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  1. Hi there. I just found your mod and it looks absolutely amazing! I'm on my first career playthrough since purchasing the game and am trying to keep as close to the stock science system as possible. However, I really like the mini goo and the mini materials bay. Is there any way to use those parts without changing my entire science progression system? Thanks.
  2. Any chance the robotic surface sample arm will be making a come back? Or could I use the one from the old IR branch?
  3. Thats great thanks. I will attempt a save file change myself thanks for the tip in the right direction.
  4. So I just got a contract to build a base on Duna and one of the requirements is to have the base on motorized wheels. I attached the foldable landing gear and tested on the runway. It seems the contract doesnt recognize these parts as wheels. Could it be something with the name not having wheel in it? Is this something I could change myself in the ctg file? Thanks.
  5. Is KJR the reason my frame have been so crap lately?
  6. Is there a reason that the ISRU does not allow radial attachment of radiators? The reactor allows it but not the ISRU? Or am I missing something? Thanks.
  7. Hi guys, First off thanks for any help you can provide. I am running KSP on both my laptop with a geforce 950m and i7 processor as well as my desktop with an r9 390 and an i5. With both of these computers, I have the same issue. I have low fps, even when I have low part count craft. Using riva tuner I can see that my cpu1 utilization is barely above 30%. I know that KSP is very CPU intensive so seeing a low GPU utilization is acceptable but why the low CPU? Anything I can do to help with this? Both of my computers are more than capable of running this game but I can't seem to get over this hurdle. Thanks.
  8. Any update to this mod? Just downloaded kerbinside remastered and would love to do these contracts.
  9. Hum okay. I wonder if attaching it with a KAS porrt and the winch will work. That's supposed to act like a mini docking port... further testing continues. Thanks for the response.
  10. So I built a rover with an Infernal Robotics arm as well as a KAS winch and magnet. I grab an item, secure it to my rover and poehali! when I get to where I'm going the item is where I originally was? Am I missing something?
  11. So as a continuation as of the last IR update my arms and IR parts all work. However if I go into 4x physics acceleration it causes the altimeter to say 00000 and the image to change to just the space skybox. The only way to fix this is to completely reload the game.
  12. You have no idea how excited I am for the OPT Space Plane shaders. I build pretty much exclusively with those parts at this point.
  13. @JosefiKracaoski Do you have any OPT spaceplane parts? I was having this issue with the deployment bay. This might not be Kerbin-side related
  14. Here is a silly question for you. I absolutely love the textures used on OPT spaceplane parts. Is there a way to integrate those textures into procedural wings?
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