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  1. Rallyman03

    [WIP] Infernal Robotics - Next

    So as a continuation as of the last IR update my arms and IR parts all work. However if I go into 4x physics acceleration it causes the altimeter to say 00000 and the image to change to just the space skybox. The only way to fix this is to completely reload the game.
  2. Rallyman03

    Textures Unlimited Recolour Depot

    You have no idea how excited I am for the OPT Space Plane shaders. I build pretty much exclusively with those parts at this point.
  3. Any idea if this fix also works for DX12? I guess I could test it and report back.
  4. @JosefiKracaoski Do you have any OPT spaceplane parts? I was having this issue with the deployment bay. This might not be Kerbin-side related
  5. Here is a silly question for you. I absolutely love the textures used on OPT spaceplane parts. Is there a way to integrate those textures into procedural wings?
  6. Rallyman03

    [WIP] Infernal Robotics - Next

    So I'm having an interesting bug. Admittedly I'm new to infernal robotics but I'm attempting to use the rotatortrons for a vtol craft. Everything works great in the VAB/SPH. But as soon as I launch the vehicle I get a weird texture glitch where parts I'm looking straight at go transparent or use the sky texture. All infernal robotic parts do not work either. If I attempt to use them, my viewpoint launches into the sky and my altimeter shows 000000m, I then need to revert flight because I can't do anything else. If I do not attempt to activate an infernal robotics part, then I can continue the flight as normal. Any ideas? Let me know what you need to help. PS. I removed infernal robotics from my game data and the problem is gone. So I'm pretty certain it involves this mod.