bigger (if you want the spot to catch up to you), get into position, then adjust orbit. I did have to time warp 18 days (I made a few false starts and had to correct) but ultimately go it done.
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