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  1. Thank you for the responses, I’ll have to try these. I for sure was going way to steep on my ascent, I’d be at 45 degrees around 50k ://
  2. I recently installed realism overhaul with RSS and have been wondering what the optimal ascent profile is. I’ve made it into orbit a few times but each time it was a different ascent and a different orbit. What would be best for a rocket with around 9.5-10k dv, 1.5-1.7 TWR, and end up in a 150km orbit? Like what should my pitch be at different altitudes and speeds, etc.
  3. Thank you for the help, I downloaded the correct version of Kopernicus and everything works fine now. As for the log, I'm not sure because that's what I followed to get it. But hey, OPM works now
  4. After installing OPM and all of its dependencies, none of the planets show up in game. I have tried different combinations of versions of OPM and Kopernicus, and installing it via CKAN, to no avail. This is on KSP 1.4.2 64bit Mods: Kopernicus 1.4.5-4 CustomBarnKit Outer Planets Mod 2.2.1 Log:
  5. Is there a mod I need to install to add the computer screens to vanilla pods? I downloaded RPM but all the stock pod IVAs are the same as before.
  6. I am on 1.4.3 and downloaded KSPI-E, and what happens is in the loading screen as soon as it gets to the I-E parts KSP gets stuck and stops loading. It says "Loading PartRecipe for KSPIE Vasimir2" (Vasimir2 is just the first part it loads, I tried deleting it and the same thing happened to the next part." I am aware that I-E is only updated to 1.4.2, but when I tried to load it on 1.4.2 I had the exact same problem. The game doesn't freeze, as the loading pictures and flavor text still cycle. I have a decently hefty mod list, and as I feared, the issue is a mod incompatibility as far as I can tell. I put KSPIE into a clean clean game with no other mods (except it's dependencies of course) and it functioned fine. The game was even in 1.4.3, so that's not the problem. I have been unable to identify what mod is causing the problem, but any help would be much appreciated. Log:
  7. Forgive me if I do this incorrectly, I'm new here. A reoccurring problem I've had with modded ksp is that when I try to load a save, be it new or old, career or sandbox, sometimes ksp would freeze and I would get the windows message "KSP stopped responding" and waiting for it to respond didn't work, so I had to close the program. After that I would reopen ksp and most of the time It worked. Recently I accidentally uninstalled all mods that use module manager, and I had to tediously go through my mods and re download what I could remember. After getting fresh installs for most of my mods and CKAN saying I had 8 less than before (45 to 37, not sure what the 8 are) I figured ksp might run better. Quite the opposite happened, now every time I try to load any save ksp stops responding. It is easy for me to recreate, ksp 64 bit works fine loading, the menu works, I can delete and create saves. But once I try to load a save, it starts to, then the loading icon in the bottom right freezes and so does ksp. 32 bit does not work, I'm assuming my mods are over the memory limit. I tried to isolate the problem to a specific mod, but it seems almost random. Eventually after splitting the mod list in half again and again I could get it to a point where I had multiple different mod groups that worked fine, but together they won't. I tried my best to find where two or more mods are conflicting but was unable to. Here is the log after I created a new career game, then tried to load it:
  8. Sorry I’m an idiot, I assumed it was something in the files and never thought to switch textures in the VAB. Thank you for the help though, it worked.
  9. Ah okay, thanks. How do you change between the two? I looked in the files and I only see the foil textures.
  10. Is the fuel tank texture shown in the image in this mod? I downloaded but it's the orangish texture.