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  1. Hey hey ! I just saw the 2.5m seaplane parts and they looks very cool. I hope you will add it !
  2. Personally, if I stirred the topic a little bit here it's for the rocket, not the shuttle. Energija is for me the best launcher; firstly because of the design wich looks pretty cool. The russians have alreaddy been able to anticipate the first things of the reuse with the boosters. Buran is, for me, over priced. Energija have a good story too with all the derivates and has a share oh inheritance with the Zenith launcher and the engines wich are used on actual spacecraft. Like "YourAgony" said, Energija is really powerful and buran is nothing without the rocket. Your add-on looks just awesome. I hope you will find the motivation for it ! (sorry if my english looks bad, i'm not really good at it :s )
  3. Take all the time you need ^^ . I just wanted to take some news about it because I only understand you will upload it and not fix bug x)
  4. Huh, that's sad :'( I hope someone will remake it proprely. Thanks !
  5. Hello there ! Any news about the last version ? :p